Some moms seem to have everything: a thriving career, jetsetter life, impeccable wardrobe, and skin that glows year-round. But the truth is, we all have both strengths and struggles, even if our stories look different — and every mom has to make tough choices about what’s best for our families. Here, a case study in the dynamic lives of moms, courtesy of a peek into the day of one Boss Mom.

Serial entrepreneur Divya Gugnani knows women are becoming more discerning about how they spend their time and about the products they welcome into their beauty routine. The Harvard Business grad and former VP of Innovation at QVC teamed up with model Lindsay Ellingson in 2015 to launch Wander Beauty. Together, they built a cosmetics line formulated to be clean and packaged with multi-functionality in mind. Five years later, the New York City-based brand is sold at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Sephora — not to mention becoming a cult favorite among women-on-the-go.

Gugnani, a CEO-on-the-go herself, takes us along on a business trip to Los Angeles. Throughout her journey, the mother of two shares beauty advice, travel tips, and business productivity hacks. Most importantly, she shines a light on exactly how she juggles it all behind the scenes.

January 30, 2020:

5:00am PST:

Wake up in Los Angeles. I’m in L.A. to host HeyMama’s Breakfast Scramble, followed by a jam-packed few days of meetings and events. I’m only a morning person if I’m on the West Coast!

5:30am – 5:45am:

Stretch, drink a glass of water and do a quick skincare routine with our Airplane Mode Mini Skincare Kit, which I never travel without. It’s tempting to abandon your skincare routine while traveling for business but it’s important to stick to what works best for you. I cleanse with Drift Away Cleanser and throw on a pair of Baggage Claim Eye Masks. After arriving late last night, my under eyes need all of the help they can get.

A Day In The Life of Wander Beauty Founder

5:45am – 7:30am:

Answer emails (while wearing eye masks!) that I received overnight and check in with the Wander Beauty team in New York.


On top of running around for meetings, I’m taping two podcasts today. While I can do my makeup in 15 minutes or less, my hair is another story. Nothing that Glamsquad can’t handle! I hop into the shower and quickly shampoo (All Inclusive Shampoo & Body Wash) and condition (Scenic Route Hair Treatment) before they arrive.


A stylist goes to work on my hair while I take a conference call and quickly apply makeup. I sweep on our On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator for the win.

Hair done, makeup done and it’s time for breakfast. I try to take all of my meals as meetings when I travel to maximize my time.


Once breakfast is over, I quickly scroll through emails on my phone to check if I missed anything urgent. Catch up on our team’s WhatsApp groups and see that someone on the team shared some amazing customer feedback on our new hair launches. It’s always scary to launch new categories, but hearing that feedback is what keeps me motivated.


I head over to the HUM Nutrition offices to meet with Walter, the brand’s Co-Founder and CEO. Meeting with other founders is always enlightening and I always leave with a fresh perspective on my own business.


Get into an Uber and head over to the DBA offices to record the WorkParty podcast with Jaclyn, the creator of Create & Cultivate. So excited for this one!

I listen to podcasts daily, and being a guest on them is as fun as you’d expect. Jaclyn and I talked all things money, investing, and entrepreneurship.

1:30pm – 3:00pm:

I have a break between podcast tapings so I head to Soho House to grab a quick meal, fire off emails, and attempt to clear out my inbox.


I walk back to my hotel, where I’ll be recording my next podcast from my room.


Greta, the Founder and CEO of Plan Chicly, arrives so we can record her podcast, Empower Chicly.


Wrap up the podcast. I loved talking about all things entrepreneurship and Wander Beauty. I live and breathe the brand, and I never get tired of sharing our story.


Quick FaceTime session with my son and daughter before they sit down for dinner. When I travel, my husband’s on duty! I always joke that the only vacations I get are work trips. It’s really a mom-cation where I get to sleep in a king bed alone without any visitors or interruptions. I also get to drink mom juice (aka red wine).

A Day In The Life of Wander Beauty Founder


I have a 6:30pm dinner with a friend from business school who also works in beauty, so I freshen up and get ready to head over.

Dinner at Soho House. I run into a few familiar faces. It’s always so hard to squeeze everyone into one trip, so I love bumping into friends along the way.

After dinner, I’m ready for bed but I still have emails to tackle. I head to my hotel room, cleanse my face, put on moisturizer, get into pajamas, turn on Netflix and send a few emails.

I’m usually a night owl, but being on L.A. time makes my night time sleep schedule look a bit more normal. In New York, I’m usually up until 1:00 am but here on the West Coast, it’s lights out at 11:00pm, especially with the Breakfast Scramble tomorrow!

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