Ack! The 4th of July is THIS WEEK! How did we go from end of year school madness to summertime in full swing? If you’re anything like us, this holiday has completely taken us by surprise. But don’t despair, Seri Kertzner, party planner extraordinaire and founder of Little Miss Party is here to save the day. Turns out, hosting a 4th of July shindig isn’t as complicated as it seems and with a quick trip to your local craft store for some basic supplies and a grocery story run, you’ll be able to whip up a gorgeous gathering stat. Read on…

1. Keep it simple and fun:  

A good old fashioned BBQ is what your guests will expect and want from your 4th of July party. So don’t get all fancy with crazy recipes for your party. Make it easy on yourself and grab some burgers, dogs, buns a big salad and chips for lunch that day. Chips can go into rolled paper cones to make your presentation look a little more fun. We found perfectly themed paper in red, white and blue patterns at our local craft store. We happen to have a cone holder but most people don’t so instead you can fill a bowl or shallow platter with sand or salt to stick the cones in.

Easy party ideas for the 4th of July

2. Water, Water, Water:  

You’ll want to make sure you keep your guests well hydrated at your party. Don’t build up waste with plastic bottles, get yourself a large beverage dispenser (Target sells really cute, cheap ones!) and fill it with ice water. Add some paper cups next to it for guest to help themselves. For the rest of your beverages, it’s also best to keep these simple and ice cold. Beer and cans of soda are all great.

Easy 4th of July party tips

3. Provide sunblock:  

Sun or clouds, those UV Rays are always there! Put out a bucket with some sunblock and bug spray for any guests who may have forgotten to apply before the party.

Easy 4th of July party tips

4. Music:

You’ll want an upbeat, fun vibe at the party so put together a playlist (we use Spotify) to pump through your party. Think fun, theme-y songs like Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen!

Easy 4th of July party tips

5. Send off for your guests:

Fireworks are amazing but who wants to deal with the hassle, slash we don’t want you to end up in jail. So, send your guests off in a safer way with red, white and blue rocket popsicles or by having a cozy bonfire if you have a portable bonfire pit. Set out all the fixings for s’mores, sticks to roast with, and make sure you have plenty of wood to keep the fire going and chairs for guests to chill.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. If you break down your party into easy little steps like this you can whip it up in a day. Have fun!

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