As the sun goes down earlier and the days get shorter, it feels like the days are literally getting shorter. We have end of year business to wrap up and need to get moving on strategies for the year ahead. We’re making lists and checking them twice. Most of those lists are of the “to-do” variety, but we have one or two lists of presents we want to buy people we love because hello, the holiday season is very much upon us.

Beyond the presents, that means we have a lot of parties to go to and we want to look festive AF. We also don’t necessarily want to drop a ton of cash on looks that will be a lot less wearable come 12:01 AM on January 1. H&M to the rescue.

Read on for our very serious holiday styling tips!

First of all: sync up with your BFF to decide on a color. Imagine the horror of one bestie in red and the other in, say, purple? We can’t have that.

To avoid confusion with bagpipers and schoolgirls, wear your holiday plaid in pant form. Top it off with a classic knit and voila: you’re bringing the holiday cheer, staying cozy, and retaining all of your cool girl vibes.

Remember: you have kids! Dress them in neutrals to remind them who’s boss (mama), but give them a little sparkle because let’s face it, they’re special too. Adorable pom pom ear headbands add a cute touch. The younger ones might fight you on those. That’s okay. Toddlers are cute enough on their own.

We’ve confirmed it: dresses from this year’s holiday collection pass the twirl test. For mamas and little mamas alike, dresses that spin are always (always!) a good move.

Whatever you’re wearing, best friends are always the best accessory.

Beyond dressing your fam, cross a few gifts off your list with the best apparel, accessories, & home goods for the whole family starting at just $9.99. Best of all, H&M is using the holiday season as a chance to give back. Receive 15% off your entire purchase when you help give old clothes new life by donating any unwanted clothing to an H&M store near you.

And, as a special holiday bonus, any gift cards bought through H&M this year will also be gift to children in need. Through December 25th, H&M will donate 5%* of the gift card sale proceeds to the Children’s Health Fund. The Children’s Health Fund ensures quality healthcare to America’s most disadvantaged children. Learn more at!

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