The heymama team was over-the-moon to partner with Anine Bing as co-hosts of the launch event for her new kid’s line, BING KIDS, debuting today. It was a natural partnership as we’ve already profiled Anine and her booming clothing empire and heard how she balances it all at our #juggleisreal panel, so it seemed only fitting that we’re tagging along for her next big thing – designing for kids. We love to support our members so we didn’t hesitate to hop on the next flight out to LA and gather some of our favorite mamas at her incredible home for a sneak peek at the entire line. You guys, it’s official. We’re obsessed.  

With her own kids now 4 and 7, Anine has been challenged with finding the perfect compliment to her own low-key, yet insanely fashionable wardrobe. She shares, “As a consumer for my own family, I haven’t found the perfect basics with an edge for my kids, so I’m more than excited to be launching BING KIDS. The fact that my own kids, friends and followers have been asking for this for years, makes it extra special.” Designed for kids 2 – 10 years, each piece is uniquely unisex and includes cool rock n roll t-shirts, jeans, leather and army jackets with a price point between $39 – $399. We previewed them all and we love how each piece is not only incredibly soft and comfortable, your littles will look dang fashionable while going about their daily play. And the leather jacket? It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Bing Kids Launch
Bing Kids Launch
Bing Kids Launch

As guests started to arrive at Casa Bing, we stole a few minutes with our mama muse for the inside scoop on how the line came to fruition. We could have chatted for hours but alas, the cotton candy machine was whirring and the photobooth was calling.

BING KIDS launch at Casa Bing

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6 Questions with Anine Bing

What did you want to be as a kid?

I wanted to be a jewelry designer when I was little as I used to make jewelry when I was young. Or an OBGYN or doula! I’ve always loved babies and pregnant women and was fascinated by the birthing process.

What inspired you to start the kids line?

I’ve been talking about doing a kids line for years, ever since I had kids of my own. I wanted to make clothes for Benjamin and Bianca that were effortless, comfortable, and still cool. I wanted it to be easy for parents to dress their kids for the day or night, and our BING KIDS collection is very no fuss no muss, and still adds that pop of cool that can make a kid feel inspired and unique.

What do your kids think about you designing for them? Were they involved in the process?

They love it! They were so excited when we started making some samples to test it out and see if we could make this an actual extension of ANINE BING. Benjamin loved the flannels and hoodies and Bianca loved the leather jacket and dresses. They’ve been wearing the test clothes for months now and always ask when BING KIDS is coming. So they were very excited for this to come. They were more or less our “fit models” in the beginning stages, so they were very involved and will continue to give us insight into what works and what doesn’t.

BING KIDS launch

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

You can’t not love that mini leather jacket, it’s so cute in little kids sizes! I also love the joggers, the leggings, and the rock n roll tees… I love it all.

How often will you be releasing the kids styles?

We’ll be offering additional styles on a monthly drop, so each month we’ll have something new to sell.

Is designing for kids different than designing for women?

Yes and no. The entire philosophy behind my brand is creating elevated and effortless pieces that women can put on and feel both comfortable and cool wearing. That’s exactly what I wanted to do for kids. I would say the only new thing is designing for both boys and girls, which I’m so proud we were able to accomplish in the kids line. Making it unisex was a big goal for me.

BING KIDS launch party

Nancy Deane, Nicole Neves, Amri Kibbler, Hailey Duff, Kelly Zafjen, Hannah Skvarla, Katya Libin and Anine Bing

Kelly Zafjen and Ashleigh Dempster at the BING KIDS launch party

AKID’s Ashleigh Dempster and Little Minis’ Kelly Zafjen and her twins

BING KIDS launch with Nicole Neves, Morgan Hutchinson, Lizzy Mathis and Pamelyn Rocco

Nicole Neves, Morgan Hutchinson, Lizzy Mathis, Pamelyn Rocco and their littles

Anine Bing with Whitney Port

Anine Bing with Whitney Port and son

BING KIDS is available exclusively online today. Happy shopping!

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