Here at heymama we know all about the importance of networking and relationships. After all, relationships and building connections is what HeyMama is all about. So, whether you’re a member of our community,  a regular reader here, or if you’re just passing through, we decided to break down the ever important “introduction email.” These are the only four tips you will be ever need when it comes to introducing and responding to an email introduction.

Confirm with Your Sources

An email introduction is a great way to get your foot in the door and can be the gateway to future business partnerships, job opportunities, or even playdates for your little, however, surprising a contact out of the blue is a big no no. Don’t offer up someone else’s services without getting the OK from THEM first. Not sure what to say? Try this:

Lauren, I have a friend looking to start her own #GIVEBACK brand but she’s super overwhelmed with all the information out there. I immediately thought of you as a great resource for her, is it okay to pass along your contact info?

Follow up with the Introducer

If you’re the one being introduced don’t take your introducer for granted. Shoot a thank you email, text, phone call or even a pretty handwritten note to let them know how thankful you are for the introduction!

Avoid Reply All

A lot of times you will be cc’d on an introduction that someone is making for you. That means the REPLY ALL button includes the introducer as well. It is best to make sure you remove the introducer from the conversation once the introduction has been made. With this said, feel free to move them to the bcc for the first correspondence so that you can thank them for the initial introduction, go for something like this…

Chris – thanks for the introduction!

 Alexandra, It’s great to e-meet you, I was hoping you’d be available to chat sometime this week regarding emerging fashion labels. Let me know if you are available and what time works best for you.

(Chris is the introducer)

Be Polite but Get to the Point

Have the okay to reach out to a contact? Responding to an email introduction? Make sure to be polite and professional without wasting anyone’s time, so get to the point. Here are some examples to help you mamas out:

If you’re reaching out: Miranda, I hope this finds you well. I received your contact info from Emily and wanted to reach out to see if you’d be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee to discuss your experience working at a fashion publication. Let me know what works best for you time wise! Thanks, Andie

Responding to an Introduction: Liz, thank you for reaching out. As Darcy may have mentioned, I am looking to launch an e-commerce site and was hoping to pick your brain on the subject. Please let me know when you’d be available for a quick phone call or cup of coffee. Looking forward to following up with you! Best, Jane


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