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A Letter From The Editors

May 20, 2015

I’m sure you’re wondering what we do and what exactly heymama is?

Well, first a little story.  It all started out innocently enough, on a play-date, at McCarren Park in Brooklyn.  We were two women, caught at an intersection of our lives after having our kids and yet feeling restless (even amongst little rest).  We had lots of wild big picture ideas, friends who believed in us, and a tiny voice pushing us to just try.  We quickly discovered we were not alone in our desire to take over the world.  Every day, we spoke with mothers that had a calling to create something, make it theirs, put a stamp on it and give it all they had.

A bit about us, we met when our little girls Mari Rose and Liliana Rae were 3 months old.  We ran in different social circles and in a city where you’re always six degrees apart, we had not a single soul we knew in common. Our kids and a little timing and luck brought us together.  We were both feeling out of sorts in our post baby worlds, curious as to how everyone else seemed to have kids at just the same time their friends did. We were thirsty for adult attention, and wine.  Where were all the cool mamas?

Both having worked for other companies, starting our own project was the scariest and most exhilarating opportunity. What spoke to us most from the get-go was connecting women, because let’s face it, we’re pretty amazing.  It was after we began to have endless and highly enjoyable coffee, wine and play-dates with mamas we knew and were introduced to (all in the name of research!), we realized there was a common thread. The women we encountered who were ambitious, yet family focused, creative and business savvy, humble yet worthy of much praise, blew us away.  We began introducing our friends and inviting them to get involved, heymama was born.

Our mission is simple.  Connect women globally so they can collaborate, inspire and support each other in their work.  We know there are many resources out there for kids, what to buy for them, what to do with them, how to raise them and how not to. We’re not about that here. heymama is the place for a mama to focus on things that fuel her, and her passions.

Our content will be focused on the voice of the creative mother, brand builder, risk taker and go-getter. Every week, we will be featuring our #LadyBoss interviews, which as it sounds will spotlight some badassery from mamas running seriously cool businesses.  Our product features will highlight mama-run brands made with quality, integrity and sustainability in mind.  Our lifestyle pieces and contributor posts will be a combination of our own editorial content and our members contributing their voices and truths.

We’re excited to introduce you to some of our members through our Discover page. Ultimately our dream is to create a platform where our members can create their own profiles to share their stories, share content they create and connect with their peers. In the meantime, we’re highlighting some of our first members here, sharing a little about them – their talents, interests and ideal next project. We’ll be adding more every day so keep checking back to find the most interesting creative women from around the world.

We thank you for your support, and hope heymama will help you walk a little taller in your day, connect you with a new friend, client or partner, or simply just make you smile.

Amri & Katya