If the last two years have taught us anything, it may be that—while we absolutely love our families—working from home can be a double-edged sword when it comes to productivity (if not sanity). Sure, sauntering 20 feet down the hall to brew ourselves an afternoon tea between Zoom calls, while simultaneously adjusting our French-tucked silk blouse back into our sweatpants, is super sexy. But tripping over art projects and perfectly constructed Lego kingdoms in the process? Not so much.

Enter Beverly Center’s newest raison d’etre to get out of the house: ROOM SERVICE memberships. While the ALL CAPS are simply a branding choice, and not meant to insinuate we are screaming “run, don’t walk, if you live near-ish to this upscale shopping center”—we really do support the memberships emphatically, because of all the various attributes.

Want a fashionable location to return your 1239012 emails without interruption? Check.

Perhaps you want to potentially network with other creative, entrepreneurial minds between calls? Check.

Maybe you even want to take a 30-minute shopping break after you’ve successfully negotiated that deal you’ve been working on for six months? Check, check, and check.

How do we count the ways that a ROOM SERVICE membership makes oodles of economic, social, and fashionable sense for those looking to escape from the same old routine? To help us make it crystal clear, we sat down with David Miller Robinson, Director of Membership, to answer a few questions:

Hey Mama: What was the genesis of the ROOM SERVICE membership?

David Miller Robinson: We launched the pilot membership program in 2018, because we wanted a VIP concept for stylists and costume designers. They bring a tremendous amount of business to Beverly Center, given the film and television industry here in Los Angeles, and we wanted to improve the shopping experience for them. The idea was to provide a space with amenities like steamers, rolling racks, fitting rooms, lockers, and more, so they could have a creative space to “call home” since many (if not all) are freelancers and don’t technically have an office.

HM: When did you decide to open it up to other industries/people?

DMR: We realized fairly quickly that PR, marketing, and advertising professionals—many of whom are also freelancers and work in the entertainment industry—could benefit from what we were offering in the ROOM SERVICE space. We have a stylish conference room, used for fashion shoots and meetings alike; and we also have a chic open area for hosting curated influencer events and other gatherings. Expanding the aperture to include creative entrepreneurs simply means building a more robust membership base that can ultimately benefit from what we have to offer, but also learn from each other. We are somewhat like the Soho House model—except this is less about exclusivity and more about networking and productivity.

HM: What types of events have been successful for your members?

DMR: Over the past few years we have done everything from educational panels and discussions with talent like Kollin Carter (Cardi B’s stylist), Tracee Ellis Ross, and Elaine Welteroth to a Cycle House spin class for charity and art exhibitions in partnership with GRØSS Magazine. Generally speaking, we host seasonally inspired private film screenings, monthly happy hours, masterclasses, and workshops.

HM: How many members do you have to date, and what does the membership entail?

DMR: During our pilot phase, we attracted roughly 750 members, and now the number is closer to 800. The pandemic set us back about one year in terms of launching the expanded membership program, but we are back on track to kick it off this month. Our goal over the next year is to gain another 100 to 150 members in order to truly have a well-rounded program where membership-holders feel like they are part of a unique community.

In terms of what the membership entails, we offer quite a few benefits including: Free valet parking at Beverly Center, whether you come to ROOM SERVICE or not; complimentary wifi so members can easily get their work done; conference rooms and meeting spaces that can be reserved for special events; partnerships with Beverly Center for member-related product launches; and access to special events hosted by Beverly Center and ROOM SERVICE members. We are continuing to think outside the box and listen to our current constituents for ideas on how to improve the overall experience.

HM: Do you think entrepreneurial moms would be a good fit for ROOM SERVICE?

DMR: Of course the answer is yes! We already have a large number of members who work full-time and have school age children. They love the option to have an office-like setting for a few hours a week to get away from their daily routine. Naturally, the added benefit of shopping between meetings is a huge bonus.

One of the goals of the ROOM SERVICE membership program is to offer an innovative approach to this idea of “working from anywhere.” Also, it does provide an opportunity to eliminate working in a vacuum all by yourself—which at times can be isolating. The community aspect of this program is at the heart of why our members keep coming back year after year, and we truly look forward to welcoming creative entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience.

All Hey Mama members who join ROOM SERVICE between now and March 31 will receive 50% off their 2022 membership fees. Click here to learn more about ROOM SERVICE.


*This post was sponsored by Beverly Center.

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