We were beyond excited to get behind the wheel of the 2017 Audi Q7 for our weekend in the Hamptons, and Audi made sure we arrived for our #StrongLikeAMama event with SELF at The Surf Lodge, in style. The event focused on teaching successful mamas how to better incorporate fitness into their lives, but don’t worry – we made sure to take the time to relax and enjoy ourselves. The Audi Q7 is the perfect car for working mamas on the run and seamlessly combines work and play; there was plenty of room for our amazing STATE Bag swag bags filled with goodies, our luggage, and of course, the heymama team.

Audi Q7 interior roadtrip hamptons

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons lipstick

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons house

To be honest, we typically dread the long drive out east from the City, but the Q7 was so comfortable and high-tech that we didn’t want to give the car back! I’m not sure about you, but checking the navigation on my phone and trying to keep eyes on the road is always a difficult task when it comes to road trips, however, the Audi has an easy to use navigation system that pops up right in your line of view so not only does it direct you with audio, but you can clearly see where you should go next! It even includes all-around cameras and sensors to let you know when you may be a little too close to another car or object. Also, we can’t forget how amazing it was to have the Wi-Fi hotspot on board for our work trip – it let us take care of business and free up more time for the beach when we arrived.


Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons Botanica Bazaar

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons gas station

Since we got so much done in the car, we stopped to check out heymama Leilani Bishop’s new shop, Botanica Bazaar, and grab a coffee in town before heading to our house in East Hampton. Katya was wearing the most gorgeous Suno dress from Rent The Runway. I headed into the house with my mint-colored Steamline Luggage and got settled in with the team, before heading over to the Crow’s Nest to enjoy a sunset dinner of crab pasta and oysters. 

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons
Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons farmers market

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons farmers market

Saturday I got up early to visit the farmer’s market and pick up some fresh fruit and pastries for our hardworking team who spent the day stuffing swag bags and getting details set for the event.  Katya and I had been dying to hit the beach, so we grabbed a couple of beach chairs and headed over to catch some much needed R&R. Since this was a fitness weekend for us we felt that we needed to fit in some outdoor exercise and threw on our sneakers and work out gear to hits the trails for a quick hike on the stunning trails near the beach.  Raising our heart rates made us ravenous and thirsty so we decided we needed lobster rolls (and rosé!!). I was feeling pretty silly even before the rosé so you should check out our escapades on Snapchat (@heymamaco). A weekend away from the kids can do that to you, and we weren’t holding back, but it was early to bed for us to be on top of our game for Sunday morning.
Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons Beach

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons Beach

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons hike outdoor voices

Audi Q7 roadtrip hamptons lobster roll

The event was a huge hit and you can see all the great images and read about it soon on the site!  We cruised in our Audis to snap images of a few of our rockstar mamas Athena Calderone, Jill Foley, and Helen Ficalora (coming soon to heymama.co) before saying goodbye to the Hamptons, tucking our luggage in the Audi and heading home. The drive home flew by as we enjoyed tunes streaming from Katya’s phone (via Audi’s CarPlay mode) and relaxed.  The driver assistance features made for such a smooth ride, the car practically drove itself. The Audi Q7 is without a doubt, not only a luxury we could get used to, but a luxury worth having.




Thanks for a great weekend Audi!



Amri & Katya


Photos by Stevi Sesin




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