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Grow Your Business With No Cash: Download This Free Growth Hacking Checklist

May 18, 2016
Above The Glass Growth Hacking Checklist

Startups are sooo in right now AND there’s been a major boom in female entrepreneurship over the last few years. recently reported that the absolute number of startups in Crunchbase with at least one female founder has more than quadrupled in the last five years (#ladybosses); however, while the number of female entrepreneurs and female-owned companies is growing, approximately half of female founders say that the lack of mentors/advisers is holding them back.

But what if we told you growing your business was possible with little to no money, would that help you move forward without that lack of guidance? All you need to do is follow these key tips that the amazing ladies at Above the Glass pulled together for us.

So whether you’re just starting to test the startup waters, or are working to grow your business, be sure to download their Growth Hacking Checklist. No really, it will help you go viral.

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