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We all dream of waking up and just effortlessly picking out the perfect outfit with no stress or outfit doubts. The reality for most people (myself included!) however, you get dressed with minutes left on the clock before racing out the door. You find yourself grabbing whatever is most accessible and easy to throw on and then wearing the same things over and over. And it doesn’t stop at you, the same goes for dressing your kids. I’m always grabbing whatever is already out and easy to throw on him, despite the fact that he has a closet full of adorable duds.  

To minimize the confusion and uncertainty, I try to maintain a clean closet environment by upholding the philosophy, “Less is More”. This means strategically editing and organizing my closet on a regular basis to make outfit selection a breeze, help set the tone of my day and give me peace of mind.

With the Spring season upon us, it’s the perfect time to take a pass at your closets and I’ve pulled together some of my secrets for you and your baby to stay stylish, organized, and always ready to pull the most impressive looks.

Celebrity Stylist Caley Rinker organizes her closet

Take Inventory

Try things on and take pics! For me, clothing is such a feeling and if I haven’t worn it over a year there is a reason. Once you try it on again and see how it photographs you can evaluate how much you really love


Most people wear 10% of their closet. I’m the type of person that will wear the death out of something, get sick of it and never wear it again. I actually have a very edited closet for a stylist. My approach is quality over quantity. It’s unlikely that you need 5 grey sweatshirts, just one good one. For my son’s closet I edit out pieces he’s outgrown, worn out or has similar items of. It can be easy to have too much of the same thing and I only end up putting him in my favorite pieces anyway.


If you buy something new, something old must go. I tell my husband this and we fight about it every time! By replacing a new item for an old one that’s similar you will be surprised how little you end up missing that old piece.

Celebrity Stylist Caley Rinker

Seasonal Purge

I always start the seasonal transition with a closet clean out. My number one rule is, if you haven’t worn it in a year it must go. The only exception to that are high-quality, classic pieces that will never go out of style. For my son’s closet I edit out past season’s colors and prints to freshen things up for a new season. The purging feels so good.

Invest in Classic Pieces

This is something I learned from other stylists early in my career. I routinely found myself splurging on the latest trends only to get over them as soon as the season ended. I found that if I invested in classic pieces I would wear them season after season and more often. When you break down the price per wear, you are really getting more for your dollar.

Shop Trend Pieces at Budget Prices

Treat those trendier pieces as more of a filler item. Buy a few limited pieces per season and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe. A lesson I learned with my son’s clothes is that the fashion forward pieces I was dying to have (for designer prices) weren’t always as practical as the basics. Additionally, he didn’t wear them as often.

Celebrity Stylist Caley Rinker with her son Weston

Target Seasonal Sales

Buy a few of your must-have items now and wait for the others to go on sale. Most brands have 2 major sales per year; summer and winter. If I’m dying to get something I can’t live without, I’ll buy when it first comes out but if I’m only kind of feeling it I’ll wait until it goes on sale.

Be realistic

Keep things practical, flattering and easy to wear so you want to put it on. There are so many trends that I try to buy and they end up sitting in my closet because they don’t work with my lifestyle or aren’t comfortable. Think about what your day-to-day is and how you wear things. What is going to fit into your lifestyle? For my son, I have a mix of fashion forward pieces he can wear to birthday parties and then park clothes he can destroy.

Create Outfits

I always set aside time to make outfits incorporating my new and old pieces. This helps me wear things in new creative ways and I already have them styled. Sometimes you just need to see things on to see what works best.


I typically organize everything according to style. This goes for kids closet as well. Often I find myself forgetting about great pieces or not wearing them because they aren’t easily accessible. Organize the closet so all your items are accessible. That same rule goes for things you don’t wear. Put them away so you can’t see them. The more clutter the more stressful getting dressed can be. Hang the clothes you love and fold the filler pieces. I want to see everything so I always hang my favorite pieces for the season and fold the basics in the drawers. I know where they are if I need to pull them out.

Celebrity Stylist Caley Rinker with her son Weston

Caley Rinker is a Celebrity Stylist (and Mom!) that has spent the last decade dressing stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Osbourne and Gillian Jacobs. With the arrival of her son (Weston) she also found a new love for applying her stylistic talents to create fashionable mamas and kids. You can follow her @styledbycaley.

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