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All About That Mama was conceived as a summit featuring programming from some of the most innovative disruptors in working motherhood. We envisioned this event as a full-day experience complete with health, beauty, and relaxation activities to celebrate each other and kick off Mother’s Day weekend in style.

But, when all was said and done, we realized that All About That Mama represented even more than we had ever imagined possible.

When we arrived for setup at our venue, Camp David in Industry City, we began to suspect that this event might eclipse even our wildest dreams. We were greeted by an absolutely electric team of event planners led by producers Ali Schajer and Maya Katz, co-founders of Alimay Events. Dozens of people worked all through the night to perfectly capture the essence of All About That Mama: a warm, welcoming, and uniquely dedicated space for working mothers to not only network, but nurture one another’s creativity and passion.

Bright and early on May 10th, All About That Mama had come alive. In addition to the main floor for our speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, photo ops and bar, we had an entire floor for pampering and self-care! In the Wellness Room, APTO Skincare provided facials, and two acupuncturists from WTHN had us feeling right with some ancient healing practices.  

At the Mama Makers station, decorated beautifully with floral arrangements by Aranj, we were treated to something truly special: the amazing women of ABLE gifted mamas gold necklaces with customized pendants, individually stamped on the spot by an ABLE jeweler! We’ve definitely been showing these precious pieces off since we got them. Thank you ABLE!  

Somehow, there’s still more to showcase from this pampering paradise. At the Beauty Bar, we were treated to manicures courtesy of Glosslab, our favorite innovators in the industry. We also lavished on our lashes, enjoying the full Blush Up treatment from Blushington, and got some bomb blowouts from Rob Peetoom hair stylists. As if that didn’t already have us feeling like our best selves, we stayed picture-perfect and camera-ready all day with makeup touch-ups by Wander Beauty. Seriously, their expertise had us wandering back their way again and again! 

With dozens of speakers and VIPs in attendance, we had a dedicated lounge for our ladies to prep for their appearances, stocked with snacks sponsored by both KIND and RIND, as well as bottled alkaline spring water from Flow. To really bring this VIP lounge to a new level of luxury, our friends at REGI sponsored two massage stations with masseurs and masseuses from Zeel booking 15-minute appointments throughout the day. We may have stopped by once or twice.  

After a few whirlwind hours, we were definitely ready to sample some spectacular goodies at the MILF Bar. We were treated to a bite-size banquet from Baked by Melissa, the biggest name in little cupcakes, as well as chocolate-covered pretzels by Fatty Sundays, and some rejuvenating juices courtesy of Marvé. When lunchtime came around, we chose from delicious vegan options from by CHLOE and Uber Eats, who also gave every mama a gift card for dinner that night! 

After lunch, we went right back to our jam-packed day of panels, breakout sessions, workshops, mingling and mentoring. We visited the New Mama Lounge, a customized space devoted to nursing moms, made possible by Mommy Matters. It came equipped with a private Milk Nook for breastfeeding mamas and a dedicated fridge to store their liquid gold, not to mention Mommy Matters’ pregnancy pillows and plenty of outlets to provide extra comfort and connection. There were also various new mama products for sale here, with the proceeds going to charities that benefit the Saving Mothers nonprofit organization.  

Even the bathrooms at this event were decorated and decked out with swag! Hello Bello transformed these spaces into an oasis filled with baby-friendly, cruelty-free skincare and beauty products. And, we have to say, that motivational message on the mirror was a nice touch. 

As the evening came, we didn’t wind down—we went out with a bang. THRIVE wines threw a cocktail hour (it may have lasted a bit longer) that was the perfect way to cap a perfect day. With drink in hand, we put aside our earlier roles of mentor and mentee, speaker and listener, and had a simple heart-to-heart connection over that one thing we’re all experts and beginners in: motherhood.  



When all was said and done, we almost didn’t want to leave. It had truly been a transformative day. There is something universally powerful about gathering such a large and diverse group of mothers together in one space, not as a responsibility to someone else, but for their own personal and professional development. As the sun began to set, the bright and positive energy that radiated from that room was impossible to deny—that fulfilled, accomplished look on so many mama’s faces as they said their goodbyes was proof that we had all achieved something remarkable. We will be running on that energy for the rest of 2019 and on to Mother’s Day 2020, when we hope to see everyone again for All About That Mama. 

Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy not only the memories, but also the incredible items in our gift bags. We have so many beautiful brands to thank for their contributions, including A.T. LondonHer Vital Way, cocomama, Bubbsi, Dr. Loretta, ezpz, Hip, Lively, PaperGreats, Partake Foods, Rael, RiseWell, Masala Baby, Ryan Porter, STATE Bags, ToteSavvy, and Well-Kept.   

Photographs by Yumi Matsuo and Lauren Larsen.             

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