If I had to pick my two favorite times of the day, I’d have to say the moment I have my first sip of coffee in the morning and the moment I get into bed at the end of the evening. Bedtime for me is more than a sleeping pit stop, it’s a signal for my brain to de-stress and rewire for rest. Since moving into my apartment in Williamsburg, I finally feel like I have a bedroom that I really want to invest in. I’ve had dreams, big visions, self growth, tears, and everything in between happen between these four walls. There are a few things I keep in this space that I don’t think I could live without.


1) My 5 Minute Daily Journal by Mel Robbins

If you’re like me, you’ve tried to journal daily yet somehow cannot find the time to do it. I’ve had gaps in my journal that span more than 6 months, yet when I do journal I feel such a deep connection to words on paper and how they bring clarity to my mind and my path. The 5 minute daily journal is the first thing I’ve actually been able to stick to. It helps me boil down my top priorities, puts me in touch with my feelings and gives me the emotional temperature check I need to stay focused. I keep it by my bedside to write in it in the mornings and sometimes at the end of the evening.


mama boss

Furniture and decor from Lulu & Georgia.


2) A fluffy rug (I mean like really fluffy)

I’m all about little luxurious like cucumber in my water and a Bali playlist on Spotify, but how about the daily must haves that make you feel like you’re crushing life? Enter the item on any cold weather boss lady’s list, something that ALL THE PIGGIES will enjoy. When I wake up in the morning, faced with all the challenges life brings, stepping onto a soft fluffy throw makes me feel really ready to take them on. My suggestion, the Alma rug by Lulu & Georgia.


mama boss bedroom

Furniture and decor from Lulu & Georgia.


3) Books that fuel my soul & hustle.

If I don’t know something, I read about it. We’re in an era where we there is more information out there than ever before and personally I’m hungry for it. Books really feed me in a similar way food does and there are some that have had a major impact on my success:

If you’re going to have a lot of books, then you’ll need a solid bookshelf to keep them organized. But the bookshelf isn’t just functional; a quality bookshelf or bookcase can be a beautiful piece in any bedroom. For example, the Bennington Bookshelf from High Fashion Home is made from oak wood and an espresso finish, with leather strap detailing.


4) Candles, incense and this body stone.

Scent is my kryptonite. My great grandmother had a perfumery, and I think her love of scents was genetic. For as long as I remember I have never met a yummy candle I didn’t feel compelled to buy. Here are some of my top picks for soothing nighttime vibes, plus a body stone that will make you rethink your entire approach to taking care of your skin.

mama boss bedroom

Furniture and decor from Lulu & Georgia.


5) The Lunya Sleep Mask.

All other sleep masks should bow down because this one is the leader of the pack. It’s super silky and fully covers even the side of my face so I can get completely restful sleep. It’s also the lifesaver gift to give to a new mom, because nothing else will shut out all sunlight in such a luxurious fashion.


As a a mama and CEO, my days are full and demanding. Starting and ending my day on the right note helps me bring my best to every area of my life. Taking just a few moments for myself is always worth it.


Love the way Katya decorated her bedroom? Browse the products below, all available for purchase on Lulu & Georgia and High Fashion Home.

Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image Heymama product image
Throw Pillow

Justina Blakeney Palms Pillow, Black

Throw Blanket

Maryla Throw Blanket, Snow

Duvet Set

Cultiver Linen Bedding, Smoke Grey Duvet Set


Sauri Rug, Cherry


Alma Sheepskin Rug, White

Home Decor

Pia Wall Hanging, Ivory


Francesca Nightstand, Antique Gold


Bennington Bookshelf


Task Round Table Lamp, Gold

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