This year is our inaugural HeyMama Summit, a two-day virtual event that focuses around building an action plan for right now and the future. We designed the entire conference, taking place on October 23rd and 24th, to be useful for working mothers in terms of subject-matter (ie. recession-proof financial planning, improving work culture, political advocacy, etc.), and in terms of actionable takeaways. In essence, the conference is equal parts interesting and action oriented. And it’s in that same vein that we curated a small run of VIP boxes for the Summit. Both fun and substantive, these boxes are not only teaming with full-size beauty and wellness products, but they also come with an incredible lineup of business courses as part of the deal.

***For a limited time, become a member and we’ll give you this $5,000 HeyMama Summit VIP Box for FREE. To get your very own box, just use the code VIP2020 at checkout once you complete your application and enter your membership payment. And be sure to read up on everything included in the box below!***


Your HeyMama Summit VIP Box includes:

Dr. Loretta Tightening Eye Gel

This hydrating antioxidant eye gel reduces puffiness, dark circles and appearance of crow's feet.

Retail price: $60.00

P.volve: 30 Days of Free Streaming and 15% Off Equipment

The P.volve method helps everyone look and feel their best by using functional movements paired with resistance training to work with your body, not against it.

Retail price: $19.00

“A Quick Clean” Shampoo from Allyoos

A Quick Clean is a one-step rinse that gently cleanses your scalp and root area without suds or stripping.

Retail price: $24.00

Essential Serum from Babe Lash

Get lush, longer looking lashes over time with award-winning Essential Serum.

Retail price: $59.00

Enriching Mascara by Babe Lash

A conditioning, peptide-fueled mascara for long, defined, clump-free lashes.

Retail price: $25.00

Loyal Hana $50 Gift Card

Clothing from the bump, to the boob and beyond.

Retail price: $50.00

Kids Everyday Elevated Mask 5-Pack from Rafi Nova

5 masks with colorful and adjustable ear loops that can fit your child from around age 3-10.

Retail price: $38.00

2 Pints of Peekaboo Ice Cream

Delicious ice cream packed with hidden veggies.

Retail price: $12.00/each

Fatty Sundays Gluten Free Toffee

Gluten free pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and sweet toffee.

Retail price: $6.95

Blind Spots by Kimberly Nix Berens, PHD

It is time for our educational system to evolve.

Retail price: $18.95

I Am A Voter x EvolveTogether Adult Face Masks

This set comes with 7 black masks and 1 evolvetogether™ sustainable mask keeper, perfectly pocket-sized for on-the-go storage in your wallet or handbag.

Retail price: $8.97

60 Day Free Trial of Calm

Manage your stress with the Calm app.

Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner by AliKay Naturals

Lemongrass oil helps to strengthen hair follicles, promote healthy hair growth, reduce hair shedding, soothe dry hair and itchy scalp, make hair feel silky and look shiny.

Retail price: $13.99

Mini Pearl Snap Clips in Hematite from Kitsch

A pair of beautiful jewelry-quality pearl snap clips that hold back bangs, flyaways, or layers fashioning your favorite look in a snap.

Retail price: $12.00

Botanical Relaxation Soaking Salts from A Loyal Society

Soaking Salts are a simple and delightful way to add valuable trace minerals to the bath, softening the water and gently cleansing the skin.

Retail price: $13.00

pH-D Holistic Feminine Deodorant Spray

Freshen up with our lightly cucumber fragranced feminine deodorant spray.

Retail price: $9.99

pH-D Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

For feminine odor caused by periods, sex, exercise, and menopause.

Retail price: $18.39

pH-D Vaginal Suppository Applicators

Sterile, reusable and convenient.

Retail price: $9.50

Dove Baby Wipes with 100% Plant-Based Fibers

Our hypoallergenic baby wipes provide you the Baby Dove care you know and trust, with kinder-to-planet fibers and recyclable packaging.

Retail price: $8.47

Mama Soul Membership (2 Months Free)

Modern and soulful support for pregnant and postpartum women throughout all communities.

H&M Conscious Tote Bag

Wireless Phone Charger by Lincoln

Included Business Courses:

How To Get Without Staying Late Course by The Working Savvy Mom – Value $497

This course was designed specifically for professional women in corporate America. Though it may feel like a successful career only comes with the sacrifice of a life outside of work, Whitnee offers specific, actionable steps to working moms wondering how to advance their careers without compromising their most important relationships.

Each attendee will leave feeling empowered, motivated, and ecstatic to be back in the driver’s seat of her career.

  • Attendees will walk away with 
  • Skillfully self-promoting without sounding arrogant
  • Using gratitude to shift their perspective and that of everyone around them
  • Using down-time effectively to create rather than deplete energy
  • Replacing “sorry” with “thank you,” to create major impact with a minor change
  • Creating allies and shining in the eyes of their boss and other senior stakeholders

The Forgiveness Academy by Nyeesha Williams – Value $1295 

A course based on her bestselling book on how to overcome Emotional Trauma, Heal Relationships And Find Inner Peace In Just 8 Simple Steps

Mastering the Art of Negotiation by WIN summit  – Value $1,500 

The Art of Negotiation is a practical session, introducing participants to key negotiation styles and techniques that will lead to more effective negotiating.  Participants will learn to plan, work through a framework, and use interpersonal skills to an advantage.

Compass by Take Charge Negotiations – 1 year free membership

Compass by Take Charge Negotiations® is an online membership community created to help you address a variety of topics surrounding problem solving, decision making, and negotiation. We believe it’s imperative to build more collaborative and practical discussions through the use of mindfulness. To do this, we’ll support you with classes, group coaching sessions and other resources for better conflict resolution and decision-making strategies. All delivered to your inbox every month and through our growing online community. And all facilitated by our CEO, Erin Gleason Alvarez, an internationally renowned mediator who has trained thousands of people across the U.S. and in Europe on negotiation.

Get Out of A Rut Right Now from ELC – Value $198

The course for when you’re over it and passion isn’t enough. This course contains 3 steps from 0 to forward and a plan to avoid the noid before it steals your pizza.

3-Day Marketing Machine From Shauna Armitage – Value $47

A 3-day course designed to help you go from STUCK to SAVVY and unlock more business with the power of marketing. This course will help business owners uncover the mystery behind making sales: generating leads. Generate more leads in less time and feel confident doing so with:

  • Done-For-You Cheatsheets
  • Customizable Worksheets
  • Video Guides

In one week you’ll be generating leads and on your way to profitability!

Novella University Branding + Marketing 101 – Value $225

As you prepare to launch or scale your business, learn how to develop your company’s branding and marketing strategy and create a brand brief complete with audience personas, positioning, and messaging plus a marketing plan. Branding + Marketing 101 provides step-by-step videos and worksheets to help you build a solid brand strategy and a marketing plan-of-action. This is a high-level business course set up to grow your business and drive leads. Learn how to effectively market your business. If you invest the time now to create your brand strategy, trust us, you will end up saving yourself loads of time (and heartache) in the future.

HeyMama Summit VIP Mentor Session

A VIP Box entitles you to an exclusive group mentoring session on Wednesday, October 21st. We’re proud to announce the following entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives as this year’s HeyMama Summit Mentors:

HeyMama Summit Annie Apple
HeyMama Summit Gina Stabile
HeyMama Summit Janna Turner
HeyMama Jenny Danzi
HeyMama Summit Kristy Wallace
HeyMama Summit Lauren Riezman
HeyMama Summit Michelle Muller
HeyMama Summit Neferteri Plessy
HeyMama Summit Nicole Neves
HeyMama Summit Shannon Allen
HeyMama Summit Whitnee Hawthorne
HeyMama Summit Zarna Garg
HeyMama Summit Stephanie Cartin
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