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Taking the leap of faith that comes with starting a new business is exciting…but can also be extremely nerve-wracking. Those early stages of innovation and getting your initiative known are often chaotic and uncertain, and that’s where a tool like Kickstarter comes in — a platform that helps creators of all kinds gain attention and support for their projects. However, as is the case for any app, there is a right way to go about maximizing this tool. Ariane Gold, Founder and Creative Director of goldno.8 (our favorite personalized handbags!), used Kickstarter when she launched her first collection of customizable handbags in September 2016, and found the tool to be an asset in attracting attention to her new brand. Here, she shares a few tips for using Kickstarter to your greatest advantage, and some things you should know before launching a campaign of your own…


I launched my brand goldno.8 – a super cool collection of customizable handbags sold exclusively at www.goldno8.com – in September 2016. Kickstarter was at the same time both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. It was a crash course in gaining knowledge about my business, my customers and my fledgling brand. There were sleepless nights when I wasn’t sure if we were going to meet our goal and celebrations at each milestone achieved. Kickstarter is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be enormous.  

Kickstarter has a massive audience, however, with thousands of campaigns on Kickstarter at any given moment, it’s easy for your project to get buried on the website. The key to getting the Kickstarter audience to see your project is to be selected to be on the high traffic “Projects We Love” page. The more traffic to your campaign, the more pledges, the more success!

Here are 5 tips that I wish I knew before I launched my campaign:

1. Kickstarter is paying attention to the traffic your campaign generates in the first 48 hours. If there is a lot of traction, you have a much better chance of landing on the “Projects We Love” page – which we know equals a greater chance for success!  

2. Make sure that you have a solid base of supporters lined up at the start of your campaign. You need to create a sense of urgency to pledge early. To do this, price your product in tiers. For example, if the value of your product is $100, make a limited number of them available for “First Supporters” at $50. Once that tier sells out, move to a limited number for “Early Supporters” at $75.  You need to create a reason for people to purchase immediately. The more traction you get early on, the more Kickstarter will notice your project!

3. Make your goal exceedable! Kickstarter loves a campaign that exceeds its goal fast! If you think you can raise $25,000 in a 30 Day campaign, make your goal $10,000 and hit it early.

4. Facebook and Instagram are your friends. Make sure you build up your contacts on each platform well before the launch of your campaign. People like to feel like they are a part of something, so talk about what you are working prior to the launch. During the campaign, updates are key – especially when you hit milestones! Find creative ways to share your news. I found that videos were extremely effective (especially when my kids starred in them!).

5. Reach out personally. Personal emails were the most effective way for me to drive people to my campaign. Make sure your emails are fun, concise and have a clear call to action. Keep people up to date on how your campaign is progressing and ask them to help spread the word to their own network. Often people need to hear from you several times before they take action. A link to your Kickstarter campaign within your email is a must!

What company are you dreaming up right now? We’re thrilled to support our mamas’ new endeavors and love to help spread the word. If you’re launching a Kickstarter campaign of your own, let us know! Best of luck!


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