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9 Foodie Mamas To Get You Ready For Labor Day

August 29, 2016
foodie mamas

Photo courtesy of  The Brown Paper Bag


Some of us have plans for this holiday weekend, and some of us are going to be throwing something together last minute… Regardless of what you’re doing, we rounded up 9 foodie mamas to get you inspired in the kitchen. From family favorites to tropical dishes, sweet to savory, and mostly simple recipes, or if you don’t feel like cooking something up, there’s always room for a good drink! Yes mamas, we covered all the bases for you! Our stomachs are grumbling just getting this post ready for you all! Let us know what you end up making and how much of a hit it was!


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9 Cool & Luxe Kid’s Fashion Brands to Love Now

June 20, 2016
40524e26-4223-405c-b502-845c8a4ce536-29891 (1)

As mamas to 5 year olds mini fashionistas, we are always on the prowl for the newest coolest kid’s brands. Kymberly Marciano, mother of three and the creative brains behind and Mini Maven Magazine rounded up her current favorite brands just for us. (Note we write current here because the stylish mom let us know that she is “smitten with so many brands” that her favorites can change daily.)

Check out her list below…

  1. Paade Mode: European based children’s casual and smartly designed clothing that collaborates with artisans and craftsman for their collections. U2A8029-706x470
  2. No Added Sugar: Born and bred in London, this British brand has both luxury and contemporary children’s clothing for newborns to 12 years!493
  3. Aristocrat Kids: Luxury children’s clothing with a royal flare.Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.55.16 AM
  4. Molo: Danish brand that is perfect for surf, sun, and city life.Molo_lookbookSS16-106_HIGH
  5. Gardner and the Gang: Soft and comfy clothing featuring hand-drawn original art.9 Cool & Luxe Kid's Fashion Brands to Love Now
  6. Bowie and James: California-based “beachwear for babes.”kids on the beach with a surfboard
  7. Stella Cove: Luxury beach wear and cover-up pieces for kids that also features matching mommy pieces.                   9 Cool & Luxe Kid's Fashion Brands to Love Now
  8. Milk N Soda Accessories: Aussie-based, featuring more accessories than you could ever dream of and select apparel.Milk N Soda Pom Pom headband
  9. Pink Chicken NY: Bohemian style brand with all the patterns, prints, and color your kiddie could ever want!9 Cool & Luxe Kid's Fashion Brands to Love Now




For more from Kymberly check out her heymama  profile here and follow her on Instagram here.


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L.A.’s Arts District: Don’t Miss These Cool Kid’s Spots While At The Echo Park Craft Fair

May 6, 2016
Amanda and Isla Roux

If you are heading out to the Echo Park Craft Fair this weekend, we have some great places to check out with your kids courtesy of the sisters behind too cool for school kid’s line Roux.


My sister Amanda and I have been working in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles for the past 3 years with our clothing labels Kain Label (women’s) and our new line children’s line, Roux, where we are really at the center of it all; neighboring our office you’ll find amazing lofts, markets, coffee spots, bars, shops and restaurants. The outside of our building is used as Paddy’s Bar on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” a neighborhood landmark, where no blogger, skateboarder, musician, model, or tourist can resist a photo. Amid the constant renovation and construction in the area, there has been a shift towards family-based fun, which you can find at the 6th Street Bridge and Park project. Inspired by the upcoming summer season, here’s a list of our favorite local spots, with a kiddie edge, that keeps it as fun for mama (Amanda) and auntie (Melanie) as our namesake Isla Roux.

Isla at Hedley & BennettIsla at Hedley & Bennett 3 Isla at Hedley & Bennett 2

Hedley & Bennett’s headquarters, just south of the Arts District, houses their offices, production, warehousing and shipping departments, and a really fun multi-purpose retail space. You can buy and custom order their signature aprons and also grab a quick La Colombe coffee from the on-site barista (just be sure to check ahead to see if a barista is there, they will be starting full-time shortly). Already caffeinated? Get comfy in their “living room” or picnic table area, all while your little one is happily playing on the jungle gym. Note, Hedley & Bennett also rents out the space for private events like cooking classes, baby showers and birthday parties.

Clifton's Cafeteria 2

Clifton's Cafeteria 4

We don’t want to give too much away about the weird and wonderful world of Clifton’s for those who haven’t been, so here’s a quick breakdown. First off, to answer your question, yes, it is actually a cafeteria, which originally opened in 1932, and re-opened a few months ago after a massive renovation. It may be the last of its kind in Los Angeles, and almost certainly the only of its kind. Clifton’s is really a mythical land called Brookdale, full of discoveries big and small. Eat first, then make your way up to all of the levels to experience the magic.

The Poketo flagship is technically a lifestyle store, but bursting with an extra high dose of happiness and whimsy for all ages. It’s located in the main hub of the Arts District around 3rd & Traction, on the perfect stretch for an amble, some shopping, a re-fuel at Blacktop Coffee, and a visit to the new Hauser Wirth & Schimmel gallery that has everyone in the neighborhood talking.

Grand Park is a multi-level park stretching from The Music Center to City Hall, so we suggest making a loop, starting with a museum visit to The Broad, followed by lunch at Grand Central Market food hall, and ending at the Park. The Park plays host to a ton of different activities and events (like the Renegade Craft Fair in July & December), but the draw for the littles is the interactive fountain jets; let your little ones splash to their hearts’ content, while you bask in a feeling of being the perfect parent who knows how to effortlessly balance culture and fun, all while enjoying pastrami from Wexler’s Deli.

Isla and Auntie Melanie at Ace Photo Booth

The Ace Hotel is the center of a little shopping and dining nexus around 9th & Broadway. The photo booth in their lobby/retail shop is the perfect excuse to pick their lobby restaurant, L.A. Chapter, for brunch while knowing you can come away with a souvenir. Have fun playing grown-up “I Spy” with the pencil drawings of L.A. landmarks and celebrities covering the walls, and don’t miss the front booth by the coffee counter for lots of cartoon character drawings.

Located in an old bank, The Last Bookstore, as its name implies, feels very nostalgic, and as if it could disappear any minute. Until it’s another part of a bygone era, it’s the largest new and used bookstore in California. Browsing the main floor, the Rare Book Annex and the used book Labyrinth is top-notch, and the kids will love the quirky displays and exploring the different nooks and crannies throughout the bookstore. When inside, keep your eyes peeled for actual bank vaults and pay attention to the “Tunnel of Books” that’s lit up.

Union Station, the main train station which opened in 1939, is a gorgeous reminder of Old Los Angeles from the second you see the palm trees framing the building. Here at Union Station it will be easy to get your kids excited about a bit of history and architecture, since walking through the vaulted main terminal, and around the gardens and fountains outside is beautiful. If you walk all the way east through the tunnel leading up to the train tracks, you’ll find the huge aquarium, which has just undergone a major renovation. Combine the aquarium with a walk through Olvera Street, a lively outdoor Mexican market with street vendors, cafes, music and dancers just across Alameda Street, for a full day of adventure!

We’ll be participating in our first Echo Park Craft Fair, located just west of Downtown, featuring L.A.-based designers and artists. For the first time, the fair is creating an outdoor Kids Area, where we’ll be setting up shop along with our friends from Ultra Violet Kids and Boy + Girl, among others. Please come by, say hi, and let us know where you and your kiddos love to go. We’re always looking for cool new places to hang.

Smorgasburg is coming to L.A.’s Arts District in June! The original Brooklyn-based food, shopping, and event market is confirming what we’ve known for a while: L.A. is the new New York. We can’t wait!

Check out Roux’s super adorable kid’s line here! (the rompers are the bomb!)

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#HMPLAYDATE: Amber Fillerup Is The Best Friend You Wish You Had

March 18, 2016
Amber Fillerup and friends in the park

We met up with Amber Fillerup and her friends in Central Park for a playdate in Central Park (what they call “their backyard”). They threw down a blanket and a bag of toys and snuggled with their newest babies, while the older kids ran free! The whole squad (down to the littlest babe) was looking spring ready, decked out in H&M‘s newest fashion. We did  a sweet little interview with Amber and her friends on how motherhood has brought them closer. Check out their adorable style below.

Amber’s Outfit – TOP // JEANS // NECKLACE // SHOES // Janelle’s Outfit : Jacket // Andrea’s Outfit – Dress // Shoes // Atticus – BLAZER // SHIRT // JEANS+SUSPENDERS // Alfie’s Outfit – Shirt // Shorts // Rosie’s Dress // Jack’s Onesie

Amber Fillerup
Amber Fillerup Amber Fillerup Amber Fillerup in the park with friends Amber Fillerup on slide with Atticus Amber Fillerup and her son boy in the park Amber Fillerup and her friends Amber Fillerup and her son Amber Fillerup on the swing Amber Fillerup and baby Amber Fillerup and friends with kids in the park boy with a ball Amber Fillerup boy with a camera


1) What do you love most about your friend? 

Amber: Janelle is really good at making everyone feel included and loved. She was one of the first people to befriend me in New York City. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Janelle: What I love most about Amber is her ability to make you feel comfortable and confident. She is fun and easy to be around. She is the first person to build you up.

2) Best memory of you and your kids together? 

Amber: Our newborns are less than a month apart, so it is fun to see them grow together and hit all of these little milestones at the same time. The first time Rosie and I got to meet little Jack was the obvious favorite. I’m convinced that every newborn needs a newborn bestie.

Janelle: My favorite memory was the first time we had our babies together. I felt so supported by her throughout pregnancy that seeing the babies together and talking about our experience with birth and our newborns meant a lot to me.

3) How are your parenting styles different? 

Amber: Jack is still only 3 months so it is hard to say at this point, but I think we are similar in that Janelle is super relaxed and go-with-the-flow – she doesn’t worry about your kid making a mess in her house or being wild. I am kind of the same way and it is nice to be around other moms who dont get stressed about messes or craziness

Janelle: I am such a new mom. It’s only been 3 months since my son was born. I am still developing a “parenting style.” We’ve talked a lot about schedules and I haven’t quite committed myself to one. I need to!

4) Best piece of parenting advice she’s given you? 

Amber: I text Janelle for basically everything haha! She was a doula so I asked her for TONS of pregnancy advice – she basically saved my sanity during pregnancy. Janelle also has done preschool and nannying in the past, so she has tons of fun ideas. She plans all of our mommy play dates and they don’t disappoint.

Janelle: We have a mom chat going with parenting questions, funny mom stories, and other girl stuff. The advice she gives there is always so helpful; but more than anything, I have watched how much she enjoys her kids, and how calm she feels while parenting. Being a mother comes very natural to her.

5) How would she describe herself in three words? 

Amber: Loyal, loving, happy.

Janelle: Adventurous, optimistic, enterprising.

6) How does she react to her kids tantrums? 

Amber: Luckily Jack isn’t at the tantrum age yet 😉

Janelle: She has such happy kids! I haven’t seen a tantrum from either of them. Whenever Rosie or Atticus need something, Amber is always really calm; she talks to them, and she helps solve their problem or need.

7)  Name her favorite tv show? 

Amber: I could be totally wrong, but I do know she loves a good episode of “Saved by the Bell.” Favorite guilty pleasure tv show? “The Bachelor” or “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Janelle: “Breaking Bad.” Favorite guilty pleasure tv show? “Ridiculousness.”

8) Funniest thing she’s ever done? 

Amber: Lol basically EVERYTHING she says in group chat. Janelle is the witty one, who can carry a joke, and always has the best responses.

Janelle: She doesn’t take herself too seriously. We spend a lot of time laughing, while we were pregnant about the “glamour” of pregnancy. I have some funny stories, but I think most of them are of the TMI variety.

9)  If you spend a date together with your kids, what would she want to do most? 

Amber: Probably spend a day with our fun mom group and the babes, just chatting and eating!

Janelle: I think we would both want to take the kids to a beach somewhere warm. Enjoy delicious food and time with the kids, without any other distractions.

10) If your friend could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Amber: She has been SO many places – she is definitely well traveled. Maybe Morocco.

Janelle: Bali.

11) Most perfect day for your friend “sans kids”? 

Amber: Janelle is always the one taking care of everyone else, and making everyone feel good… so definitely a day where is wine and dined on all day.

Janelle: The most perfect day without kids, would be a day of being pampered. You can do almost anything with kids if you don’t mind a slower pace.

12.) If your friend could have one wish what would it be? 

Amber: Watch her mom meet her son.

Janelle: Make every flight 30 minutes long (with no security).

13.) If she could be anyone for a day who would it be? 

Amber: Obviously Taylor because she is our bff and doesn’t know it.

Janelle: Maybe I’m projecting, but I think she would be T-Swift. We have a pretty cool squad, but Taylor is the ultimate girls girl.

To see more of Amber and her friend’s playdate style check out

*sponsored post


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#HMPLAYDATE: Heymama + H&M Are Throwing The Ultimate Playdate And You Are Invited

March 15, 2016

Finding your squad as a mama can make all the difference. We’re celebrating those special friends (that just get you) with our ULTIMATE PLAYDATE series with H&M. We’ve tapped our favorite bloggers to take us along on a playdate and share their playdate style. Plus we’ll be hosting a rad party at the H&M Time Square store on March 20th, and we would love to see you there! Meet us there and hangout with cool mamas like @amberfillerup @lilliesandleon @patriciachangny and @somewherelately.



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Raising Our Next Generation Of Foodies in New York City

February 29, 2016
The Kids Passport Kids Cooking Class



This past weekend was an important milestone for my little family, at least in my mind. It was my first day trip out ALONE with both girls. (SCARY!) Sure I’ve taken them each out separately and we’ve been out with my husband and friends, but with the gorgeous weather on Sunday, it was about time for a girl’s day. My new go to for kids’ classes, The Kids Passport had so many options for us this weekend like Yoga at Monkey Do!, Music at Recess, and art at the Brooklyn Museum and I decided it was time to take the plunge and give Daddy some down time. We went for a cooking class at Allergic To Salad at Stomping Ground.

The Kids Passport Cooking Class

The Kids Passport Cooking Class

The Kids Passport Cooking class
Mari and I are really into cooking together. we’re real foodies. We’re a family of adventurous eaters, but this class would also be awesome for anyone with a little one who pretends to be allergic to salad! Mari and I cook dinner together a couple nights a week (it’s our special time) and I really struggle with letting her use the peeler, knife and the grater. All shiny objects she’s dying to get her little hands on, so this was like a training course for us! First thing the teacher went over were “best practices” on how to grip and hold and be safe with all of those tools. Hurray! Mari was much more willing to listen to the teacher’s guidelines than my nervous instructions of “Be careful. Slice away from you!! Eeek! Give me that!!” at home. I have nightmares about trips to the emergency room, every time she gets a hold of the peeler.


The Kids Passport Cooking Class

Cole Slaw was on the menu. Not exactly a kid pleaser right? Mari loved it!! I guess when kids are the chefs, they are more willing to try new things and it was delicious. The kids peeled, sliced, grated and measured all on their own (under a close eye) and we sat around on tiny stools and enjoyed their handy work after.

The kids Passport

Stomping Ground where the class was held has a cute little play space we took advantage of afterward – reading, climbing and making new friends. They have a sunny little front area where I snuggled my little monkeys and read a few books before we headed back to join the daddy for brunch.


Apple Coleslaw Recipe

4 apples, cored & grated
4 carrots, peeled & grated
2 cups grated cabbage
1-cup cilantro, chopped
*Dressing (whisk and pour over apple mixture)
¼ cup of mayo
¼ cup apple cider
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp mustard
½ tsp salt


As a partner of ours, The Kids Passport treated us to some classes to experience it first-hand and we took full advantage. The Kids Passport is offering 20% off your first month subscription with code HEYMAMA. Sign up here!

Amri Kibbler with her kids Mari and River

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Your Kids Just Got The Ultimate Pass To The Best NYC Classes

February 5, 2016
The kids Passport shoot - Katya and Amri jumping their kids Dumbo

The Kids Passport heymama Katya and Amri walking with their girls in the Dumbo

We feel so lucky to live in such a great big city like New York, full of so many fun things to do with our little monkeys. There are a million options out there and we kind of think it’s our duty to explore to the fullest. Katya and I will take any excuse to carve out some playtime with the girls, so we were jumping with joy when we connected with The Kids Passport. Access to a whole wide world of kid’s classes without committing to a whole semester? Yes!  Sign us up!  For $39 (for 2 classes) or $99 (for 6 classes) a month, you get access to a slew of classes around Manhattan and Brooklyn that you can just drop in with an hours notice. It’s like Class Pass for kids.  (Which Katya is obsessed with). Being flexible is super important to us! Running our own business schedules changes every week, so we can’t say what class we’ll be able to take every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks.


We took one for the team to test-drive this crazy awesome program for you! (You’re welcome!) We laced up our mini’s ballet shoes and headed over to Dumbo. Since ballerinas always eat cookies & cupcakes (yes we caved and gave them both) we stopped in to One Girl Cookie for some pre-dance fuel. It had been awhile since Mari and Lili had seen each other; as we’ve been sticking close to home with Mari’s new baby sister, so this was reunion time! Pink cupcakes make everything even better (if that’s possible), and these girls were on fire…


After more than a few races down the street and happy dances we arrived at the Gelsey Kirkland ballet studio, fully sugared up and ready to dance. I was really impressed at how it’s a REAL dance studio with all levels of classes. We popped into the wrong classroom and a very professional looking dancer was having a private lesson and there was a crazy modern dance rehearsal taking place for a performance. It was all very different than the ballet class studio for the under 5 set I’m used to, but we felt very cool. Check in was a breeze. Mari and Lili ran into the classroom and melted into the class like they’d been dancing here for years.


Katya and I were able to sneak around the corner to grab a much need cappuccino at Brooklyn Roasting Company and catch up on everything heymama and new baby. That 45 minutes of adult conversation was like a lifeline to this mama who has been cooped up at home with a 2 month old.


After what seemed like 5 minutes, our little loves came skipping out of class hand in hand, singing songs, and asking for more cookies and a sleepover too.  Success!! Stay Tuned for our next adventure.

As a partner of ours, The Kids Passport treated us to some classes to experience it first-hand and we took full advantage. The Kids Passport is offering 20% off your first month subscription with code HEYMAMA. Sign up here!

Photos by: Belle Savransky

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18 Baby Essentials That Saved Me During Month One

December 20, 2015
Monica + Andy

Bringing home baby is  big deal. It’s like the biggest deal, and making sure you have all the bases covered on things you’ll really use and want is hard. This is my list of my very favorite things I’ve been using every day with our daughter River, who is turning one month today!! Happy birthday River!! To celebrate I’m sharing this list of coveted goods with you. Enjoy!

  1. Birdling Overnight Bag: My hospital  bag was packed by the door ready to go with enough room for my Hatch to Hospital Box, the husband’s things (which he never even took out of the bag!), and River’s layette. I’m excited to use the bag later when I’m out and about with both girls. It’s big enough to double as a diaper bag plus fits a few extras, but not too big to wear on your shoulder, and it’s water proof too.                                                   Birdling-Grey-2_grande_3dad0ad8-5ac6-4187-98a1-1bbb159e2fc0-1
  2. Hatch To Hospital Box: This was pretty much all I took for myself in the overnight bag, plus toiletries.  Having new and beautiful things to slip on made me feel human again after River’s delivery. The robe and gown are super soft and comfy, the cashmere socks are the little bit of luxury I needed to feel more at home.                                                           Hatch To Hospital Box
  3. Munchkin LATCH bottles:  I was really worried about using a bottle so early while breastfeeding, but I needed to get out for work and also wanted some help with nighttime feedings, as River is alway hungry and eats ever 2 hours. The LATCH nipple mimics breastfeeding allowing the baby to control the flow of milk the way she does on the breast. We’ve had no problem going back and forth and her big sis has been able to get in on the feeding as an added bonus.  See my girls snuggling!                                                                                                       Mari Feeding River M
  4. Erbaviva Baby Wash Bags: These are the most gentle thing to wash baby with and you can use them on your face afterward.                                                  Erbababy Wash Bag
  5. Sollybaby Wraps For Mama and Mari: This wrap is a game changer for us. I just got it this weekend and I can’t believe I managed to get through 3 weeks without it. It’s so lightweight and comfy, I barely felt like I was wearing anything besides a shirt. River slept in for over 3 hours (her longest nap yet) and we managed to have lunch out with the whole family. The matching wrap for little girls is great for a big sister who is battling with a little jealousy and wants to be included in everything.                                              .                                                      Solly Baby WrapSolly Baby Wrap
  6. Misha and Puff Three Ring Hat: Baby it’s cold and my baby needs a sweet hand knit winter hat on before we can even think about taking a stroll. We have this one in mint and I call her my little elf.                                                                       Mischa and Puff hat
  7. Super Cool Brooklyn Meets Sweden Crib Bedding By Natti Natti: I know River isn’t sleeping in her crib yet, but I was so excited to get the room all set up and this organic bedding with original art work totally makes the nursery!                                             natti_7_2_155246-1_1024x1024
  8. DockATot. The DockATot is a light weight “docking station” for the baby and the only place River will nap besides on the mama (me). The Dock has been a lifesaver and our girl sleeps in it at night too, either between the two of us or in her bassinet. It’s easy to take from room to room during the day so she can nap securely wherever I am.  The cover can be thrown in the wash for easy clean up.                                                                        deluxe03_01_large
  9. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper: The Bassinet turns 360 degrees and can be raised and lower to the bed’s height so the baby can be sleeping right up next to you , but you’re able to swivel it away to get up easily. The side can be pulled down to scoop baby right out for easy nursing. We found the DockATot fits perfectly into the Bassinet and the baby is so snug and comfy in there.                                                                   bassinet
  10. River Woccasin Moccasin by heymama for Neon Rae:  We collaborated on this sweet style with the lovely Jillian of Neon Rae while River was in my belly and she arrived just in time to snag a pair before they sell out. These super special Woccasin Moccasins will only get better with use,  we left the denim edges raw, so they will naturally fray and gain characteristics just like your favorite pair of jeans!FullSizeRender-8
  11. Too Cool To Be A Diaper Bag Backpack From Tiba and Marl: With two kids I’ve found a backpack gives the hands free access I need. This one looks so cool no one would ever suspect it’s a diaper bag with an insulated bottle holder, changing pad, and wet clutch, so my husband will even carry it. It also has a spot for a lap top; super important for all the working mamas out there. Pretty much all their bags are amazing and Tiba and Marl is offering a special discount just for hey mamas on one of their most popular bags the Leopard Raf bag with the code: RAFLEO20OFF
    Tiba and Marl ELWOOD_BLACK_04+copy
  12. The Laundress Baby Detergent: Non Toxic, delicious smelling, allergen free and nice package. Enough said.                                                                               the-laundress-baby-detergent-1-litre
  13. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs: These are oversized, curve around your neck to cover all the areas spit up can reach, plus they have a snap so they double as a bib right on the baby. The fabric is a soft muslim and they come in the cutest prints.                            Aden + Anais Burpy Bib
  14. Monica + Andy Cuddle Box– Delivered to home or hospital same day your order is placed; this is the best newborn gift box for the busy working mama. The organic kimono bodysuit is my favorite baby basic, River has been living in them. The fabric is organic, so soft, and great quality. It also doesn’t shrink with even a few washes, which is important when they are growing so fast.                                                                                         monicaandandymonica and andy
  15. Coveted Things Swaddle Scarf: This swaddle is so cute and chic, it can be worn as a scarf for mama and double as a Instagram background for quick snaps .                                                                   Coveted Things Swaddle
  16. Sapling Child PJs: The slim fit on these keeps them snug in place, a fold over foot keeps the feet cosy and warm, and the zipper makes them easy on and easy off for quick changes. Sapling Child
  17. Sleepy Sheep: We forgot to have one of these when we got home from the hospital and I ended up ordering it at midnight on Amazon. We left white noise on our phones all night to get River back to sleep after every feeding, and my phone overheated and had to be replaced! The small Sleepy Sheep is perfect to take in the stroller and the car too.                    sleepsheep
  18. Gift For Big Sis From The New Baby: Miffy Bunny Lamp I’d been eyeing this for the girl’s playroom and it made the perfect gift for big sis from the baby. Don’t forget to have a special gift for your older siblings from the new arrival. Those who come bearing gifts are always welcome.                                                                           Miffy Bunny Lamp