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There are a slew of things any budding entrepreneur needs in order to be successful: A vision, a business plan, a marketing strategy, money. But for an entrepreneurial mom balancing her business and the never-ending responsibilities of parenthood, there’s another essential component that’s often overlooked but undeniably vital: a website. 

An entrepreneur can expect to work 63% longer than the average worker, and it’s easy to see why. Building a business from the ground up requires constant dedication, persistent planning, and thoughtful execution, and without the built-in support of, say, a human resources department or managerial board, all that work tends to fall on one person. So why not create an online resource that can do some of that work for you? 

The HeyMama community is packed with avid Squarespace fans, which isn’t exactly surprising.The award-winning online website building platform helps people claim a domain, create their own websites (whether they’re for a portfolio or business), and entirely streamline a process that used to require technical web dev skills. Thanks to a super intuitive platform and beautiful templates that can work for any type of business or idea, it’s become easier than ever  to create a website that works for you (even when you’re tending to an unruly toddler or teething baby!)

Here are 9 important reasons why a custom website should be at the top of your business to-do list (and why we recommend Squarespace to help you build it): 

1. You make your brand accessible 

Just like an investor pitch, if you can’t present the vision of your business to prospective clients and/or customers in a way that’s accessible and easily digestible, you’re unlikely to grow that vision into a successful business. With Squarespace, and in as little as two hours, you can create a centralized space to present prospective clients with information regarding your business, your background, and your story. And with their award-winning templates, this presentation can be customized to best express the parts of your business that makes it stand out from the rest. 

2. You can showcase your personality in one cohesive space 

In a recent survey of more than 200 American adults, 86% said they would be willing to “pay a little more” if it meant patronizing a local, family owned business. This means entrepreneurs and business owners have a unique opportunity to market themselves to buyers in their community, who are willing to show their loyalty via their pocket books. 

A website can help you personalize your brand and/or business, making you more likeable to those most likely to give you your business. Buyers want to feel valued and understood by those they patronize, and they’re drawn to businesses and brands that offer them a reflection of themselves and their values. With Squarespace templates that users can customize to fit their business model and specific business needs users can create an online hub that best represents them and their brand. People can gain a better understanding of not only the services you provide, but the very foundations of who you are and what drives you and guides you in your entrepreneurship. 

3. With a few easy SEO (search engine optimization) hacks, your  website can help you “pop up” when people search for your services 

Websites can be search engine optimized (SEO), meaning that with the right tools you can increase the likelihood that your website will show up when people search for the services you provide online. 

Squarespace provides all users with an SEO checklist and best practices by default  that are as intuitive as they are effective. From walking business owners through how to add alt text to images, the difference between SEO and navigation titles, and ways to add specific tags and categories, Squarespace’s built-in features and online services will empower any entrepreneur to grow the quality and quantity of traffic to their website and grow their business. 

4. You can cross-promote via social media 

In 2019, an estimated 2.95 billion people used social media in some capacity. And while there are a number of reasons why people are on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, one in three users say they use social media to learn more about a brand or business. In other words, an established social media presence can help a business grow. 

Squarespace allows users to add social media icons to any website page they create, making it easy for people searching their website to find them on any of the social media platforms they utilize with a single click. The list of platform logos available is a long one, too, and includes the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as Flickr, Reddit, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Snapchat, and much, much more. 

5. You can incorporate a blog, making you more personable to prospective clients 

There’s arguably no easier way to introduce yourself and your ethos to future customers than a blog. By blogging regularly, you can identify your target audience, present content that is genuinely helpful and therefore sets you apart from your competitors, include calls to action, and in doing so grow your social media presence and email list. 

6. A “contact me” page makes you easy to reach 

Gone are the days of looking up a business’ contact info in the yellow pages. Even print ads in newspapers which dropped 15% in 2016 are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, business owners can incorporate contact pages and other information directly on their website, making it easier for would-be clients to communicate with them directly. Whether it’s incorporating email addresses, location information, and other contact information at the bottom of every website page, or creating a customizable and easy-to-use contact form that allows users to email you directly once submitting, Squarespace makes it easy for you to establish a relationship with prospective clients.

7. You can easily share exciting business or industry news with your clients

An effective way to set yourself apart from potential competitors is to share valuable information, trending topics, and business insights with your audience. Setting up a newsletter is one starting point (and a great one!) Squarespace makes it incredibly easy to add a newsletter function to your website, providing you with another tool and avenue in which to speak directly to your audience and customer base. 

8. It streamlines your customer service capabilities 

Every year, American companies lose a reported $75 billion in potential revenue due to poor customer service. Ouch. By creating a website and establishing an online presence, you can make yourself more available to your costumes and, as a result, better meet their specific needs or address any potential problems. Making yourself more available to your customers helps establish a pattern of reliability they will undoubtedly appreciate. 

(Case in point: Squarespace’s own customer service live chat makes it easy for anyone building a website to make the most of their platform).)

9. They just look cool, OK?! 

Is there anything more attention-grabbing than a sexy, streamlined website?! A beautifully created, easy-to-use website just screams “I am a master at my craft,” regardless of what that craft really is. A website is often the first impression of your brand, and with the right tools like Squarespace, you can ensure your  first impression is a great one.

Ready to get your business baby off the ground? Start your free 2 week trial of Squarespace today (with no credit card required) and use code ‘HEYMAMA’ when you’re ready to publish for 10% off your first website or domain!

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