Most moms are advised to seek out community long before they even become mothers. It’s one of the things we know we’re going to need. We’re told it “takes a village to raise a child” and that “we can’t do this alone.” And while those sentiments are undoubtedly accurate, the benefits of community for moms are too often limited to parenting advice, #momlife solidarity, and necessary venting sessions — and the fact is, most moms need way more than that. For entrepreneurial and business-minded moms, for example, their needs go beyond breastfeeding tips and tricks or venting about potty training. All moms care about so much more than the intricacies of parenthood, but working moms need a whole range of professional support when it comes to parenting too. 

At HeyMama, we know all about the financial and business benefits that come from a community built for and driven by entrepreneurial mothers. We’ve seen, firsthand, how this collective has helped moms connect with new collaborators, find new clients, learn from experts in their industry, get ready to secure a round of funding, perfect their business strategy, and apply bootstrapping techniques to grow their businesses at a time when financial uncertainty abounds. For HeyMama members, community means more than just feeling solidarity with business-minded moms it means financial gains, business growth, and entrepreneurial success. 

We often wonder how to convey the magic and power that exists within our group of incredible members. It’s the kind of thing you kinda just have to experience to fully understand. But here’s our best attempt: We asked four HeyMama members to share how their membership has helped them financially and professionally. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Nicki Radzely, co-founder and CEO of doddle & co 

“It’s hard to quantify [how HeyMama has helped me financially], because it has been rich in so many ways. Thousands and thousands of dollars, to be frank. Easier said, I am at a different level than I would have been without HeyMama. That is a fact. 

I have found a friend at each event. I have connected with women who now are a part of this team! I have been introduced through this group to people who I would have never had access to. I’ve been able to go to meetings with investors at HeyMama. It has been everything and the only community I am involved in, because it is all I need.” 

Shannon Murray-Doffo, founder of Living Loudly Inc. 

“The HeyMama community has been a great resource for anything and everything we have needed while building Living Loudly. This group of women not only know how to get done whatever stands in my way, but they know the best route to do it efficiently and cost effectively. The HeyMama community has embraced and supported us from day one and helped us get the word out of what we do and our mission to spread joy and support parents. Because of these efforts, we have been able to further our reach, gain more exposure, and ramp more quickly than if we had just relied on traditional marketing efforts.

Living Loudly Inc. was built almost exclusively through partnerships with HeyMama members. These ladies took my vision and made it better than I could have imagined. They are not only some of the funniest women i have ever met, but also the absolute best in their fields.” 

JJ Ramberg, co-founder of Goodpods 

“I am blown away by the community that Katya and Amri have built. Right when I joined HeyMama, I offered to lead the Podcast group. I am the co-founder of an app called Goodpods where you can follow friends and influencers to see what podcasts and specific episodes they are listening to. Given how many HeyMama members are podcasters and how many Mamas are avid listeners, I thought it would be great to all work together to see how we could help each other. Within minutes of me putting out a call to people to join the group, the responses started coming in. These are women who have never met each other in person, from all over the country, who are busy, and yet who are willing to go the extra mile to do what they can for each other.  We have done things ranging from promoting each others’ podcasts and spreading the word to our friends (through Goodpods!) to helping with resources around getting booked on shows and figuring out what kind of equipment members need to buy. It’s a go-to group for anything about podcasting.  

That said, the most incredible thing about the group is not only everyone’s practical ability to help but the overwhelming feeling of support and excitement towards each other and about each other’s work. 

Yesterday was a big day for our company: Kim Kardashian West talked about Goodpods on her social media. The outpouring of emails I got from not only my podcast group members, but so many other HeyMama members was incredible.  

I really feel like I could send a call out for help with anything  business or personal  and someone from this community would help.  And on the flip side, I’ve loved being able to be helpful to others.”

Sherri Powell, founder of Yours Rurally 

“The HeyMama network is undisputably powerful. My business is in its infancy, for sure, but the financial benchmarks for the year have already been met because of the support from my fellow HeyMama members. Mamas have placed orders on an individual basis, and have also allowed Yours Rurally to serve as their gifting go-to for their respective company events, from annual conferences to employee appreciation events. Just last week, we sent our gift boxes to 38 folks who spoke at a virtual conference on behalf of a San Francisco-based startup. That opportunity came from within the HeyMama network! 

Yours Rurally launched in February 2020, and I’m not sure that it would have ever come to fruition without HeyMama. I have found so much support, education, guidance, and encouragement from fellow HeyMama members. Most importantly, I have found the ultimate inspiration to go forward with my business idea. The Heymama community has also been so supportive in terms of supporting the business. Yours Rurally offers corporate and organizational gifting — 60% of our corporate gifting contracts today have originated from the HeyMama community. Furthermore, nearly half of our personal individual gifting customers are fellow HeyMama members. One Mama, in particular, is, hands down, our most loyal customer, having gifted multiple family members and friends over the past few months. Each of these purchases are so incredibly important for a new, small business like mine.” 

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