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We’ve been Insta stalking Bree Hannemann for a while now, as her gorgeous photos of her life on Oahu are pretty easy on the eyes. Born and raised in Southern California, she’s been hustling since she started her first bread business as a little girl, and now spends her time as a photographer, creative consultant and blogger. After meeting the love of her life, they soon had their first son together, Sylver. Her journey to having her second child wasn’t as poetic however, as she first suffered a miscarriage, and is now dealing with gestational diabetes with her latest pregnancy. On her blog, Bree has been sharing her story and we love this mama’s honesty and transparency that things are not always as breezy as they seem. Below is an excerpt from Bree’s blog where she shares how she has been managing her gestational diabetes through diet and exercise, and addresses whether or not she’ll keep it up after the baby is born. Read on…

Gestational Diabetes


Firstly, for those that aren’t aware of what gestational diabetes (GD) is, I will give you a quick run-down. Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy, ie. gestation. Like other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes affects how your cells use sugar (glucose). Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar that can affect your pregnancy, and your baby’s health. Any complication or “bad news” during pregnancy can be stressful and quite damaging, but on a positive note, with gestational diabetes, it can be controlled through a healthy diet, exercising, and if necessary, through medication. I made a conscious decision to control my GD through a healthy diet and exercising. I told myself I would not allow medication to take over the last half of my pregnancy. When I say medication I am talking about “insulin.” Also, to be clear, one of the reasons being so on top of GD is because, if a mother decides to neglect a healthier and modified lifestyle during her pregnancy, it could result in having a stillborn. This word alone gives me chills, and I think everyone could agree that a couple changes to your diet and lifestyle is well worth having a healthy baby.

Gestational Diabetes

My diet is simply: sugar-free, carb-free, and gluten-free. (I know, it sounds intense and completely crazy!)

1. Being sugar-free is actually not the hard one for me. But sugar is found in a couple things that people do not realize including, no fruit or juice! This means, no smoothies on a hot day in Hawaii, no juice to go with my meal at breakfast, and no sneaking in on Sylver’s fruit snacks! Sugar is what I am trying to control in my body at this time and although fruit is good for you, it is packed with sugar.

2. Being carb-free is my downfall. I LOVE CARBS. Some of my favorite things to cook with are potatoes and a slice of bread with my Italian meals or a nice hearty sandwich. I love white rice when going to Asian Restaurants (starch is a total killer for sugar levels), pastas, potato chips while hanging out at the beach, etc. I have always been a carb lover, so cutting this out is probably more difficult than the whole sugar deal. After the first week of no sugar, my body doesn’t crave it as much, and I’m able to go throughout my days without daydreaming of it and seeing dancing cookies in the sky.

3. Being gluten-free is difficult because there is nothing better than a nice warm homemade slice of white bread! You would be so surprised how many things you buy have white flour as an ingredient, and you would also be surprised how terrible gluten is for you. So many children at young ages are developing food allergies, and a lot of the time it comes out that gluten is the cause of their bad health, bloating, hives, rashes, swelling, etc. … I now know that even though gluten may not give me hives, or swelling, or any of the other side effects, my body defiantly doesn’t want it. Also, with being gluten-free, I have so much more energy, and I never need a nap. I feel much lighter, and ready for the day in the morning. Gluten tends to make me feel tired and exhausted every single morning as if a train had hit me.

Gestational Diabetes

With the help of a home chef, Bree learned to cut out all of the things that she could control to manage her gestational diabetes. To see recipes and sample meals, continue reading Bree’s blog
Mahalo and happy eating!

Gestational Diabetes

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