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There’s a lot of glitz and glam in the blogging world, but that’s only a small part of what’s actually going on. Hard work, grit, and hustling are all part of the game, that when mixed with a resistant drive, can result in a successful platform to showcase your voice, style, photography, and passions. We are super inspired by bloggers and always love hearing stories from women who hustled their way to the top. Take heymama member and So. Cal mama to one, Lydia Webb. Creator of the hugely popular blog Jetting Jewels, we recently chatted with Lydia for our latest installation of our Social Boss series to learn more about her blogger success secrets, life as a mama and some of her favorite fall looks that you’ve got to check out. Read on…

Jetting Jewels blogger Lydia Webb wears a cool leather jacket: blogger success secrets

Lydia, congrats on the success of your blog! Tell us about your background and how you first got started.

I started Jetting Jewels in late 2014, but prior to focusing on my blog and being a full-time mom, I was a marketing director for a financial company. I have worked and managed teams in various areas of marketing – traditional, TV, radio, sports and social media! As an influencer now, I am grateful to still tap into various aspects of my marketing skills on a daily basis, and continue to develop them with the changing trends.  

I always had an interest in blogs long before I started my own. Blogs were my go-to when planning my wedding, to home décor and definitely when planning to have a baby. So, when I was pregnant with my son, Jaxson, I started a blog to document the journey as a way to remember the experience, but also for motivation to get out of sweatpants everyday and explore a style that worked well for my changing shape. And it really just became something from there! Now, Jetting Jewels focuses on a cross between daily life and style – everything from fashion trends, cool places to travel or dine, and the best (and worst!) of modern motherhood.

Do you remember a particular post that spiked your traffic and made you realize you were on to something?

I shared a travel post about my family trip to Napa when Jaxson was three-months-old and received a ton of response on it. I think people (moms in general) were intrigued that you could survive the newborn stage and still seemingly enjoy life, have fun…and travel to wine country! I loved hearing and connecting with women I had never met, and feeling like I inspired them somehow. The response gave me motivation to push through those sleepless days with an infant and continue to grow the blog.

“I would stay away from the comparison game as best you can. Comparison really steals your joy. You have to focus on your race, your timelines and your successes to be content.”

It’s so important to have a defining voice on social media. How would you describe yours? How do you think you developed this voice?

I believe as a blogger my voice is constantly changing based on stages of life, experiences, etc. If I had to choose one (or my current) defining voice, it would be personable. More than often, I feel like I’m talking to friends – whether I’m giving you a glimpse into my day, the crazy thing my toddler did, or the mega sale you need to check out, I want my readers to know I’m speaking directly to them. The connection and support I have from my own family and friends is the same vibe I want to provide my followers as well.  

What has been the most challenging thing about being your own boss? Most rewarding?

The most challenging thing about working for yourself are time and self-management. Oftentimes I take on too much or get distracted. There isn’t anyone telling you what takes priority, and then the line between work and life blurs a little, or a lot at times.

The most rewarding aspect of being my own boss is the time and flexibility it allows to be with my son. As many moms know, when balancing a little one and work, there isn’t much time in pursuing passions. But luckily I love my job (both of them!).

Jetting Jewels blogger Lydia Webb talks back to school style and her social media success

You have over 150k followers on Instagram (congrats!) What advice do you give to others wanting to build a voice on social?

The main advice I would give is patience. It takes time to build a following, a voice and brand. And with the changing landscapes and competition on social media, it can be easy to be discouraged. Like they say, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!” Also, I would stay away from the comparison game as best you can. Comparison really steals your joy. You have to focus on your race, your timelines and your successes to be content.

We love your style! Can you share a few of your “go-to” looks right now that get you from drop-off to a meeting and everywhere in-between? For the gym?

My go-to look for my regular Pilates or Spin class involves flattering workout pants in a happy hue, a relaxed tee and comfy sneakers. Luckily, athleisure is on-trend as everyday wear — people won’t look twice when you are still wearing the same look at pick-up!

An important meeting?

If you’re juggling work and home life, keep your look classic and effortless. I like to pair a blazer and pumps with really anything I can pull together. Those two things can make work wear chic.

Lydis Webb of Jetting Jewels knows back to school style and loves to wear a blazer and pumps

For hanging (or dinner) with girlfriends?

Dresses have always been a staple and all around “must-have” in my wardrobe. It’s the easiest thing to pull out, and look pulled together! I like to wear it with a denim or moto jacket over the shoulders and some suede booties.

Lydia Webb of Jetting Jewels loves a dress and suede bootie look for back to school style

Relaxing with the family?

White jeans (I wear year-round) and a cute neutral jacket – my current fave is camo.  

Lydia Webb of Jetting Jewels shares this relaxed back to school style outfit

3 pearls of wisdom


Make time for yourself. The guilt will come no matter what!


Show them how much you love their dad/your significant other. They are always watching and taking mental notes!


Take a ton of pictures. They really grow up way too fast and you’ll enjoy looking through the 1,001 photos one day.

xx Lydia Webb
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