If you follow HEYMAMA OG member and bada$$ entrepreneur Alli Webb on Instagram, you’ll see that she is an avid host. When Alli isn’t running her Drybar empire, she’s curled up at home with her close-knit family and friends for casual get togethers that we’d love to be a part of. Recently, Alli has started hosting monthly women’s circles where her pals come together pot-luck style for support, connection and roaring laughter. Alli has built her business on pampering others and we loved introducing her to Birdies so she can indulge in a little pampering for herself. From her on-brand yellow front stoop to her spacious backyard, she can easily keep the party flowing and maintain her signature Cali-cool vibe in style. Read on…

Alli, you are a powerhouse business owner and women everywhere are so grateful to you for bringing Drybar into their lives! What is one thing that our readers would be surprised to learn about you?

Thank you! I’m a pretty open book.. but most people probably don’t know I have a secret wish to be a Country Singer! 


 OMG, that’s amazing. Did you have a mentor or someone who helped you during the early days of your career?

Yes! I’d say my brother and business partner Michael Landau is my biggest mentor and supporter. He always has been.

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar getting ready

In addition to your family, community is important both personally and professionally for you. Tell us more about your tribe and how your mamas have rallied around you.

Oh man, I am so incredibly lucky to have the most supportive woman around me! I moved to LA about 13 years ago and have had the good fortune of meeting so many amazing woman along my journey through motherhood and my entrepreneur endeavors. There’s nothing quite like the support of strong, determined woman.  


We couldn’t agree more! Anytime we are having an off day we know that an appointment at Drybar will always be an instant pick-me-up. What are your thoughts on how women can feel more confident in the workplace? 

Well, a blowout always helps. 😉 I think it’s really about finding that thing that rejuvenates you from the inside out. For me it’s getting a massage or facial and working out. I’m a huge advocate for self care and I don’t think enough woman allow themselves the R&R they need and deserve.

Ali Webb, founder of Drybar

You are one of the most supportive women we know and you have started to host monthly gatherings in your home to uplift and support other women. What lessons have you learned through hosting others?

I have! I think I pick up different tips, tricks and various insights from gatherings at my home. I love having people over. I always have so much fun and the gatherings are very enlightening. 


You are also hosting an upcoming Whiteboard and Wine event for our HEYMAMA LA community. Can you tell us what you are most excited about?

I love hearing about other woman’s adventures and love being able to share my own unique experiences and insights in growing Drybar. 

Alli Webb at home in LA wearing Birdies

We can’t wait! What are your 3 “must-haves” for a successful get together at home?

Great food, fresh flowers and positive people.


What aspect of bringing people together do you love the most? Anything you don’t like?

I love preparing for people to come over and enjoy the home I’m so proud of. I also love any excuse to have some much needed girl time!

Heymama left image
Heymama right image

What is your “go-to” hostess gift?

Flowers are my fave.


We loved featuring you and your gorgeous home in this interview with our partner Birdies. Which Birdies slipper is your fave and why do you love them?

I have the blush ones with the little tassels and I love them. They are so perfect for an at-home gathering or just hanging around the house. 

Alli Webb's Birdies slippers at her home in LA

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Photos by Stevi Sesin.

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