“The Messy But Memorable First Birthday Bash” Bounty event hosted by Kristin Cavallari was a kid’s dream. I’m pretty sure all their happy minds were thinking was, “you mean we can paint our hands, run around, make a mess, stuff cake in our mouths and not get in trouble for it?!” Yup, a toddler’s dream. Kids decorated the sweet little cakes before cramming them in their faces for a perfect birthday cake smash. Red, yellow, blue fingerprints all around, handfuls of colored paint, swirling together into a marbled design. If there weren’t Bounty paper towels galore, this would be a parent’s first nightmare! But since we knew we could get clean in a heartbeat, us mamas were like, can we get our hands dirty too?!


Life is full of so many messy and fun firsts! I love letting my little ones have all the fun and not worrying about the mess, because I know that I can just grab a Bounty sheet and swipe the mess away. Name a more absorbent paper towel, I’ll wait.



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