Mama of two, Jessica Hughes knows how hard it is to find the time to workout. Her newest addition is only a few months old, so she understands the importance of fitting exercise into your schedule. This Inspired her to put together some mini workouts to get us toned and out the door fast!

This workout is a circuit, which means you have to complete all four workouts in one round. Do this 3 times, and I promise you’ll be feeling it AND feeling fit.

Fast Work Outs1. Push-up To Row: Get in girly push-up position (middle picture).  Do a push-up. Then pull your left arm back until your upper arm is parallel to the ground (right picture). This is called a row. Drop back down into girly push-up. Then right arm row. Alternate between left and right side and complete 20 times.


Fast Work Outs

2. Front Kick to Back Kick: If you don’t have great balance, you can use a wall or chair to support yourself. Stand straight, then lift your left leg and kick forward until your foot is. Still standing on your right leg, slowly swing your left leg back and kick backward.  Complete 20 times each side.


Fast Work Outs

3. Knee to Elbow: Stand straight, then lift your left leg to your left elbow and crunch your obliques (the side of your abs). Repeat for your right side. Do this 20 times.


Fast Squat Work Out

4. Squat to Curtsy Lunge: Drop down into a normal squat, thighs parallel to the ground (middle picture). Then curtsy lunge to each side. Stand up to give your legs a break, then squat and curtsy lunge to each side again. Repeat 20 times per circuit.

You can learn more about Jessica on her Instagram @happilyhughesfitness and her website and her heymama profile here.

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