A party isn’t really a party until Amy Tangerine is in the house. Known for her whimsical and colorful designs, it’s impossible not to have fun when she is part of your crew. So, when we wanted to make our San Francisco launch that much more stellar, we invited Amy to hop on a flight and join the festivities, courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

With over 90 daily nonstop flights within the state of California at super low fares, Amy had no problem zipping up to San Francisco from her home in LA for a fun-filled few days away. And when she’s not planning a local trek, they now offer over 300 nonstop flights from California to 60+ destinations (wanna visit us in New York?!), it’ll be a breeze to plan her next trip, hopefully with her adorable son, Jack, in tow. Read on for all of her favorite tips while on the go and how to create your perfect Alaska Airlines getaway.

Amy Tangerine flies Alaska Airlines LAX to SFO

Where did you go on your trip?

San Francisco to the HEYMAMA San Francisco launch!


What 3 places would you recommend is a “must see/do” in San Francisco?

  • Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf – such fond memories as a child of visiting the sea lions and having the most delicious shrimp cocktail there.
  • Dim Sum at Yank Sing – slightly more high end than I used to have and so delicious and authentic.
  • SFMOMA or DeYoung Museum – great places to soak up inspiration


Describe your travel personality in 5 words or less.

Comfortable, easy-going, somewhat adaptable

Amy Tan crafting on her Alaska Airlines flight

Favorite thing about flying?

Being transported to another place and just sitting and enjoying the ride. I love feeling disconnected so that I can just focus on whatever it is I want to do. Sometimes it might be reading, getting work done, or watching a movie. It’s nice to have that time that’s uninterrupted.


How do you dress for a comfy flight?

I like to layer since I’m often cold on planes. I wear something that’s casual and comfortable like jeggings and a tee shirt under a jacket of some sort. I’ve found pockets to be helpful for keeping the items that need to be readily accessible.


How do you kill time in the airport?

Usually I try and finish up any work that needs WiFi in a quiet place. Sometimes I’ll browse magazines in the shop and if there’s enough time, I love grabbing a little snack in the lounge.

Amy Tangerine pre-flight shopping

Window seat or aisle seat?



Use the airplane WiFi or unplug for a while?

Unplug for sure, if possible.


Stand up and stretch or stay seated throughout?

Depends on the duration of the flight. Usually if I’m comfortable the only reason I get up is to use the restroom.


Talking to strangers in nearby seats: yea or nay?

I’m not opposed to it, but it just needs to be more organic and not forced. I have met some amazing people on the plane before, some of which I still even keep in touch with.

Amy Tangerine arrives at SFO courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Pictures of a plane wing: tired Instagram cliche or classic travel imagery?

I will never tire of pictures of the gorgeous sky. Since I’ve been taking those before the days of Instagram, I’m good with it. It is hard to resist fluffy clouds, isn’t it?!


Favorite snacks to enjoy in the sky?

I have a weird fascination with snacks and airplane food. I love that there are so many more choices available on flights now. On this particular flight I discovered the most amazing vegan popcorn and ordered a case when I got home. The hummus was delicious too and since I’m trying this gluten free thing, it was nice to have the veggies for dipping as an option.


Cocktail or other drink of choice?

Ginger ale or sometimes I’ll do tomato juice if they have lemon or lime. It’s funny because I only crave those two drinks when on the plane, I wouldn’t have them at home or elsewhere. And I always have to have my water bottle with me so that I have plenty and they can pour right into it.


Entertainment: What do you like to watch/read/listen to during flights?

Movies are a fantastic way to pass the time. I’ll check out the new releases and then choose the one that I’m most in the mood for. I also love having podcasts downloaded and lined up in case I want to do some crafting. Usually I have a magazine and a book with me as well so I can have choices depending on how I’m feeling and the extra legroom comes in handy for all of my craft supplies.

Amy Tangerine in San Francisco

Any special beauty/wellness essentials in your carry-on?

Hand lotion and mints. I used to carry a spray mist refresher for my face, but now I travel as light as possible.


How about travel accessories? (Eye mask, blanket, neck pillow, headphones…)

Just headphones.


Best ways to keep kids entertained on board?

My four and half year old has been on over 70 flights. Our wise friends with twins told us years ago that there’s just one rule they abide by for plane trips and that’s that there are no rules. It means that the kids can watch as many shows or play as many games as they would like as long as they are not disturbing anyone else on the plane. They can also eat candy and treats that normally they wouldn’t eat so I pack lollipops and gummy treats – plenty of snacks are key.


Any surprising hacks/tricks/tips you’ve discovered for a happy flight?

It’s probably not a surprise, but the one tip I would say the most important thing to pack is patience. Travel is often stressful for so many reasons out of our control, so I try and maintain a good mindset and try to be adaptable. I also try to keep my expectations low of what I will actually accomplish or get done on the plane. There were instances in the past where I would depend on the WiFi but then get stressed about the connection being slow, etc. A tip for traveling with babies/kids is that the best thing you can give them on the plane is your undivided attention. Happy kids, happy mama, happy travels!

Amy Tangerine at the HEYMAMA San Francisco launch party

Photography by LISH Creative.

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