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Bringing home baby is  big deal—like, the biggest deal. Making sure you have all the bases covered on things you’ll really use and want is hard. This is my list of the baby essentials I used every day with our daughter River during her first month at home.

  1. Birdling Overnight Bag: My hospital bag was packed by the door ready to go with enough room for my Hatch to Hospital Box, my husband’s things (which he never even took out of the bag!), and River’s layette. I used this bag again later when I’m out and about with both girls. It’s big enough to double as a diaper bag plus fits a few extras, but not too big to wear on my shoulder—and it’s waterproof! Birdling-Grey-2_grande_3dad0ad8-5ac6-4187-98a1-1bbb159e2fc0-1
  2. Hatch To Hospital Box: This was pretty much all I took for myself in the overnight bag, plus toiletries. Having new and beautiful things to slip on made me feel human again after River’s delivery. The robe and gown are super soft and comfy, and the cashmere socks are the little bit of luxury I needed to feel more at home. Hatch To Hospital Box
  3. Munchkin LATCH bottles:  I was really worried about using a bottle so early while breastfeeding, but I needed to get out for work and also wanted some help with nighttime feedings, as River is alway hungry and eats every 2 hours. The LATCH nipple mimics breastfeeding allowing the baby to control the flow of milk the way she does on the breast. We had no problem going back and forth and her big sis was able to get in on the feeding as an added bonus. See my girls snuggling! Mari Feeding River M
  4. Erbaviva Baby Wash Bags: These are the most gentle thing to wash baby with and you can use them on your face afterward. Erbababy Wash Bag
  5. Sollybaby Wraps For Mama and Mari: This wrap was a game changer for us. It’s so lightweight and comfy, I barely felt like I was wearing anything besides a shirt. River used to sleep in for over 3 hours and we managed to have lunch out with the whole family. The matching wrap for little girls is great for a big sister battling a little jealousy.                                   . Solly Baby WrapSolly Baby Wrap
  6. Misha and Puff Three Ring Hat: When it’s cold, babies a sweet hand knit winter hat on before we can even think about taking a stroll. We had this one in mint and I called her my little elf. Mischa and Puff hat
  7. Super Cool Brooklyn Meets Sweden Crib Bedding By Natti Natti: Even when River wasn’t sleeping in her crib yet, I was so excited to get her room all set up and this organic bedding with original art work totally made the nursery! natti_7_2_155246-1_1024x1024
  8. DockATot: The DockATot is a light weight “docking station” for the baby and the only place River would nap besides on me. The Dock was a lifesaver and our girl slept in it at night too, either between the two of us or in her bassinet. It’s easy to take from room to room during the day so she could nap securely wherever I was. The cover can be thrown in the wash for easy clean up. deluxe03_01_large
  9. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper: This bassinet turns 360 degrees and can be raised and lower to the bed’s height so the baby can be sleeping right up next to you , but you’re able to swivel it away to get up easily. The side can be pulled down to scoop baby right out for easy nursing. We found the DockATot fit perfectly into the bassinet and as a baby River was so snug and comfy in there. bassinet
  10. River Woccasin Moccasin by HeyMama for Neon Rae:  We collaborated on this sweet style with the lovely Jillian of Neon Rae while River was in my belly and she arrived just in time to snag a pair before they sold out. These super special Woccasin Moccasins only got better with use. We left the denim edges raw to allow them to naturally fray and gain characteristics just like your favorite pair of jeans!FullSizeRender-8
  11. Too Cool To Be A Diaper Bag Backpack From Tiba and Marl: With two kids I’ve found a backpack gives the hands free access I need. This one looks so cool no one would ever suspect it’s a diaper bag with an insulated bottle holder, changing pad, and wet clutch. It also has a spot for a laptop, super important for all the working mamas out there.Tiba and Marl ELWOOD_BLACK_04+copy
  12. The Laundress Baby Detergent: Nontoxic, delicious smelling, allergen-free and nice package. Enough said. the-laundress-baby-detergent-1-litre
  13. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs: These are oversized, curve around your neck to cover all the areas spit up can reach, plus they have a snap so they double as a bib right on the baby. The fabric is a soft muslim and they come in the cutest prints. Aden + Anais Burpy Bib
  14. Monica + Andy Cuddle Box– Delivered to home or hospital same day your order is placed; this is the best newborn gift box for the busy working mama. The organic kimono bodysuit is my favorite baby basic, River used to live in them. The fabric is organic, so soft, and great quality. It also doesn’t shrink with even a few washes, which is important when they are growing so fast. monicaandandymonica and andy
  15. Coveted Things Swaddle Scarf: This swaddle is so cute and chic, it can be worn as a scarf for mama and double as a Instagram background for quick snaps . Coveted Things Swaddle
  16. Sapling Child PJs: The slim fit on these keeps them snug in place, a fold over foot keeps the feet cosy and warm, and the zipper makes them easy on and easy off for quick changes. Sapling Child
  17. Sleepy Sheep: We forgot to get one of these before we got home from the hospital and I ended up ordering it at midnight on Amazon. We left white noise on our phones all night to get River back to sleep after every feeding, and my phone overheated and had to be replaced! The small Sleepy Sheep is perfect to take in the stroller and the car too. sleepsheep
  18. Gift For Big Sis From The New Baby: Miffy Bunny Lamp I’d been eyeing this for the girl’s playroom and it made the perfect gift for big sis from the baby. Don’t forget to have a special gift for your older siblings from the new arrival. Those who come bearing gifts are always welcome. Miffy Bunny Lamp


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