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via Constance Gennari @ The Socialite Family


Every once in awhile we come across a brand so good we long to be kids again or that we might squeeze into one of the dresses as a top.Thankfully we come to our sense before that happens and do the next best thing, buy it for our kids and take a million pictures to post on Instagram. It seems we aren’t the only ones that heard the whispering a few seasons ago that Laia Aguilar, the founder of Bobo Choses had moved on and created not another Bobo but a purely new kid’s fashion line The Animals Observatory. A quick check in  #theanimalobservatory showed us over 14k others are posting their love for the line. Here are a few of our faves and Laia’s story.







Even when I was little, I never went anywhere without a pad and crayons… because drawing is my way of life.

What wisdom can you share about career, motherhood and life?

In my experience, and in a nutshell, anything is possible if you are willing to work hard, in both your professional and your personal life. Nothing worth having comes easy. Plus, you need a bit of luck and, in my case, a husband worth an empire (laughing).

We were such big fans of Bobo Chooses why did you leave and how did you come to found The Animals Observatory?

I had left Bobo Choses for various reasons. Bobo Choses is the brand I founded and where I worked as Art Director for seven years. It was both a happy and sad moment, a very intense one. Basically due to differences with my then partners. It was tough, because it’s a brand with my DNA since I founded it. But there was nothing else for it.

But then I  met Jan Andreu, my partner at The Animals Observatory. Jan is an unusual businessman; rational and intuitive. He manages the business side of the brand, I manage the creative side, so it’s a great match.

You created some of the most original and fun prints for both collections. How do you come up with such amazing prints?

Even when I was little, I never went anywhere without a pad and crayons. When it’s time to conceptualize a collection, I have plenty of material to choose from, because drawing is my way of life.


The hashtag #theanimalobservatory has almost 14,000 tags and full of the next trendsetters

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