As the holiday season began, Pamelyn Rocco of Bashery & Co brought together 12 of the raddest mamas in Los Angeles for a chance to sit down and give each other advice…and appreciate that there was no kids’ table to worry about! She partnered with Marketa Harlan Events to produce a beautiful event and Foxy Parties for a DIY wreath activation that was a great way for everyone to interact with each other. Together, they created a magical day rich in color, beauty and love.

So many amazing vendors came together to make it happen. The floral display from Mark’s Garden was over the top, literally! Pamelyn asked for rich purple tones and fall fruit accents to match the tableware from Bright Party Rentals. The venue couldn’t have been more perfect with the ornate white tile backdrop as the setting.

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Around the table, mamas asked for advice, gave advice and most importantly supported each other. Over and over again, so many of us have learned that giving and receiving are inextricably linked. It’s not about giving with the expectation that someone else will give back to us; it’s about increasing the amount of positive energy available to us all. Every time we give, whether it means sharing out time, lending our expertise, or simply giving a gift, someone else receives. Good feelings circulate. The person who received what we gave goes on to share, and so on. And of course, when we give, it’s only because we were able to receive ourselves; that’s how we’re able to give freely in the first place! 

While there’s a heightened energy around the flow between giving and receiving at this time of year, the relationship between the two is at play in our lives all of the time. Throughout the year, we can carry memories created during the holiday season with us to serve as meaningful reminders of the role giving plays in our lives.

Next year, we hope to continue the tradition and add to it. Our goal is to host events with the same mission in multiple cities simultaneously and to add in a giving component. Stay tuned, mamas!

Heymama left image
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