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Love Story: Friends First

February 13, 2017
Amy Anderson

And now for the last in our three part series, we peek into the love story of Eric and Amy Anderson. You may know Amy from her popular blog, Parker Etc. but we wanted to know a little bit more about what keeps the love flowing between these two love birds. Raising their adorable little ladies in Brooklyn, Amy and Eric relish the simple things. From a handwritten note to a full-on kid-assisted art project, celebrating the day to day keeps the home fires burning. And if anyone knows a good locksmith, they’re looking to get into their old apartment building stat.


Thank you for taking the time to talk all things love with us! How and when did you meet?

Amy: We first met briefly at a charity event in the West Village. Fast forward a few months and we ran back into each other at a post church gathering with mutual friends. We hung out in larger groups for almost a year, while I had a huge crush on him, but would barely speak a word in his direction. Thankfully, he’s a persistent and patient man!

Eric: We met at a charity event/art show in New York City… I was photographing and met Amy, then we became part of the same little community and started hanging out more from there.

What was your first date? Can you remember what you or they wore?

Amy: Our first date was unintentional. We had been friends for almost a year, and I had an extra ticket to a concert, so we went together. He ended up walking me all the way home along the Hudson River to Hell’s Kitchen from Bowery Ballroom. Basically 5 miles! We ended up getting Red Bull’s, sitting on my rooftop and watching the sunrise. I have no clue what I wore, but it was probably my staple all-black-everything, but thankfully comfy shoes apparently!

Eric: She doesn’t consider it a date, but we went to see Josh Ritter in Brooklyn as “friends.” Ended with a solid side-hug. I can’t recall what she was wearing at all, just that she only answered me in one word responses!

Was there a pivotal moment that made you realize you had found “the one”?

Amy: Honestly, I think I knew in my gut right away when we started dating. Eric was a bit old fashioned (which I loved) and he vocalized early on his intentions for our relationship. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it made me feel secure and I knew the relationship wasn’t to be taken lightly.

Eric: Watching the sun rise on her midtown NYC rooftop was pretty epic (and waiting for the train in the middle of the night most other nights). There was never enough time when we were together and our dates always stretched far into the night.


Amy Anderson

What 3 words describe your partner?

Amy: Patient. Really patient. Did I mention he’s patient?

Eric: Intentional, committed and sassy.

How would they describe you (no peeking!).

Amy: Intentional, loyal and a bit sassy.

Eric: Committed, Scattered, Protective

How do you make your partner feel special? Can you think of something super thoughtful your partner did for you?

Amy: Eric travels a lot for work, so the kids and I always try to have something special waiting for him when he gets back home. It can be a special dinner, a craft or drawing Parker has created, or a fun family activity we’ve planned to all do together. Eric is way more thoughtful than I am, so he’s always putting together surprise date nights, planning weekend trips upstate or leaving really sweet notes around the house in the mornings before he leaves for us to see when we wake up.

Eric: We have a pretty consistent flow of give and take. I try to do little things to make things easier for her day to day, and she does the same. I know she loves surprises, either big or small, so even if it’s just surprising her with some fresh flowers and bagels on a Saturday morning, that makes little things special. We regularly leave notes for each other around the house. I travel a lot for work so it’s nice to have constant reminders that the other is thinking about them.

How often do you go out sans kids? Do you have family near by or who can you lean on to watch the kids?

Amy: We try to do date nights as much as possible, but sometimes the best ones are just after the kids go to bed and we make dinner, drink some wine, watch a movie and then stay up late talking. Being able to just relax together is a date scenario I’ll take any day! We’re thankful for a wonderful network of sitters through our church and sweet friends that love on our family.

Eric: We try to, not easy with a 6 month old… but also actually like hanging and relaxing with the girls on the weekends more than trying to go out in the city. We’re now living a bit closer to family, which we’re very excited about.

What do you like to do on date night? What would be your ultimate fantasy date?

Amy: I’m always up for anything, but what I don’t like is going to the movies. I don’t want to pay a sitter to have time with my husband to then sit in a dark room and not be able to talk to him! So I’m always behind on what movies are out! I love surprises and Eric is great with always finding ways to incorporate surprises into our date nights. My ultimate fantasy date would probably be to find someone who lives in my old building to let us in so we can have a picnic date night again on my old rooftop. I’m such a sentimental sap!

Eric: Simple dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, then maybe a drink or show. Amy used to work in the music industry, so we went to a lot of concerts during our dating years and we still enjoy seeing shows together when we can. Reminds us of being younger!

Amy Anderson

 What is your favorite outfit that each other wears?

Amy: When he wears slim black jeans, a button down and his favorite wax canvas jacket. Two thumbs up!   

Eric:Jeans and a t-shirt works every time. I prefer her casual outfits than her more dramatic ones.

Amy, finish these sentences: The first thing we do in the morning is divide and conquer the kids. The last thing we do at night is pray we get a full night’s sleep.

Eric, Finish these sentences: The first thing we do in the morning is make breakfast for the family. The last thing we do at night is let out a big sigh and congratulate each other on keeping everyone alive for another day!

What’s your fondest memory together?

Amy: The weekend Eric proposed. He told me to meet him at Grand Central Station at Platform 27 and that’s all I knew. We went up to our favorite Hudson Valley town of Cold Spring (where we actually also got married), and he asked me to marry him down on the pier. Our friends traveled upstate and surprised us the next day, throwing us a party and a massive dinner complete with celebratory toasts. We felt so much love and support!

Eric: All night cross-borough walks through Manhattan in the early days… when the weather was nice and we’d finish dinner, we would just walk the city for hours and talk. We had so much more energy back then! That and traveling Italy last year. Probably our best trip together yet!

What’s in your travel couple bucket list?

Amy: A relaxing stay in the English countryside. I’ve always wanted to take Eric to London so I can show him around my old stomping grounds. It was a really formative time in my life when I lived there. So we’ve always wanted to do a few days in the city and then head out to the country… it’s just so gorgeous!

Eric: More small trips to Charleston or Montreal. We really love exploring together whether it be just a day trip or a full week trip. Also, looking forward to taking the whole family to see National Parks here in the few years as the girls get older.

Amy Anderson

Do you have advice on how to stay in synch when you can’t get away for couple time?

Amy: Make time together at home – even if it’s just an hour after the kids go to bed. Be intentional and always keep communication open about everything.

Eric: Communication is key. Just talk to each other.

Lots of couples start to dress alike, accidentally walking out in matching looks…do you have a go to couple style?

Amy: Well, being New Yorkers we definitely tend to walk out of the house looking like we’re about to attend a funeral together. Monochromatic everything is a problem in our household… children included.

Eric: We usually look like we are headed to a funeral… all black all the time.


How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Amy: Honestly, we try to not make a big “to-do” about it and just make sure to write each other little notes. We’re a big love note type of couple, and find either cheesy or cute cards, and write down things we’re thankful for and love about the other. I literally have a huge bag full of notes that I’ve kept (again, super sentimental over here!).

Eric: I’m off to Santa Fe on Valentine’s Day, so we’ll just have a nice little Valentine’s breakfast with each other before I head to the airport, but I’ll probably leave a few love notes behind.


Photos by Ashtin Paige


Me: Sweatshirt / Jeans / Shoes (similar) / Jacket / Jean Jacket

Eric: Shirt / Jacket / Jeans (similar)

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