There’s nothing quite like the healing and energizing power of an awesome workout. When we put our bodies into motion — even if that’s only a few quick yoga poses or a 20-minute jog — we instantly feel the results, allowing us to approach the day (and all of our mama demands!) with a stronger and more centered mind and body.



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The reality is however, fitting in exercise time is a challenge. Most mornings, we’re running around the house trying to find a missing shoe from our little one, packing their lunches, and rushing to beat rush hour drop-off traffic, so a morning workout or meditation is often the last thing on our minds — until now. We’ve recently discovered the app that’s rocking our world and making it so we never have to go without the workouts that help put us on track to be the best mamas, leaders, friends, and people we can be. The solution? Aaptiv.  

Amri of Heymama does a yoga pose during her Aaptiv workout

We like to call Aaptiv the audio fitness app for the mama who has no time (Hey, there!). Featuring different channels with specialized workouts led by a diverse set of multi-certified trainers, based on your fitness needs—it’s just like having a personal trainer right there with you while you workout (at a fraction of the price).

Amri and Katya of Heymama use the Aaptiv app on their phones

Whether your preferred workout is on the elliptical at your local gym, running outside in your neighborhood, or doing some stretches in your living room at night, Aaptiv makes exercise a priority in your life that you can maintain no matter your lifestyle and allows you to achieve your personal fitness goals while keeping exercise entertaining. With 30-50 new classes uploaded on the app adding to the 100s of workouts already available, there’s always a fresh and challenging session to try out where you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in an exercise rut. 

Heymama's Katya Libin stretches during an Aaptiv workout

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The reason we love this app most, however, is that it’s the perfect option for mamas like us who love to work out but who are just short on time with all that we have going on. Aaptiv’s Back to Class program, specially designed with parents in mind, features a series of six school-inspired strength workouts (“Roll Call,” “Step Up Studies,” and “HIIT The Books,” to name a few) and a concluding “wind down” stretch for the busy mama (or dad!) looking to squeeze in some exercise in those few free moments within the work-parent juggle. Each workout is just 15 minutes or less and targets a different part of the body, making your fitness goals more accessible and comprehensive than ever. At the end of seven-day program, you’ll be left feeling both fit and energized — and pretty darn proud of yourself for staying active amidst it all, we might add.

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We’ve already incorporated “Back to Class” into our busy mama lives and are happy to report that we’re reaping the benefits. We love that it’s a workout we can do on our own whenever it’s convenient for our schedules, or as a fun and healthy get-together activity with the other mamas in our tribe — or even with our kiddos! Plus, Aaptiv is offering a free 30-day trial to heymama readers. Simply click this link and sign up using code HEYMAMA. Be sure to sign up on the Aaptiv website first, then download the app and log in using the email you signed up with. 

After all, mamas who sweat together, stay together.

Katya and Amri of Heymama feel refreshed after their Aaptiv workout

What’s your go-to workout routine these days? Share in the comment section below!

Special thanks to ALALA activewear for gearing us up for our workouts.

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