For many, 2016 was a rough one. Perhaps Mercury was in Retrograde for a little too long, or real life was looking a little too much like a bad reality TV show. But, for these 13 ladies, 2016 was pretty darn rad. Before we say so-long to 2016, let’s take a moment to marinate in all the good that these mamas did in the world.

  1. Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO and Co-Founder, FEED

We’ve long admired FEED CEO and co-founder, Lauren Bush. Inspired by her own travels around the world and witnessing the effects of hunger worldwide led Lauren to starting her business that gives back to break the cycle of poverty. We had the pleasure of working with Lauren this past year to help support her mission to feed kids in need worldwide. 9 years, and 90 million meals later, this mama is the definition of beauty both inside and out.

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moms of 2016

  1. Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar, Author

Not only did this mama take her side-business of doing her friends hair into nearly a $100 million dollar business, she wrote a tell-all book, Drybar: The Guide to Good Hair for All, to share her tips and tricks with anyone wanting to master their mane. Thank goodness for our blowouts!

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moms of 2016

  1. Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Apple Retail

Recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, Angela Ahrendts, formerly of Burberry, has traded in fashion for tech and is revamping retail at Apple. Ahrendts believes that community is key and by the end of this year, she will have redesigned 95 Apple stores so they feel more like town squares. She has introduced “Teacher Tuesdays” to help teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms and will be introducing coding classes for children in 2017.

moms of 2016

  1. Daphne Oz, NYTimes Best-Selling Author and Co-Host of ABC’s The Chew

Our list of New Year’s Resolutions include picking up a copy of Daphne Oz’s new cookbook,The Happy Cook: 125 Recipes for Eating Every Day Like It’s the Weekend stat. Anyone who can make preparing meals both healthy and easy is a woman after our own hearts.

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moms of 2016

  1. & 6. Katia Beauchamp and Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion & Beauty Superstars and TV Hosts

We love when mamas collaborate and we can’t get enough of the new show that features some of our favorite mamas, Katia Beauchamp (Birchbox) and Rebecca Minkoff (Fashion Designer). Project Runway: Fashion Startup is like the original Project Runway, The Apprentice and Shark Tank had a baby and brings together aspiring beauty and fashion entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges to score start-up funding.



moms of 2016


moms of 2016

  1. Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy

This mama has had such a stellar 2016 that she ended it with a move to a bigger space! Joy Cho is an inspiration with her whimsical designs, delightful daily posts and colorful outlook on life. You may recognize her designs on your kids’ band-aids, gorgeous wallpapers or her latest uber exciting collaboration with Target. Her latest collection is inspired by rainbows and clouds (swoon!) and we have a lot more to share in our upcoming interview.

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moms of 2016

  1. Dana Walden, CEO of Fox Television Group and Chair for Alliance For Children’s Rights

Dana Walden has spent her career bringing shows like “Family Guy” and “Fuller House” to families around the globe, but she knows life isn’t as always perfectly scripted. Walden spends her free time giving back to the foster care system and in 2016, was honored with the National Champions for Children Award at the 24th annual Alliance for Children’s Rights dinner. The dinner alone raised $1.5M to improve the lives of young people in the foster care system. A dedicated mother to her own two children, we need more people like Walden to give back to those in need.

moms of 2016

  1. Randi Zuckerberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and Editor in Chief of Dot Complicated

There truly isn’t anything this mama of two can’t do and to say that she is an expert in managing the ever evolving landscape of our digital lives is an understatement. Post managing marketing for Facebook, Randi became a NYTimes Bestselling author, won an Emmy, started a media company and in 2016, created and executive produced her own tv show called Dot, which airs on Sprout. Having Randi leading our littles in the wild west of their new online realities is a mama’s dream come true.

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moms of 2016

  1. Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan has become one of the world’s most vocal advocates on behalf of Syrian refugees. Recognizing that every 7th person in her country is a Syrian refugee, she is taking a stand and imploring the world to take notice. Queen Rania shares she believes in conviction, courage, compassion and creativity and trusts that everyone can do their bit to change the world for the better. If you are looking for a cause to support in 2017 and want to join Queen Rania’s efforts in this global crisis, visit Global Citizen to learn more.

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moms of 2016

  1. Jenni Fleiss, Co-Founder of Rent the Runway

We can’t count the times we’ve been complimented on our latest outfit, only to exclaim, “It’s Rent the Runway Unlimited!” (If you don’t know about this monthly service, you need to sign up stat.) and we have Jenni Fleiss to thank for that. And now, the Rent the Runway Foundation has partnered with UBS for the second year of Project Entrepreneur. Women entrepreneurs are invited to apply in the competition and educational program to compete to win $10,000 and a spot in a five-week accelerator program to scale and create high impact businesses. Women supporting women? We love it!

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moms of 2016

  1. & 13. Paige Appel and Kelly Harris, Co-Founders of Bash,Please

When Paige Appel and Kelly Harris brought their two companies together and formed Bash, Please, we couldn’t wait to join their party. The duo lends their creative expertise to clients to create the events of their dreams and has won the hearts of people like Martha Stewart. In 2016, the two turned their sights on opening their first brick & mortar shop, Midland, in Culver City, CA. Chances are, if these two style mavens love it, we will too.



moms of 2016


moms of 2016

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