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Let’s face it. We love a good Instagram moment. Posing on the cobblestone streets of Soho? Check. Styling our morning joe on the pretty pink tables at Cafe Henri? Check. But put the heymama team in a new location and the opportunity for fresh content gets us more than a little excited. On a recent trip to LA, we met up with heymama member and photographer extraordinaire, Marisa Vitale in-between meetings for a quick two hour cruise around town to capture some of the most famous Instagram-able walls and locations as a special keepsake of our trip. We’re kind of obsessed with how the photos came out and if you have a few hours to spare in LA, we highly recommend you follow our little guide featuring some of the best Instagram spots. Read on…

LA’s 5 Best Instagram Spots

Through our awesome partnership with Chevrolet, we had some brand new wheels to get us around town. The traffic in LA is no joke, but we turned up the toons (really loud!), brainstormed some upcoming events and caught up on life which made the crawl more than bearable. Our 2018 Equinox is Chevrolet’s best-selling SUV and we can see why. It was totally roomy and super fun to drive. Living in New York we’ve traded in our wheels for a subway card but if we were anywhere else, this would be at the top of our list.

We met up with Marisa early one morning, grabbed our coffees and piled into our SUV in search of photo ops that were (a) iconic LA and (b) within close proximity of each other given our restricted availability (we had an event to product afterall!). Given we aren’t super familiar with the city, we came up with an itinerary that didn’t disappoint.

1. The Pink Wall

check out LA's best instagram spots at the pink wall





Ok, this spot is definitely one of LA’s most instagrammed but there is something to be said for the wash of pink that makes everyone look and feel happy. We don’t know if it’s scientific, but don’t you agree? It was sort of comical to see people lining up to get their perfect shot and we fell in love with a family that was taking their holiday card photo (complete with their dog in a Santa hat) so we advise you get here early in the day so you can take your time. There’s also a great cafe across the street that is pretty Instagram-able in it’s own right.

Location: Paul Smith, 8221 Melrose Avenue

2. Made in LA

check out LA's best instagram spots Made in LA wall

Do you remember that David Lee Roth rendition of California Girls from our childhood? It was one of our faves. We don’t know if it was because of that song, or maybe our obsession with the original Baywatch or wishing we could go to Disneyland for our birthday… but we’ve long wished we were, “made in LA.”

Location: Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Avenue

3. Over the Rainbow

check out LA's best instagram spots over the rainbow wall

This spot was a total accidental find. As we were piling back into our car after taking pics with the Made in LA wall (above), this rainbow across the street caught our eye. Not only did this turn out to be one of our favorite spots to photograph, we now have a new obsession for everything the artist London Kaye has created. We’re thinking we need a heymama wall in New York. Great idea, right?

Location: Paper Bag Princess, 8050 Melrose Avenue

4. The Hollywood Sign


I mean, is there anything more iconic in LA than the Hollywood sign? We think not. The problem is that it’s actually kind of hard to get close to to get a decent pic. We discovered this hidden gem several years ago on a trip to LA with our pup in tow and this dog park is a total find. For mamas that are visiting town with their kids, there is also an adjacent playground that just completed renovations and is the perfect place to set up a picnic and hang for the afternoon.

Location: Lake Hollywood Dog Park, 3160 Canyon Lake Drive

5. Palm Trees

check out LA's best instagram spots cool palm trees


For us East Coast mamas, being surrounded by a sea of palm trees still gets us feeling a little giddy. Although we didn’t have a sun roof, we did hang out the windows taking in the sights. There are lots of places to find these majestic trees, but there was something about the symmetry of this street in Beverly Hills that made for the perfect Instagram spot. It was also perfectly situated in between the sign and our starting spot back on Melrose.

Location: North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills


We think it’s safe to say that this was one of our favorite heymama shoots to date. We had dedicated girl time which has been hard to come by lately with all we have going on, we got to play tourist in a city we adore and we have a whole host of photos that we are truly obsessed with. There’s nothing quite like that golden California light. We’re so grateful to Chevrolet for allowing us to test out the 2018 Equinox which was super fun to drive, comfortable for extended periods and had enough space for all of our luggage and props in the back.

Thank you to LA’s eternal sunshine, Marisa Vitale’s incredible photography skills (check out her heymama perk!) and Chevrolet for making the traffic a non-issue. Now hit the road!

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