As supporters of women led business, you’ve most likely heard the now famous story of Raegan Moya-Jones and her incredible start-up journey with aden + anais. An Australian transplant and pregnant with her first child, Anais, Raegan couldn’t find the muslin baby swaddles that she had grown up with so she decided to create her own – and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, aden + anais has an annual revenue of over $100MM and the company has launched their biggest product extension yet – disposable diapers and wipes and heymama has the exclusive. We’re pretty smitten with this new line and here are 5 reasons why we think these new diapers are destined to become mama’s favorite new diaper brand on the market.

“I’m really proud to be able to provide a super soft, high performance option, and I can’t wait to hear what moms and dads think of the newest addition to our family.”


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Brand We Trust

Chance are, when you (or someone you know) had a baby, aden + anais swaddle blankets were part of your “must have” products. From a cover up to a play blanket to a snuggly swaddle, it’s the most functional, adorable and easy accessory for a mama to own. Given that diapers are just as essential (if not more so!) than a great blanket, it feels like the perfect product for aden + anais to reimagine next. The mamas we previewed the diapers with truly were smitten with how soft the diapers were and the adorable patterns were swoon-worthy as well. It’s a bonus that they coordinate with the swaddle you most probably already own.

Amazing Designs

Who can forget the iconic image of Prince George coming home from the hospital swaddled in an aden + anais blanket? There is something so modern, yet classic in every aden + anais design and the new line of diapers doesn’t disappoint. From the #1 selling jungle jam giraffe print to the newly launched perfect poppy print, the diapers come in sizes 1 - 5 and are available in girl, boy and gender neutral designs.

Chemical Free

Thankfully aden + anais is as thoughtful in their production as they are in their design because their commitment to family health is commendable. Both the diapers and the wipes are hypoallergenic and contain no harsh chemicals, fragrances, lotions or latex. The wipes have the added benefits of soothing extracts like aloe and vitamin E.

Socially Responsible

Many companies claim to give back to worthy causes but few go so far as to print on each package their customer commitment. For every package of diapers sold, aden + anais will give back to the planet by planting one tree. At the rate that we went through diapers, we’d feel pretty good about the thought of planting a whole forest!

Woman Run Business

When faced with the decision on where to spend your dollars, wouldn’t you rather support a woman (and mother) with your purchases? Not only did Raegan start this business to fulfill an unmet need for her daughter, she has been a mentor and cheerleader to countless women that has intercepted her path (heymama members included!). The time is now. Support women run companies and shift the power in the marketplace towards those that make a difference in the lives of mamas everywhere.

Raegan Moya-Jones shares, “I’ve been wanting to offer aden + anais moms disposable diapers and wipes for a long time now, but I wanted to make sure that I was giving them a soft yet durable product that would hold up. I’m really proud to be able to provide a super soft, high performance option, and I can’t wait to hear what moms and dads think of the newest addition to our family.”


Notorious for selling out and not being able to keep up with their huge demand, we’re pretty sure that these diapers will be the hottest accessory for your little ones this Spring. Katya Libin, heymama co-founder shares, “aden + anais has long been on my short list of dream brands to collaborate with and we couldn’t be happier to support this exclusive launch with our heymama community. Raegan embodies the ideal heymama woman in that she is driven to succeed, supportive of fellow women entrepreneurs and up for any adventure thrown her way.” Jumping into the diaper market after years in textiles is certainly a new challenge but given aden + anais’ track record for dominating each category it enters, we’re certain they’ll be a leader by the time the Fall season is on the horizon.


Follow along on our Instagram stories to come to our launch party in New York City and see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the release at our Secret Garden Party and get the full details from Raegan Moya-Jones herself as we engage in a fireside chat.


For a complete list of retailers or for more information on aden + anais, please visit

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