We have to admit, since becoming a mama, there really isn’t a greater luxury than taking a flight alone. Amiright? Stopping at the newsstand and picking up a few magazines or better yet, a book?! Total bliss. And then, cocooning into your seat where all you need to do is ring a bell and people bring you things? Sign us up! So, when Alaska Airlines wanted to take team heymama and a few of our favorite mamas on the road, we jumped at the chance to pack our bags and get down to adventure.

Recently, the team has been spending a lot of time in California with the launch of our San Francisco chapter. We’ve been known to fly across country twice in the same week (crazy, we know!), and each time Alaska Airlines has been our go-to for making the trek. They now offer over 300 nonstop flights from California to 60+ destinations (hello, New York!) and over 90 daily nonstop flights within the state of California at super low fares, so it’s been amazing for us startup moms to pop between our communities in both LA and SF. 

With the business travel running smoothly, we invited Cheetah is the New Black blogger Alicia Lund to join our flight crew and indulge in a trip that was purely personal. Alicia had been craving a toddler-free weekend away with her hubby so she chose to indulge in a quick trip from her home in NorCal to Seattle. We love that you can find so many great destinations to explore within the Alaska Airlines offerings, and Alicia planned the ultimate easy escape. We hope to recreate her experience this summer with some girlfriends in tow. Read on for all of her favorite tips while on the go and how to create your perfect Alaska Airlines getaway.

Where did you go on your trip?
What 3 places would you recommend is a “must see/do” in Seattle?
1.  Eat: Sit at the oyster bar at The Walrus & the Carpenter
2.  Shop: Glasswing. (I also loved Totokaelo and Moorea Seal).
3.  Walk along the water to take in the view, and if you have time a ferry ride from downtown to one of the nearby islands.


Describe your travel personality in 5 words or less.

Relaxed. Excited (to get to the destination).

Favorite thing about flying?

Arriving at the destination! 😉

How do you dress for a comfy flight?

I’m always cold so I bring / wear layers and typically always fly in my comfiest jeans.

Heymama left image
Heymama right image

How do you kill time in the airport?

Reading and browsing through whatever bookstores I can find. I love treating myself to either a new magazine or book pre-flight. And I have this knack for wanting to grab a tea or coffee two minutes before we board… it stresses my husband out every time. We’re opposite travel personalities (Me: very low stress. Him: high stress, ID and ticket out waaaay before getting in that security line).

Window seat or aisle seat?

Aisle! But I’m easy… whatever.

Use the airplane wifi or unplug for a while?

Depends how long the flight is (and now, if I have Rex with me). If it’s over 3 hours (and I’m without Rex), I usually hop on the wifi.  

Stand up and stretch or stay seated throughout?

Stand up and stretch!

Cheetah is the New Black's Alicia Lund in Seattle

Talking to strangers in nearby seats: yea or nay?


Pictures of a plane wing: tired Instagram cliche or classic travel imagery?

Sorta still really love it. Okay maybe not in my instagram feed, but I totally snagged that pic myself on this trip!  Didn’t realize you were going to ask me about that one. 😉

Favorite snacks to enjoy in the sky?



Alicia Lund at Pike Place Market
Alicia Lund in Seattle
Alicia Lund in Seattle

Cocktail or other drink of choice?

Hot tea. And on any flight to the east coast or Europe I will fully take advantage of the wine!

Entertainment: What do you like to watch/read/listen to during flights?

I always bring along a book or treat myself to a new magazine for my flight. If it’s a longer flight, like a flight to Europe, I’ll watch a movie but I’ve now learned the trick to those long flights–catching as many zzz’s as possible. So no more than one movie or a couple of hours reading!

Any special beauty/wellness essentials in your carry-on?

Yes I always bring hand sanitizer and makeup wipes, for longer flights especially, and I never wear makeup when flying.

Alicia Lund's carry on

How about travel accessories? (Eye mask, blanket, neck pillow, headphones…)

Headphones!  And a scarf that doubles as a blanket.

Best ways to keep kids entertained on board?

Plenty of snacks and toys / games / stickers.

Any surprising hacks/tricks/tips you’ve discovered for a happy flight?

If it’s a longer flight I always pack my own snacks and bring on my own food and extra water.


Alicia Lund in Seattle

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