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What’s better than one gorgeous beach babe? Two gorgeous beach babes! We were chatting with heymama member, LA photographer,  and model Stacie Hess about her career, favorite designers, mama crushes and beach style. Turns out her favorite line is created by another Hawaii mama Lyndie Irons.  These gorgeous women have so much in common; from being single mamas to total beach lovers and sun worshipers, so we decided to hook up a little shoot with Stacie and her daughter, Amelia, wearing ACACIA and interview Lyndie to hear more about the upcoming ACACIA Honey Line Collection.

gorgeous mom and son at beach

Lyndie Irons and son Axel

Where do you live?

Princeville, Kauai

You’ve traveled the word as model and with your husband surfing, what’s your favorite beach?

I absolutely love the beach on Tavarua, Fiji island. There is a perfect spot for me to surf, turquoise water and the best snorkeling in the world.

How did you and Naomi, your business partner from ACACIA meet?

Naomi and I have met on the North Shore of Oahu through mutual friends, and we became the best of friends.

What’s you favorite part of working together on ACACIA?

I love our trip to Bali every year. We have so much fun living together and working on the collection.

How do you balance being a single mom with your career?

Finding balance in life is key, and I’m constantly working on it. Being a single parent and working is such a challenge, but now that Axel is in preschool I have been able to have set hours which has been so helpful.

What do you love most about being a mom and what’s the most difficult thing?

Axel is my biggest joy in life. He brings so much happiness and laughter in one day that I feel so incredibly blessed to be his mommy. I don’t really find much difficulty in being a mom because I enjoy every minute with Axel.

What gets you through the difficult moments?

Knowing that there is always tomorrow.

beautiful mom and son in the water at the beach

We love the Honey Line, tell us what inspired it?

We have so many gorgeous mamas that wear ACACIA that we thought it would be so fun to make little girls bikinis.

Are you into twinning with Axel?

I find that we dress alike all the time. I’m constantly  color coordinating our outfits and he loves wearing the same colors as I do. He has such cute style already.

Tell us about the recent show in Miami and ACACIA’s direction for the season.

Nature has always remained a huge inspiration and this season, we  looked no closer than our backyard of Maui. From Hana’s jewel-like red sand beach Kaihalulu, to Pua’a Ka’a waterfall,Wai’anapanapa’s black sand, and the Waioka turquoise pond – the raw beauty of  these waterscapes remains unparalleled to any in the world and served as the creative foundation to the 2016 season. This year you will see a lot more mesh incorporated in the collection along with neutrals and some beautiful prints inspired by the islands that we live on. My new personal favorite is our long sleeve one piece!

adorable mom and son on the beach smiling

What are you suits known for?

We love a little side boob with a cheeky cut bottom.

Anything exciting on the horizon?

We have some things in the works but you will have to wait and see 🙂

In addition to swimwear, ACACIA has expanded to include resort wear, a children’s line named HONEY, footwear and a special beauty collaboration with Epicuren.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice that I received would be to enjoy every minute with your loved ones because life can be way too short.

..enjoy every minute with your loved ones because life can be way too short.

What’ s a favorite day spent with Axel?

A perfect day with Axel would be Sunday so we could sleep in, catch up on cartoons and cuddle. Than skate the front driveway for a couple hours, head to the beach to surf. And end the day with BBQing at home and jumping in our pool.

All photos of Stacie were taken by Chris Lamb @cthelamb. All photos of Amelia were taken by Stacie Hess, to learn more about Stacie you can check out her Instagram here and her heymama profile here.

To learn more about ACACIA click here and check out Lyndie Irons on Instagram.

Now let’s get to the beach!

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