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We caught up with one of our favorite stylists and fashion bloggers, Shalice Noel. For those who don’t follow her on IG, she’s the mom you saw at the playground and had a Twilight worthy imprinting on (yes we’re assuming you’ve seen Twilight).   This mama isn’t scared of a heel, has the ripped jeans look down pat, and loves a snakeskin bag just as much as we do.

4 kids, yes 4!!
She’s a coffee gulping stylist, blogger, and mom of four in a big city loving her family and the occasional thrift score. In between styling, she manage a fun, albeit chaotic household. It’s not perfect, but it was never meant to be. While she thinks she teaches them most days, they teach her humility, all day, everyday. There’s absolutely nothing harder than motherhood. It helps, however, that she’s married to the most supportive man. She counts her blessings daily. Styling unlikely pieces together and adding that unexpected edge to whatever she’s wearing is like breathing, just comes naturally. See proof below.


10 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

  1. I love Chipotle to a fault
  2. I have issues with zippers and iPhone chargers. We don’t mix.
  3. I hate amusement parks but will take the desert ANYDAY.
  4. I eat lemons
  5. I drive too fast
  6. I wake up to a little man in the next room crying “ma-MAY!!”
  7. I used to be a morning person until I had kids
  8. I have zero control when it comes to trader joes english toffee
  9. I’m inspired by city living
  10. Never enough coffee. Ever!

Classic Shalice, ripped jeans and coffee with baby in tow.

Want more? Find her on Instagram here and read her blog for the latest fashion inspo!  Have any questions for Shalice about her blog, how she got started or advice for other new fashion bloggers, comment below!

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