You’re about to take the leap! You’re ready to launch your business, design your life and do good things. You imagine your Instagram blowing up, your logo has been designed in your mind for weeks and your first services are desperately missing in your niche. You know it’s going to be hard work, but you’re ready for the climb and eager to get started. Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted by your toddler climbing onto your lap, the dog clawing at the door and your hubby wanting to know why you’re still glued to your laptop.

There’s a lot on the line…

Many don’t view “preparing to launch” as a strategic phase of business development. But women founders with kids, know there’s more on the line than profit. Even though you aren’t yet working on your business, there are habits, conversations, and plans-for-the-plan that can be happening now to prepare for the journey to come.

For obvious reasons, launching your own business is different than working for someone else. Where you may be used to balancing work and family with a traditional 9-5, when you launch your own company, 9-5 becomes 9-9, 10, 11, 12…

If they say entrepreneurship is a marathon, why don’t we prepare for it? If you’re designing your company to compliment your life, preparing your family should be as equally important as your launch plan. Here are three ways you can intentionally prepare yourself and your family for the journey through launch:

1. Hold Your Pre Launch Meeting:

Just like any important journey, hold a family meeting before you embark. Discuss scheduling changes, how family time may be affected and why you’re launching a new business. Talk about how things will look different and why what you’re doing is important for your family and others.  With the message altered to age, sharing how things are about to change helps kids flow through the process, and giving them a role helps them to know they’re an important part of awesome things to come.

Ex. “When mommy’s on a call, your job is to play with these legos” or “Can you please pick up the kids from school? I’m attending a social media training this week.”

2. Build Your Family Dream Board:

When you start launching your business, life is going to change. Create a family dream board and let everyone post the reward they’ll claim when you hit certain benchmarks. Dream up prizes big and small. From pizza night to swimming with dolphins. Have each member color or paste photos and create a collage of everyone’s dreams in one place. Then, when things get hard, look at your picture of diving in the Maldives, next to your daughter’s scribble of meeting Cinderella and things get into perspective real quick. Post the dream board someplace visible, refer to it often, and make a big deal crossing off rewards.

Tip: Pinterest boards are great, but nothing compares to family coloring collaboration of dreams, hopes and good things to come.

3. Make Healthy Habits the New Normal

If you’ve neglected self-care, exercise and proper nutrition in the past, you’ll want to get your act together before you launch your business. With new challenges to come, the launch can have the same effects as the “freshman 10”. It’s imperative to remember… you are your company. Your heart, mind, stamina, and health are necessary to drive the passion, vision, and completion of amazing things yet to come. Don’t let the machine that drives the dream become a sacrifice on the altar of success. Start a regular, predictable self-care routine and make it a habit before you start your launch journey.

Congratulations on preparing to launch your business. This is an exciting place to be – where you feel the fire in your belly to create something new, do something meaningful and turn your dreams into reality.  

A tiny warning for control-freaks like me… Don’t make perfect the enemy. If you wait for all the stars to align, and family systems to be perfect, you may never take the leap to launch. Entrepreneurship is messy. If no coach has told you that yet, let me be the first to burst that shiny bubble. Manifesting your concept into a tangible, profitable and game-changing business requires failure, messes, and mistakes along the way. These should be expected obstacles on the map of the journey. But by arming your team with communication, health and a dream board of “why’s” you’ll be well equipped to traverse the map and find your treasure faster.

April Beach is host of the iTunes top rated “SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast” and business development consultant for adventurous female entrepreneurs who are determined to defy the status quo, control their life, and build a socially conscious company while raising awesome kids. April has been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, Patagonia, 5280 Magazine and other media for her role in maverick life-first business design.


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