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There really isn’t anything we don’t love about our partnership with Alaska Airlines. Flexibility to jet off to the West Coast at a moment’s notice and take our friends along for the ride? It couldn’t be better. 

With our recent San Francisco launch, we asked Love & LaRock blogger Terra LaRock to join us from her hometown of Denver. With over 300 nonstop flights from California to 60+ destinations at super low fares (as well as over 90 daily nonstop flights within the state of California), Terra had an array of choices to make her weekend away from her sweet babe as seamless as possible. 

Terra was thrilled to tag along and fit in a visit with a dear friend and relatives while she was exploring all the Bay Area had to offer. Read on for her favorite places to check out while on the perfect Alaska Airlines getaway.

Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

Where did you go on your trip?

San Fransisco to visit my childhood friend who I have known since I was two and my sister-in-law and niece who is around my daughter, Winter’s, age.


What 3 places would you recommend is a “must see/do” in this city?

Oh no, just three?! That’s a tough question! I really loved seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach and dipping my toes in the sand, visiting the iconic painted ladies, and shopping on Haight Street!


Describe your travel personality in 5 words or less.

Just book it and go!


Favorite thing about flying?

Walking off the plane to a new destination.


How do you dress for a comfy flight?

I always bring layers—tank top, shirt and a light sweater and a pair of socks. You never know what the temperature will be on the plane, so I liked to be prepared for it all.


Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

Window seat or aisle seat?

Aisle! I am lucky enough that my husband likes the window and our two-year-old daughter likes the middle seat, so it always works out well.


Use the airplane wifi or unplug for a while?

Unplug! There is something so great about being up in the sky and really just enjoying the time to read and play with my little one.


Stand up and stretch or stay seated throughout?

I am a mover and shaker, so I am usually up and about at least once.

Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

Chatting with strangers in nearby seats: yea or nay?

I love to chat with strangers. I have met some of the most fascinating people on planes. I once sat next to a Marine soldier returning from combat with the intention to propose to his girlfriend when he arrived. We talked about it the entire flight. I teared up talking to him. He said he had realized how much he couldn’t live without her during a terrifying incident overseas. Our conversation put life in perspective for me, and I noticed I held my loved ones a little tighter that day.


Pictures of a plane wing: tired Instagram cliche or classic travel imagery?

This is a funny question. I often take this type of photo but never end up editing or doing anything with it. I guess when it comes down to it, it’s not a photo that speaks to me.


Favorite snacks to enjoy in the sky?

Candy and a soda! I never have a sweet tooth but when I am on a plane, I love to get a soda (usually Sprite, sometimes a Coke if I am tired) and drink it alongside some Swedish Fish!

Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

Cocktail or other drink of choice?

I never drink on a flight. I am prone to motion sickness, so a cocktail is the last thing I need on a flight. I usually stick with some bubbles like Sprite or Cola.


Entertainment: What do you like to watch/read/listen to during flights?

If I am with my daughter, then she is the boss. I read, do, watch, and listen to whatever she wants. When we travel with her, we usually bring three books in our carryon that she insists we read over and over.

If I am traveling alone or with my husband, I love to read a book. Not on a kindle, not on my phone, and not on a computer. I like holding a bound book in my hands. I just find it so relaxing.


Any special beauty/wellness essentials in your carry-on? (Eye mask, face mist, neck pillow, etc.)

Travel facial tissues all the way! There is nothing more satisfying than wiping your face off before you land.

Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

Favorite travel gizmos? (Headphones, iPad accessories, etc.)

None! I am on my phone and computer so much during the week, the last thing I want to do on a trip is have more screen-time.


Best ways to keep kids entertained on board?

Pack “surprises”! I love to raid the dollar store and get 3-5 small gifts for our daughter to open while flying. I typically individually wrap each present in tinfoil, and when she starts to get antsy, I pull one out. She loves to open the tinfoil (that is a fun activity in itself)! One of the surprises is always reusable stickers. Those things are amazing for traveling toddlers. Stickers everywhere!


Any other surprising hacks/tricks/tips you’ve discovered for a happy flight?

The takeoff and decent always makes me feel a little queasy, and our daughter, unfortunately, has taken after me in that motion sickness department. I typically pack ginger chews and split one with her on the takeoff and during the descent. They seem to soothe both of our tummies in a jiffy.

Terra LaRock travels to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines

For more from our partnership with Alaska Airlines, check out Alicia Lund’s kid-free adventure to Seattle. Happy travels!

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