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Women supporting other women is the reason we started heymama . It only takes one person to start a movement, make a change, spread the word, and make a difference. We believe that every mama has it in her to be that person, to stand up for what she believes in, and that starts with talking about what motivates you to charge full speed ahead. Yesterday, we went silent as we joined forces with women nationwide for International Women’s Day and a Day Without a Woman. Today we asked mamas to speak up. When we stand together for equity, justice and human rights for all, big things can happen. We asked five change-makers in our community, “What is motivating you right now to make a change?” and their answers are inspiring. If anything great is coming out of the despair we feel around us, it’s the realization that small acts really do lead to big impact. If every one of us committed to making a change, imagine what we could accomplish? After all, women’s rights are human rights. Don’t you agree?


Denise Vasi

My daughter inspires me to pursue the fight for change because her future depends on what I do today. In my heart I believe our job as mothers is to fight so that our children can have every opportunity and choice they deserve. I greatly desire to have a hand in creating a world where all of our daughters can reach their full potential without any setbacks. Without inequality! I know that by witnessing my efforts, if one day the time comes, I will have given my daughter the tools to fight for herself. Raising Lennox Mae to believe that she matters, she is worth it, she is enough, she has a voice and that no one, not even the President of the United States can take any of that away from her... THAT is what motivates me!

April Uchitel, Chief Brand Officer of Spring

The current political environment has rocked my foundation. There is a sense of fatigue in NYC and the way I've lived, what I have focused on for the past 10 years has been called into question. I am looking West, looking to streamline, simplify and re-prioritize. I am imaging myself 10 years from now looking back and thinking about what I want to have accomplished and where I want to have made an impact. This hindsight will be my guide - and my journey starts now.

Nadine Abramcyk, Co-Founder of tenoverten

I'm motivated to make a change in my life as a means to set an example for all of the incredible women that I get to collaborate with on a daily basis. There are 175 of us in total at tenoverten and I can't help but think if we each made a change in our way own way how grand the bigger impact would be. For example, I try very hard to minimize the carbon footprint in my personal life and even across tenoverten by serving filtered tap water, recycling, and watching our energy consumption overall. Imagine if each of the ladies working in our company saw those efforts and mimicked them at home. I feel responsible to leave a healthy planet for my children and hope others do as well.

Co-Founder of 3 Amigos Casting and Founder and Program Director of Women Who Lift

Lynsey Leoncavallo

I want to teach my daughter that there is power in being a woman. When she's my age, I want her to be so far removed from the struggles we're facing today that she can't believe they ever existed. The only inequality I want her to know is the one she reads about in history books.

Jenny Greenstein, Co-Founder of The Future Is Female Movement and Founder of Your Soul Style

We started @thefutureisfemalemovement shortly after the election, both shocked and fearful of the incoming administration. Nicole and I felt compelled to do something that went beyond our typical level of activism and felt a greater responsibility to participate in the movement towards preserving progress. There's no time for complacency and since we are both mothers, our desire was that much more pressing. The Future is Female Movement is a platform for social progress: a space to share, connect, educate, inspire, activate and empower. We curate relevant up-to-date political, social and environmental content, news on latest events/protests, inspiring profiles of people/brands using their voices to effect change, and interviews where individuals share their personal take on how the latest circumstances have affected them. We believe story-telling is vital, and a vehicle for us to start understanding each others disposition. In order to come together, and lessen the divide, we created a space for empathy, for love. If we can inspire one person to stand up, speak up, rise up and get involved, and also provide a place to feel heard, understood, and loved - this initiative has become worth it.

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