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Hilarious Fashion Moments And Fall Must-Haves From 7 Fashion Moms

September 13, 2016
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It’s that time of the year again, and oh how we love to see our favorite fashion moms strut down the street, getting their picture taken by all of the street style photographers. They tell us that Fashion Week isn’t always glamorous and shared some hilarious moments of their fashion weeks past along with their must-have items for Fall, because we need some inspo for our next shopping trip~


1. Kate Davidson Hudson

Co-founder, Editorialist

  1. Hilarious Moment: I was once trapped in an elevator for over an hour coming out of an Oscar de la Renta show with Andre Leon Talley, and about 6 other editors. The elevator stopped between floors so eventually the FDNY had to break through the ceiling of the elevator and we had to climb up a ladder out the top, through the elevator shaft as the firemen helped us out on to the landing. The worse part was, I was about six months pregnant with my son at the time. As uncomfortable and nerve-wracking as the experience was, the running commentary from a colorful set of editors was pretty amusing to think back on…
  2. Fall Must-Have: Oh- so hard to choose. I’m currently lusting after Proenza Schouler’s whipstitched Hava bag. It’s equal parts cool and coquettish…exactly what I’m in the mood for 😉


2.Nicole Chapoteau

Accessories Editor, Allure

  1. Hilarious Moment: My girls, Rajni Jaques and Shiona Turini, and I made our own Just Hold On, We’re Going Home music video on the streets in Paris and in our hotel room. We were hysterical.
  2. Fall Must-Have: Balenciaga denim jacket.

3. Jessica Wang

Blogger, NotJessFashion

  1.  Hilarious Moment: Not realizing part of my coat was covered in food stains from my daughter and got photographed all over.
  2.  Fall Must-Have: Anything velvet because luxury comfort is the key for this fall.



4. Rebecca Minkoff  

Designer, Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Hilarious Moment: When there was a blizzard on my first ever show and I had to be carried out of the venue because I had on open toe shoes.
  2. Fall Must-Have: Suede!



5. Patricia Chang

Designer and Blogger, Patricia Chang

  1. Hilarious Moment: This is from about 7 years ago! We used to work 40 straight days before a show when I was working as an intern for a fashion house. It was really intense. One day I snapped out of it and played hooky from work to go to a couple shows. It was so nice to just enjoy it from the other side instead of slaving away!
  2. Fall Must-Have: Oh yes! My shoe collaboration with Josefinas is launching this weekend! It’s a must have this fall because sneakers are in and when are cats ever not? The fur ball is faux, embellished with crystals and pearls. They are removable and attach to any pair of laces!

fashion moms, patricia chang, blogger, collaboration, josefinas x patricia chang

via Patricia Chang


6. Charlotte Groeneveld

Blogger, The Fashion Guitar

  1. Hilarious Moment: I remember a Haute Couture week in Paris when I was still breast feeding Stella. So in-between the shows, I was actually pumping in my hotel room… so charming 🙂
  2. Fall Mush Have: Been wearing this Valentino jacket for NYFW

The Fashion Guitar

7. Celine Aagaard

Founder and Editor in Chief,

  1. Hilarious Moment: I don’t know about funniest, but the funnest was at last year’s Diesel party in the apartment. It was insane. It was like attending a private house party with the best music and best people. We danced all night!
  2. Fall Must-Have: That’s tricky. After 3 days at NYFW, there’s so much in my mind. I love hoodies and bomber jackets, so that might be a thing. Style them cool and effortless. I would also say a pair of army boots is a MUST.


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How To Travel With Kids and STILL Look Like A Million Bucks

July 22, 2016
travel with kids

When transitioning from working in the fashion industry in New York City to a working-from-home mom in Texas, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my whole closet go to waste in exchange for a few rotating pairs of yoga pants. (Not that there is anything wrong with yoga pants, there is definitely a time and place for them, as well!) Almost three years into motherhood and two precious little boys later, I have found my stride in mixing my former working wardrobe with casual elements that help me feel comfortable in my own skin and just plain comfortable. At some point in recent decades, traveling has become an excuse for people to literally wear their sleepwear in public. I, however, am from the belief system that if you are over the age of two, that is probably not appropriate. (With a few exceptions that include an overnight flight, for example.) That being said, I have found a way to travel with kids in comfort without sacrificing style. With this simple airport style formula, anyone can pull it off!

travel with kids
1. Bottoms up!: I always wear pants when traveling because I am usually cold on planes. Reach for
a stretching skinny jeans or equally stretching and comfortable skinny black pant.
2. Layer, layer!: Depending on if I am still nursing or not, I will wear a comfortable knit or button up top (the later if I am nursing). They don’t wrinkle; it’s comfortable, but presentable. (Check, check and check!)
3. Top it off: Next, I layer on a light piece of outerwear. A structured blazer adds more of a polished look to an otherwise casual outfit, but a cute boyfriend cardigan is also a perfect addition. (I have a camel cape that has travel the world with me, literally.) This item serves two purposes for me because it adds an element of style to a simple wardrobe, but it also will keep you warm on an air-conditioned plane. (If I am still nursing, I prefer to go with a cape or drapy cardigan that can also provide some additional privacy, when needed.)
4. Kick off your heels: Literally, don’t wear heels. Find a cute pair of flat slides that can easily be removed when going through security and are comfortable when lugging children and bags around the airport.
5. Bag lady: Between the car seat, stroller and (not to mention) kids, your hands are quiet literally full. I always stick to one roller bag (and make sure to check it at the curb) for my luggage, a simple cross-body bag (to easily access important documents) and a diaper bag or backpack for the kids. (If you have a toddler, let them carry their in flight entertainment in their own carryon. For babies, you will obviously need a lightweight diaper bag with all the essentials.)
6. Keep it Simple: Now is not the time to accessorize. A watch and a dainty necklace are all you need.
Now you are ready for take off!

travel with kids

Safe travels,
 Caroline Knapp
travel with kids
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#SOCIALBOSS: Digital Icon Chriselle Lim Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

January 20, 2016
chriselle lim monica and andy

Chriselle, tell us more about you and where you’re from?

I started off as a stylist; I was an editor at a local luxury magazine, Genlux magazine. I pretty much was on the traditional fashion editor path. Then I met Michelle Phan. I met her about 8 years ago and had no idea about anything digital related. At that point either you were on YouTube or had a blog. Michelle introduced that digital world to me. There really wasn’t anyone doing fashion on YouTube. I uploaded my first YouTube video 6 years ago, and the response was insane. I had 500,000 views overnight!! This was just me, without having a following. I saw a need and a want from people for this kind of digital content; curated content. A lot of girls on YouTube were posting about things that they bought, and it was very young content. I’m a little older, I’m 30 now. I really focused on the curated elevated content angle. I saw a huge need for it and a big gap in the editorial world and digital world and I ran with it. Our videos became an overnight hit. From there I started the blog.   It was a little bit of right timing, and it was unique content at that time. The combination of those two things made it a success.


How long did it take you before you went full-time?

I went full-time after a year and a half… then that’s when I got my first paid job. Wow. People are willing to pay money for the content that you’re creating!

We have a staff of about 7 people now. Our production office is in downtown LA. It’s a well-fueled business now, but it took about 6 years.

What were those key hires?

Laura was my stylist assistant 8 year ago. She’s been so loyal to me. Her role transitioned, and she was my very first hire. In the beginning she was running everything, and now she is the operational director.  Coordinating schedules with deals, making sure deadlines come in on time, managing the staff so I can be creative. What I realized was that my hands were full with a little bit of everything, with being the boss, the talent, creative, the writer, the voice, and it got to be a little much . I had to let go of a few things for me to be creative and feel inspired.Now Lauren handles all the business elements because I was handling all of that, and it frees me up to be my best on the creative side.

chriselle lim monica and andy

What’s been the biggest surprise to you from becoming a mother?

Going into motherhood I heard all these different stories from different moms. I had this idea that it would be so scary and I’d lose my life.  That I wouldn’t be able to jump back. Once I had Chloe, no I didn’t jump right back into work, but I do have my life. I didn’t lose that part of me, it just got enhanced. So many people talk about how tiring it’s going to be. My life has been better since. It’s actually a great thing. I was expecting the worst, and actually it turned out it wasn’t.

A lot of people assume my husband is super wealthy, and that’s why I’m able to do what I do. We both have to work.  People always assume, but we both work very hard.

What are the three characteristics you would use to describe yourself?

Clean, classic, simple and elegant. I’m not really into trends. Clean lines and more classic pieces in my wardrobe.

chriselle lim monica and andy

Who’s been your inspiration?

The classic icons. I think my style is mainly it was from me making mistakes. What I feel most beautiful in and what I’m most confident in. For the past 20 years I was trying to adopt as many trends as possible. Looking back on it I cringe, a lot of it has to do with making mistakes. It’s about figuring myself out. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelley, Bianca Jagger; she was one of the first women to wear an all white suit to a party.

What tips do you have to do suggest finding your style?

I think it really depends on what you gravitate towards. We all gravitate towards expensive things.  When you’re shopping or going through a blog, you’ll always love something. I have tons of mood boards. When you see the same things popping up over and over again and find what you like, you’ll see a consistency. Is there a certain color scheme or silhouette that you gravitate towards? I do a lot of screen grabbing and I have a special screen grab folder. If you update our IOS they have this cool new tool to place all of your screengrabs in one folder. It’s like the new mood boarding…. Finding that consistency with what you like and being aware or it. It’s good to validate your subconscious so you can see what you’re attracted to.

chriselle lim monica and andy

What is your beauty regimen like? Are there tricks you love?

It’s all about skin. If you have amazing skin, you don’t have to wear that much makeup. For me it is all about protecting your skin. Koreans are really focused on good skin your whole life. It’s about preparation. Protecting it all year round. I’ve had skin regime for the past 10 years. I still do it every single night. I never ever fall asleep with makeup now. I don’t drink that much water. I know I should. Let’s be real. Who has the time? I take these hydrating pills that supplement your body for water, because for me I know I’m not getting enough water. Sheet masks…..

What is your vision for the brand and where do you see yourself in one year?

We still plan to grow the content side and to add even more content. We are posting 2 to 3 times a day starting next month. We’re continuing to build up this content machine. The name of the game at the end of the day is; it’s really about good content. We’re continue to build that out for our followers. Right now we’ve had CINC studios, because we have a production team behind us, we’ve garned the interested in fashion/beauty brands, creating these visually stimulating videos that are very professional. There are not many people doing that kind of quality, so building out our production studio and having that as another business and growing that into a big business is a goal. Right now we have 3 to 5 clients that come back to us. It’s not necessarily me starring in it, but me directing for commercials, fashion films.  We’re also starting to work on our Lifestyle category. A lot of the content that does really well is for the motherhood audience. Focusing on that.

What’s been the most challenging thing about being your own boss and leading a team?

The guilt that comes with it. I think that even though we know as working moms don’t need to feel guilty because we are doing this work for our growing families, it’s hard to run away from that guilt. Even though you have validation and are doing it right. I’ve talked to many women about it. Same thing they go through. Maybe I’ll get out of it, it’s only my first year in. There is a never ending cycle of feeling guilty when you have to leave, when you have to travel. It also feels good to be in this position and feeling guilty about loving that and that freedom and you’re able to work is hard. At least for me. It’s a never ending cycle.

I choose not to bring her on trips now. I did it early one and it made me feel worse to know that she was there but I don’t even have time to spend time with her in the hotel room. You have to figure out if it’s worth it to bring your child with you. In the first year, I traveled with her quite a bit and I was hard on her. Being realistic and not selfish. You have to go with what’s better for your child.

What do you do balance?

I shut off on the weekends. I instagram here and there. I don’t put the pressure on myself to do that. I don’t think it’s hurt me at all. It’s only helped me mentally. It’s really hard to shut off when I get home. Most of my work gets done at 9pm. I work up until 1am, 2am. The only time I’m able to shutoff is then, when it’s my hubby + Chloe.

What is your favorite social platform and why?

My favorite platform is snapchat. It is one just so real and authentic. I feel like I could really be myself. It’s not produced at all. It’s what I’m doing. It’s all of a sudden become this beautiful platform to showcase my best work. I go there more for inspiration. When it comes to updating my followers on what I’m doing at the moment, it’s snapchat. That’s where I’m able to showcase my motherhood life a bit more. We really try to keep it more fashion focused on every other platform. I have a lot of mommy followers.

chriselle lim monica and andy

Where do you see the industry heading? In a few years time.

Nothing ever stays the same. When I first started my blog it was the only platform. There was no Instagram. Blog numbers were so high back then. Now, we all have our dedicated followers but to get new blog followers is so much harder. I can’t really predict what is going to happen, but I do think that things are shifting a little bit more towards video and real content vs. very produced and polished things. People and brands are getting smarter about how they place products and sponsorship. We’ve gotten requests for doing integrated content rather than dedicated content. Can you just integrate into your lifestyle.

What advice and tips do you give to people trying to building their own voices on social?

Finding a unique voice, because there are so many people out there right now doing the same thing. I’ve also found that being very open makes you unique. Not everything is the same. I did my pregnancy announcement, but I also shared my story of my miscarriage. That kind of openness, opens the floodgates of them going through the miscarriage too. I think being able to share your story and finding the audience that can relate to you is so important. Maybe it’s the struggles of balancing school and your passion. So be authentic to your own story! One of the reasons why our following is loyal is because a lot of people starting following me before I was married, then when I met Allan and now that I have a baby. It’s almost like this never-ending story.  Everyone has a part of his or her story that can relate.

I am excited to get into my 50’s. I’m in my 30’s, and no one thinks it’s a big deal. 40 is kind of weird. 50, I’m not young anymore but I’m still going to be fabulous and people are going to love it.

The other advice I have is to collaborate a lot — I collaborated with different influencers, like Song of Style with Aimee. We partnered when we were both starting off!

You have to be very pro-active about the community you have in front of you.

Who are your mama inspirations?

Some of my favorite Instagram feeds are @dearestdaughters @camillestyles @blondeandbone and the brands I love are @onekingslane @eloeryland @vonholzhausen

Words you live by or quotes you love?

Ghandi – They ask what’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard of. I find this man so interesting.  He sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

I think so many of us focus on goal setting, its one thing to be obsessed with them and not having a life outside of them and forgetting to live in the moment. There comes a point where you have to let it go and enjoy the ride. You can always have more and always have less.

Chloe is turning one year next week, that went by so fast. There were so many times I thought I wasn’t going to survive or make it through. Figuring out my whole working situation while breastfeeding. I wish I could go back and enjoy it. Not stressing out about it as much.

What is something that surprised me after becoming a mom?

Beside the fact that I was able to have my life back, the other thing is I’ve always been so business oriented and career oriented and into my building my own career, I never ever could have imagined loving something more than what I do. I never really understood how I could.. but after Chloe came, my world just completely shifted. It’s like a whole nother level and heart to be filled again. I’ve never seen myself as so motherly, so domesticated. I really love it.

To learn more about Chriselle, check out here website, and her Instagram and YouTube channels.

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#HAUTEPETITS: Back To Black, Nununu Co-Founders On Building Their Brand

December 6, 2015
nununu founders, female founders, women founders, cool women, black glasses, friends

We’ve seen this brand on kids all around the world, and it’s a go-to name for well-made, wearable and edgy duds.  We’ll just say that being New Yorkers, the all black look for kids is something that doesn’t seem the slightly bit weird.  The designers Tali Milchberg and Iris Adler, have created quite the following, with celebrities and cool parents everywhere rocking their duds. We’re thrilled to spotlight their keen eye and talent on heymama and get a sneak peek into their black and white office space in Israel.

How did you two meet?
“We met through a mutual friend, Guy Sagy. We were both at a point in our lives where that we knew it was time for a change (Iris was a fashion stylist and Tali was an art director at an advertising agency). Guy insisted that we meet, we didn’t even know what for — but we did!

There is so much creativity coming out of Tel-Aviv right now. Can you tell us what it’s what its like to be an entrepreneur in that a community?
“Tel Aviv has always been a very busy, creative and happening city. And we have been lucky enough to have always been a part of this special creative “scene”, with so many people around us that are always in a process of exploring and creating.


cool office space

Being such a small country and an even smaller city, it feels like everyone knows each other, and we mostly get a lot of positive feedback and are hugged by this community”.


What is the mom community like there?
“We really couldn’t tell you. We are of course mothers, and being business owners – we are consistently trying to juggle it all. But this doesn’t make us any different than the moms around us in Tel Aviv. Everyone is in the same race – trying to fulfill themselves both personally and professionally while being the best moms that they/we can.

We can tell you this – friendships are a huge part of the motherhood community. They begin to develop when our children start kindergarten and they provide an amazing support system to each other. We look out for each other whether helping with school pick up and after school activity or having them over while a mom gets some time off, we are all in it together and feel that is the spirit of our community in Tel Aviv”.

Tell us your story… How did Nununu come to be and what is the brand about?
“When we met 8 years ago, we did not know what we wanted to do, but knew we wanted to shift career focuses to something within the children’s fashion space. For about a year we talked, collaborated and went through a discovery process to understand that we ultimately wanted to create clothing that we could not find in the marketplace for our own children. Once that was established we started immersing ourselves in every aspect of building a company- with no experience we had to learn everything from production to choosing materials to presenting the collections at tradeshows. Absolutely Everything.”



What is Nununu best known for?
Probably for the brand that dressed kids in black. 😉  We are not a cute brand nor do we try to be. Our aim was to create extremely comfortable clothes (that was and still is a must for every piece of clothing we produce) that we would wear as well. We have a distinctive look: our color palette is very basic with blacks, greys, whites and always a touch of color in every collection. Our graphics are inspired be the geometric world, very clean and minimalist, not something you would ever see on baby and children’s fashion when we first launched Nununu. Most of our clothes have a deconstructed, worn look that is entirely handmade and we have become known for “the clothes that smell good”- we add an extra something to our material that has become a bit of a trademark- we are always getting calls from all around the globe asking how they can recreate that smell.


Did either of you have much experience in business before launching the collection?

“NO! We started out just the two of us and in the six years that we’ve been a company, we have been lucky to surround ourselves with a team of people that are as much a part of this brand as we are and have taken it upon themselves to manage different aspects of the business alongside ourselves.”

What has been the best advice you have received about your business?

To be faithful to our way. Believe in it and be loyal to it”.

What is you favorite piece in the collection?
“Ha. That’s like asking to choose a favorite child. Not fair”



What’s been your experience working as co-founders?

“Learning to work as a team. Sometimes we feel that this is more like a marriage. We are together most of the time and we are growing a business together. This means respecting one another, being patient and the most important part – learning to comprise. We have a “veto” rule – when it comes to design, business and anything really – if one of us uses her right to veto, the other one has to accept it straight away. That’s why you have to use it wisely.”

What do you wish someone had told you before you started Nununu?

“To be honest, if we would have listened to all the “advisors” that had advice for us when we started, we would have probably never gotten to where we are now. Do what is right for you.”

What’s been the biggest career challenge so far?
“The biggest challenge has been that we unfortunately see a lot of Nununu imitations out there but this only drives us to continually evolve the brand while staying true to our design aesthetic and DNA – an alternative to typical children’s fashion with a dose of attitude, style and sense of humor.”

Any pinch me moments?
“Every day is one! We just moved into our new office – a beautiful loft that we love! And seeing people in the streets around the world and realizing their children are wearing Nununu. It’s those moments that we feel that we’ve created a small tribe that speaks in the same language worldwide.”

Being an entrepreneur and mama can be really hectic, what’s your favorite way to make time for your kids?
“Any spare time with our kids is savored!”

Iris: Loves cooking with her children.

Tali: Enjoys taking them to the beach and just hanging out at home goofing around.

What do you love most about what you do?

“The satisfaction. But we really do love all aspects of what we do – starting from the design and up to the business factor.”

How has motherhood changed you as person, as you see life, and what you want to achieve?

“Cliché but motherhood has made us better people (in our opinion of course…).”

What do you want to teach your kids about life?
“Persistence is the key to everything. And that they will succeed at what they do, if they do something they love.”


You say your collections are inspired by travel. What are some of your favorite family friendly destinations?

“Barcelona, Berlin, Greece, New York City”

To learn more about Nununu or ask any questions to their founders, please visit our Instagram community here.


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For The Bad Boy You Turned Good Forever — The Ultimate Cool Dad Gift Guide by @GirlsWhoDressBoys

November 27, 2015
mens wear cool dad gift guide holiday time presents for guys cool guys presents

Behind many good woman, may be a lot of other good woman and then a man who stands by her. Supports her as she pursues her dreams, gives her a massage after a long day and tell her she looks beautiful even when she feels like shit.  This guy might have partied a time or two in his day, gone to a Jay-Z concert and traveled the world with his friends.  He can move effortlessly between a beer with his boys and a fine wine when with you. He craves life, family and holding on to who he is amongst the sea of responsibility he likely holds with you.  We’ve asked our fashion contributor Nicole Fasolino from @girlswhodressboys to round up her ultimate gift guide for the cool man in our lives.

1. Elisabeth Weinstock snakeskin motorcycle helmet – his passion becomes masculine art $1,995

cool dad snakesin helmut luxury gift mens gift fathers day ideas

2. Corkcicle whiskey wedge ice glass – cause it looks good and works even better. $17.95

whiskey glass mens gift guide dads gift

3. Custom fit 3-d printed earphones by Normal – no matter what he’s doing, they’ll always stay in. $100

ear buds great dads gift fathers day gift gift for husband

4. Race car driver for a day – unleash his inner childhood dreams. – $399


race car driving dads gift guide husband gift guide

5. Bodysuit by Negative Underwear –  truth is, all he wants for the holidays is you.  $200

sexy body suit


6. Poglia handcrafted knives – they’re so sleek you’ll want to frame them.

knives cool dad gift guide

7. The Nevins backpack by State Bags – make his commute easier, and better looking. $85

mens backpack gift guide

8. Navy blue leather Common Project sneakers – chic enough for a suit, perfect for jeans & a tee. $477

cool dad sneakers best gift guide

9. Ping pong / dining table – makes for the best dinner parties in town. $3,320


ping pong table dads gift guide

10. Deakin & Francis’ MechAnimals diamond shark head cufflinks – even fisherman get fancy sometimes. $575

shark cufflings


There you have it.  For more of Nicole’s impeccable man taste and some man candy, check out @girlswhodress boys on Instagram.

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Mama Spotlight: Award Winning Blogger Celine Aagaard on Style, Career, and Originality

September 25, 2015
Celine Aagaard

We met up with one of our fashion crushes, Celine Aagaard, between shows in the middle of NYFW at the Dream Hotel. She’s an award winning fashion blogger at, Instagram of The Year, head of Norway’s most awarded fashion blog since 2008, author,  forecaster and stylist, but also a devoted mama to her 6 year old boy.  We were surprised at how laid back and easy going she is. Celine told us she never plans her my outfits (although her pictures on Instagram might give you a different impression). Celine was down for anything, throwing on a blue feather coat for us in the 80 degree September weather as guests did laps in the pool. She kicked off her heels and waded into the pool to get the perfect shot. We made a bit of spectacle not only taking pictures of Celine but also having a another photographer photograph the photoshoot poolside. Thankfully crazy photoshoots are totally normal in New York during fashion week and we made it through without so much of as a side long glance.

How did you get your start in fashion and any advice for those looking to break into the industry?

My father is a photographer so I’ve been interested in magazines, photo and journalism since I was a kid. I still remember when he came home from his travels with Vogue and Vanity Fair, but at that point I was more interested in writing than fashion. I started to write for local newspapers at an early age and got my articles printed in both magazines and newspapers when I was 15 years old. After a few years – as the Editor of a pop magazine, I started to work with fashion. I styled fashion spreads, I started up my own blog and co-founded and became the Editor-In-Chief for a fashion magazine in Norway. I think it’s important to focus on your strengths and go your own way. Work hard, don’t give up and don’t lose yourself.

Celine Aagaard

Celine Aagaard

top and skirt from Ravn, sandals from Birkenstock, sunglasses from Marc Jacobs


Any advice you can share with budding bloggers on how to build up their following?

I think the only way to go is to look forward and try to be original, find your niche and be genuine. The industry does not need 100 copycats.

How has motherhood changed you as a person and a businesswoman?

I feel very blessed and I feel I am a better version of myself after I became a mother. There are a lot of possibilities for women these days, especially now that everything is digital and you can work from where ever you are. I don’t think motherhood has changed my personality, but it inspires me to be a better person every day, and as a business woman I am more focused, and better at prioritizing. I have learned to say no to things that are not important and to people who steal your energy. Business is important, but family first! I love my son and know how important it is to be there for him. This fall my son started school so I try to fly home early so I can be there to pick him up from school.


Celine Aagaard

jacket from Ravn, vintage denim shorts, shoes from Whyred


We struggle with working mom guilt all the time. What is your take on this?

I struggle with the same feelings, especially during the most hectic periods where I’m abroad a lot. But everyone has to work, so I try to be efficient and take a late flight home instead of spending the night in a hotel when I travel. I’ve grown up with parents who where in the business and they were good at including me in their schedule and bring me to work, which was very exciting and fun as a young girl. My mother and father are my icons and I’ve been inspired by them all my life. For me its important to be focused when I’m at home. When it comes to fashion week it’s extra hard to handle, because its so many days traveling. Being far away in different time zones is hard- but we try not to focus on that. My better half is my rock and handles the day-to-day things when I travel, with some much appreciated help from both our parents. We are so lucky to have them close to us and in the neighborhood. I think any family with small children can relate to how important the grandparents are.

I’ve grown up with parents who where in the business and they were good at including me in their schedule and bringing me to work, which was very exciting and fun as a young girl. My mother and father are my icons and I’ve been inspired by them all my life.

How do you find balance with your hectic travel schedule?

Honestly I have problems finding balance when I travel – and I don’t sleep much when I’m away -but water, vegetables, a good swim and to-do lists helps a lot.

Celine Aagard

There are so many Instagram accounts that feature lots of images with the kids. How is that viewed back home?

In Norway people are more aware of posting pictures with their kids. I do have an inspiration account hippiehippiekids – but I don’t post personal pictures there.


How do you think the culture differs in involving your kids in social media? What do you think about it?

I don’t want to use my child to gain likes or followers. My followers are interested in fashion, what I wear and are not so interested in my private life I guess.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?

Stick to what you are good at – be true to yourself and trust in what you do!

How has your style changed since becoming a mama?

I’m true to my style, who I am, so I  haven’t changed my style after I became a Mother. When my son was younger he comment on my ripped jeans – it took him a long time to understand ripped jeans until he saw a picture of Kurt Cobain. He is very interested in music.

Celine Aagaard

Any easy styling tips for mamas trying to get out the door fast and look professional, chic and pulled together with limited time?

I have a few key items I wear all the time – one is a black jumpsuit from H&M – super easy to wear with flats in the morning taking my son to school and then you can style it with pumps for your meeting. A pair of flared jeans, a turtleneck and high heels is also a good one. Leave the make-up natural and clean. Scandinavian effortless! Black is always a good idea.

We shot you in the coolest blue feather coat. How do fun pieces like this affect your mood?

For sure! Clothes can change my mood easily, that day the feather coat was like an injection of energy! And of corse, big furry coats are always fun!

Do you like wearing more quirky fun fashion or classic pieces?

I like the mix – I was more quirky when I was In my 20s – but I still like to surprise from time to time.

Celine Aagard

What’s your proudest achievement?

My silk scarf collaboration with Holzweiler Agency was my first big thing in the fashion industry.

I was very proud when I was asked to write my first book – and so happy when my third book, a travel guide to London, was a success. I have also received the award for Best Magazine of the Year Norway when I was Editor In chief. It was also very humbling to win blogger and Instagram of the year in 2014. Now I’m proud to run my own company.


What beauty essentials do you keep in your bag to primp after sleepless nights when you are traveling or have an important morning?

A good foundation and a face-mist who rejuvenate my skin.

What are your fall fashion must haves that we should run out and buy right now?

I love Fall and my favorite this season is bell sleeves.  Chunky knits in black and tones of brown, turtlenecks, flared jeans and furry coats (as seen at Louis Vuitton). The 70s trend is still hot, but for fall the silhouette is more sharp. The uniform jacket is back, and a pair of knee high boots to style over a pair of slim jeans or with a framed suede skirt.

Favorite trend you’re seeing at the shows right now?

Long bell sleeves spotted on the runway at Derek Lam and the black and white combinations from DKNY and Diesel Black Gold.

Favorite fashion week moment of all time?

That’s hard to say, but this seasons Alexander Wang in NYC was insane! The show, the vibe and the afterparty – it was amazing! My first streetstyle moment was in London where I ended up on the front of, and without knowing any Photographers, that was a humbling moment.

My first streetstyle moment was in London where I ended up on the front of, and without knowing any Photographers, that was a humbling moment.

You can learn more about Celine on Instagram,, and her heymama profile here.

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10 Fall Things So Good You Won’t Even Miss Summer: @Girlswhodressboys Edition

August 24, 2015

Let’s be honest, the only way to make the transition from carefree summer bliss back to work & back to school tolerable is fall shopping. We’re feeling that end of summer depression just thinking about getting back to the grind, and the lack of summer Fridays in our future is making us cringe. So take a moment away from the stress of packing up the summer house, getting the kids ready for school and instead shop; for yourself.  Retail therapy can solve anything, or it least it seems that way when we’re on line shopping at 1am.

Here’s our list for 10 fall things so good you won’t even miss summer. Well maybe just a little.

1.Dior So Real Metal & Plastic Sunglasses –

Dior Sunglasses

2. ASOS COLLECTION Trench With Raglan Sleeve

trench coat


3. Chloe Wool Coat With Oversized Collar

Chloe Cape


4. IRO Xabea Suede Fringe Boots

fringe boot










5. Janessa Leone Lola Wool Felt Hat

menswear hat


6. Acne Studios Jacy Drape Rib Sweater

 Acne sweater


7. NSF Denim Mechanic Jumpsuit

girl in jumpsuit


8. Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans with Busted Knees



9. Mansur Gavriel Large Bucket Bag-Black (ok we should have bought this ages ago, but we didn’t! and it’s still on our list)

mansur bag


10.  Shaun Leane Small Talon 18-karat Gold Earrings


By heymama fashion contributor Nicole Fasolino . To learn more about Nicole, check her out on IG here and on the girls who dress boys account here.



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HEYMAMA X NYDJ Brooklyn Breakfast

August 21, 2015
jacq tatelman

They say that looking good and feeling good are a big part of being able to achieve your goals, and we think parties are also important.  So when super flattering denim line NYDJ approached us about co-hosting  a breakfast at V.P. of Marketing Kate Foster’s gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone to get creative working mamas together, we jumped at the chance.  Guests strolled into Kate’s home in Park Slope to mingle with other creative goddesses about what they do, eat ricotta and peach toast, get pampered and try on their ultra slimming jeans.  Not only did everyone get a pair new denim, but these ladies were treated to a selection of NYDJ’s work essentials to take home with them.

Who doesn’t want a little morning pretty on a hot day in the city? The Stylisted did make-up touch ups and custom braids to freshen up everyone’s look after the commute to Park Slope (do you know how far that is on the train?)  and because we are not Amber Fillerup, although we would not mind that at all. After strolling down the spiral staircase we stopped to smell white bouquets of lilies and roses (courtesy of Williamsburg based Rose, Red & Lavender) and glided down the outdoor stairs to a sprawling garden.  After our fill of tasty bites by Table-BK , we chatted and played dress-up until it was time to head off for the work day.

The morning was so lovely, it was almost better than the European vacation we’re pretending to be jetting off to next week.






Photography by Amy Frances.



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The It List: Australia’s 5 Hottest Brands, NOTSOMUMSY Edition

July 28, 2015
Fashion model girl by pool in a white dress

We, here from the land “down under”, are proud to be the home of some of the world’s best labels.  Here are Australia’s 5 hottest brands, my favorite quintessential Australian brands that embody our casual, laid-back lifestyle, mixing the sun and the sand with an effortless sophistication and the right amount of edge.

Bassike Well known for it’s innovation in the world of fashion and it’s luxe-minimal designs,  I actually call this brand the “fashionable mama’s uniform”. As the name suggests, this is where you come for the best basics. Super comfy, well cut, monochrome staples and denim- luxury organic clothes made in Australia. They make hands down, THE best slouch jersey pants- perfect to take you from running errands to lunch with friends, and the elastic waist and fit means they will see you comfortably throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Definitely a must have mama item. I have three pairs and they’ve lasted for years. You don’t have to think when you have Bassike pieces in your wardrobe- you can pair back each item with absolutely anything. clothing on racks

One Teaspoon The home of the iconic denim cut-offs- a must have item for every wardrobe. One Teaspoon knows denim, but did you know they also do cool statement tees, dresses & jumpsuits? Actually, they pretty much do everything. Each range is both edgy and wearable; the epitome of rebellious cool. Brands devottees include Erin Wasson, Alessandra Ambrosio & Sincerely Jules. Every cool mama needs a pair of Bandit’s in their life.

black and white model

We Are Handsome I adore the fun, bright, bold prints from this designer swimsuit and active wear brand.  Loved by Beyonce, Diane Kruger & Rihanna, this is where Aussie beach culture meets fashion- “a slice of summer wrapped in luxury and sophistication that transcends the seasons.” Well, if it’s good enough for Bey…

two fitness models

Zimmermann This iconic Australian label is sophisticated femininity. Stunning ready to wear pieces and swimwear in delicate original prints. If you hit Bondi beach in summer, every It Girl will be wearing a Zimmermann bikini. Their dresses are second to none, I’m loving this seasons white on white. Zimmermann has always been my “occasion” dress and swimwear go-to and every season gets better and better. Oh and they do kids wear too! Dying!

zimmerman model

Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses are a mama’s best friend, right? Well, lucky for me, this is my husband’s label! Photographed on all my fave celeb mamas, including Beyonce, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba & Gwen Stefani and stocked in 600 stores in 30 countries- you can say I’m a proud wife! Obviously a must have accessory. 😉

model with sunglasses

To learn more about Marcia, check out Not So Mumsy here, her Instagram here, and her heymama profile here

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Leia Sfez talks Diapers & Milk and the Art of Being Copied

July 21, 2015
Leia Sfez beautiful mama working

We caught up with the incredibly stylish French mama and designer behind Diapers & Milk; Leia Sfez. Her 100% organic baby leggings line is made all in France. Leia is a  master of minimal chic fashion that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously and carries her aesthetic over to Diapers & Milk, her photography, and her lifestyle. She can also make coffee, ice cream, and puppies look even more enticing on her Instagram feed than we thought possible.


You have a cult-like following on Instagram, in fact many of the mamas we talk to say you are one of their inspirations. Who are some of your inspirations?

I don’t really have people in particular that I follow as my inspirations. All of these women, mamas or designers, inspire me. Some make me laugh, others give me ideas, and others make me want to continue what I’m doing. It’s a mix!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.25.09 AM

Tell us about Diapers & Milk and when/how you decided to start on your cool leggings line?

I first started making pieces for my daughter. Several of my friends asked me where I bought her leggings, and some moms stopped me in the street to ask too! So my husband made me an e-shop, and I was nervous, I admit. In the first month my small business was getting a good response , but then by the first 3 months, I had received thousands of orders! At that point, I realized that I had created a brand.

“…by the first 3 months, I had received thousands of orders! At that point, I realized that I had created a brand.”

Are there a lot of mama entrepreneurs in Paris, how did your community and friends support your decision to start a company? Was there anyone specific who helped you?

My husband is my other half, without him I wouldn’t have been able to develop this business. We are very complimentary. I design, create and take care of all the artistic parts, and he’s a marketing pro, so he gets to put my ideas into digital form.


You’ve been doing some pretty cool videos lately, how do you see video playing a role moving forward in the social media landscape?

Oh la la, I’m flattered, I’ll have to make some new ones! I thought it was really cool to break away from Instagram and get behind the camera to be more real to people. On my end, I love watching interviews or street style videos and think it lets you get to know the person.

You talk on one of your latest blog posts about being copied and how that can be a good thing, can you tell us more? 

“There is no worse feeling than to see his work copied. But it’s actually a good thing, because on the other hand, it gives us a vision of the reach we have!”


Where do you see your business heading in the next few years and what are your biggest challenges you face to get there? 

I’m working on A LOT of cool projects and can’t wait to tell you more. But I hope the brand will continue to be sold all over the world. What matters to me the most is to continue creating quality.

We’re really into hats too, we’d love your top 3 picks for Spring/Summer right now.

For me: all black Birkenstocks, leather shorts, one-piece swimsuit.

For her: Birkenstocks, Stella McCartney swimsuit, absolutely in love with their patterns, and some cool Sons+Daughter sunglasses.


What has been the greatest accomplishment you’ve had in your career? 

Receiving emails or comments from women thanking me for inspiring them to create their own businesses. I think that’s my greatest reward.

You’re quite the savvy businesswoman, can you tell us a few pitfalls that mamas should avoid in business? Things you wish you knew in the beginning? 

“Think big. Do not think that your business will stay small.”

To catchup with Leia, check out her website and Instagram here.


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#LadyBoss: Morgan Hutchinson of ShopBURU Is Redefining Mom Style

July 11, 2015
cute mom daughter stylish playing


How did you come up with the name ShopBURU?

My husband, Brett and I spent almost 4 years in Beijing. In fact, Olive Bee is a “Made in China” babe! When brainstorming names for our concept, a Mandarin word seemed fitting.   The meaning of characters BU (哺) and RU (乳) when combined actually means to breastfeed. Though BURU curates ready-to-wear collections for all phases of motherhood, we have a special focus on nursing friendly styles from our favorite brands.

7L3A9823Morgan - BURU - Feb 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

What’s been the hardest thing about having your own business?

Though I do like to make decisions, making every single one can be exhausting. There is a lot of self-doubt involved on a daily basis. It’s so important to reach out for help and get advice – but at the end of the day, the heavy-duty decisions are still on me.

“Though I do like to make decisions, making every single one can be exhausting. There is a lot of self-doubt involved on a daily basis. “

What makes ShopBURU different?

Many brands in the “mom space” cater to the bump. And while, I love the pregnancy phase – motherhood post bump really inspires me. BURU’s goal is to help all fashionable mamas find a personal #momstyle that works for them in everyday life. Additionally, we strive to be different through our unique brand matrix of established and emerging designers, along with styles that can’t be found everywhere. I am so excited to bring brands like Ryan Roche, House of Holland, 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, and Rachel Antonoff to our customers in a mom-friendly way.

What’s the best and worst advice anyone’s ever given you about running your own business?

Best advice: Keep going.

Worst: Hmmm… I don’t think I have received bad advice actually. I find a way to learn something from every tip I get.

7L3A9637Morgan - BURU - Feb 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

Who pushes you to succeed the most? Where do you get your drive?

It comes from within. I really expect a lot from myself, and I also want to honor my family and make them proud.

“It comes from within. I really expect a lot from myself, and I also want to honor my family and make them proud.”

How do you think e-commerce has changed over the past 2 years?

I think the main difference is content. The customer now expects to “shop the story”. They want the brand to have a persona. Otherwise, it feels like Amazon and lacks a “special” experience. That said; it must remain simple and easy to navigate. We try to provide a touch of mom life and reality to BURU with our blog and our “Real MOM Monday” series, which isn’t trying selling anything. More than anything, we want to have an authentic relationship with our customers. It’s not just about selling them clothes – it’s about a lifestyle and a service to make their lives easier, more fun, and more fashionable!

7L3A9705Morgan - BURU - Feb 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

What do you find the most rewarding about having your own business?  

Knowing how unlikely it is that I will ever miss a dance recital or school play. Though there are certain work events that are out of my control, for the most part, I am completely in control of my schedule. And, if I do have to head out of town…I can take my family with me!

“Though there are certain work events that are out of my control, for the most part, I am completely in control of my schedule.”

How has your site changed since you launched?

While our concept has stayed true since our launch in September of 2013, our brands and styles have evolved. We quickly learned that our customer really wants special, yet wearable pieces.

7L3A9491Morgan - BURU - Feb 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

What do your kids think you do?

A few days ago Olive told me she needed to email a BURU customer…so I am guessing she at least knows the name of my company. She also knows that there are always tons of clothes around and that we travel a lot. I am not quite sure how she assembles all that in her brain though. I look forward to watching it come together though, and I can’t wait to bring her to a NYFW show in a few years.

“…I can’t wait to bring her to a NYFW show in a few years.”

If you weren’t the founder of ShopBURU, what would you be doing?

Traveling the world with Brett and Olive I suppose…until the money runs out 😉

When do you feel you’re most creative?

Inspiration typically hits me in the middle of the night – which is why I keep a notebook and pen on my bedside tables. If I am being totally honest…about half of what I write down is complete gibberish – but the other half is pretty great.

7L3A9602Morgan - BURU - Feb 2015 - Brad Rankin Studio

Give us a glimpse into your daily schedule.

Everyday is a little different, but most begin around 5 with a few hours of work before Olive wakes up…and some morning snuggles with Brett. Olive goes to school 3 days a week and on those days – it is all hustle. Responding to emails, coordinating Tastemakers, completing interviews, styling and shooting new inventory for the site, finalizing orders for upcoming seasons, shooting or editing lookbooks, chatting with developers about web developments, or boring accounting work. (Yuck to the last one…) On the days, when Olive doesn’t have school, I try to plan fun things for us, or lunch with friends. After Brett gets home, we typically go for a stroll and then cook dinner together as a family. Bedtime for Olive post bath…and the wine time for Brett and me!

Who are some of the moms around you who push and support you to succeed?

I feel so blessed to have a wonderful group of dear friends, my own mother included that supports my dreams and me. Additionally, I have met (in person or via e-meets) so many incredible mom entrepreneurs who encourage me everyday by their support and by watching them succeed. There really are too many to name, but specifically speaking – Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked, The lovely ladies of Leapfrog PR in Charleston, SC, Corey Lynn Calter, and Markey Hutchinson of The Beaufort Bonnet Company.

To learn more about Morgan check her out on ShopBURU, on her Instagram, and on her heymama profile.

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Styling Goes Digital, An Interview With Style Me Perfect Founder Carrie Johnson

July 6, 2015
cute mom kiss daughter

We’ve been meeting so many awesome stylists out there, wouldn’t it be great if you could hire them to help you get dressed for your cousin’s wedding from the comfort of you own computer? Or you’re an oh so talented fashionista who happens to live in Montana, how will you meet clients? Oh wait you can! Meet  Style Me Perfect founder Carrie Johnson. She’s created a “personal” virtual shopping experience to bring fashion talent right to your desktop or door.

Tell us about Style Me Perfect

SMP is an online platform that connects wardrobe stylists/personal shoppers, makeup artists, and hair stylists with clients across the U.S. + U.K. Each of the professionals we represent, offers in-person services where they live (some are willing to travel), as well as customized, online services. Our services are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients, and our mission is to help them define their own, unique perfect. “Perfect,” to us, is not an aesthetic, where lipstick, pearls, hairspray, and prim, boring pumps come to mind. To us, “perfect” is a very individual, personal, organic response to something that feels exactly right. Our aim is to help our clients achieve this in the vast, and sometimes overwhelming, realms of fashion and beauty!

““Perfect,” to us, is not an aesthetic, where lipstick, pearls, hairspray, and prim, boring pumps come to mind. To us, “perfect” is a very individual, personal, organic response to something that feels exactly right.”

Scarf + Purple Flowers 1a

How did the idea come about?

An out-of-state friend of mine had an important event coming up, and asked if I could recommend some online stores, as she lived in a pretty small town. I did, and she immediately responded that all the stores looked amazing, but she felt really overwhelmed by the mass selection. Would I mind picking out 2 or 3 dresses, and pairing them with some accessories? While shopping for her, it hit me that this type of service could be really helpful for busy women in general, and/or women that just don’t feel confident shopping/styling themselves. So I ran with the idea!

How did you build the actual platform, did you use a template or have a developer?

We were very fortunate in finding a brilliant branding/development team here in our small town that worked very closely with us in creating logos, forms, building our beta site, and our initial web design. My brain-iac husband taught himself to code, so as we grew, and constantly changed, his new skill helped (and still helps!) us tremendously in keeping our costs way down.

Blue Check Skirt 11b

How were you able to grow from one stylist to a global community and have women sending applications daily?

Our blog! I call myself the reluctant blogger, and am kicking myself for not starting it when soooo many people at the very beginning told me to! It’s an amazing resource not only to expound on what your brand actually is, but to advertise, and gain traffic by promoting it via social media. Lesson learned: when the same advice or ideas are repeatedly given to you by many different sources, don’t hesitate; go for it!

“Our blog…It’s an amazing resource not only to expound on what your brand actually is, but to advertise, and gain traffic by promoting it via social media.”

Lesson learned: when the same advice or ideas are repeatedly given to you by many different sources, don’t hesitate; go for it!”

How many people do you have working for you and how much do you still do on your own?

We have a stylist team of 14, but my husband and I are the only admin, which means he wears about 4 hats, and I wear about 17. We have many, many stylists that have applied, and continue to almost daily, but it takes a lot of extra time to email, interview, and then even more time to integrate them into our site and process, once hired. So, finding the right time to start that long process has been tricky. I’ve been very impressed with a lot of resumes that have come our way, so it’s definitely something I’m excited to tackle – I just need about 4 clones to do it!

“my husband and I are the only admin, which means he wears about 4 hats, and I wear about 17.”

How does the platform actually work for virtual styling?

Our process goes like this: The client fills out her event-type/sizing/style-preference forms, selects the stylist she wants, and then submits. The stylist receives her client’s forms, lets her client know when she can have the work completed, calculates the time she thinks it will take her to complete her client’s wishes, and then bills her client. The client can request changes, but if happy, the client pays by credit card via the emailed invoice. The stylist then goes to work shopping online, and then styles a look or looks via Polyvore, which is emailed to her client with styling notes. Each item is hyper-linked in the Polyvore lookbook, so the client can buy anything she likes. If she wants something re-shopped, she can request that, too, at no extra charge.

Here is an example of a typical Polyvore lookbook that we create – I just put together a breezy look for a summer rooftop party….


My favorite part of our service is that, over time, a stylist is able to build a “Polyvore Closet” for her client, filled with images of actual items the client owns (images sent by client), or of things she has bought. So, stylists are able to create looks using the client’s existing wardrobe, as well. I love this so much!! It makes it so easy to help clients pack for trips, pull looks for work or upcoming events, and suggest new items to update their wardrobe, or really polish off a particular look. It’s super fast for the stylist to style this way, too, so it becomes even more affordable for the client. Win, win.

Our online beauty service works in a very similar way, where makeup artists and hair stylists can shop makeup and hair products to either complete a client’s look, or help a client up her beauty game in general. Our beauty stylists always give detailed notes, tips, and video tutorials to help their clients achieve their new looks on their own.

How is your platform an asset to stylists starting out or looking to make some extra cash.

SMP is designed to be a turnkey business platform for stylists to use – especially if they don’t have a website, or a professional way of billing clients for their services. Our blog and social media outlets are there to help promote them as well. We also act as a mentoring resource they can utilize, as we’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks over the years, developing the fairly new concept of online styling. For more established stylists, that already have their own websites and blogs, we simply become added traffic flow for them.

“SMP is designed to be a turnkey business platform for stylists to use – especially if they don’t have a website, or a professional way of billing clients for their services.”

Where do you want to see it go in the next 5 years?

I’m really excited about the idea of expanding our same concept into interior design and event planning. It’s crazy – we’ve been receiving resumes from interior designers and event planners already, and we haven’t advertised this at all (other than having a “coming soon” page up for each on our site)!

Santa Barbara Ice Cream 1a

How do you structure your time as far as family time and work time?

My husband and I get up and work on SMP together in the wee hours of the morning to get the critical bulk of the daily work done before our kiddos wake up, and before my husband has to leave for his “real job.” Then, throughout the day, it’s just a matter of budgeting a few minutes here and there – all day long – keeping up with social media, texts, and emails. We’ve learned that we could literally sit down and work on SMP 24/7, and there would still be a mile-long to-do list, so we decided to be very committed at turning off the “work switch” at the same time everyday. In practical terms, my work/mom days are divided into specific time frames, which is both reassuring (I love a good routine), and stimulating to me – like a how-much-can-I-get-done-in-this-set-time-frame game challenge. It keeps me efficient, balanced, and sane! I absolutely love the discipline and creativity involved with working on SMP, but being able to turn it off each day to focus on our family, and to do that enjoying-life thing is so essential! I love the balance we’ve been able to create – it’s just perfect for us.

“we decided to be very committed at turning off the “work switch” at the same time everyday. In practical terms, my work/mom days are divided into specific time frames, which is both reassuring (I love a good routine), and stimulating to me – like a how-much-can-I-get-done-in-this-set-time-frame game challenge.”

To learn more about Carrie, check out Style Me Perfect, her Instagram, and her heymama profile.