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Whenever she comes across a cumbersome or time-consuming process, Kali Edwards finds a solution. We sat down with her to hear how she applied her process-driven approach to create a masterclass that helps pregnant business owners prepare for motherhood.  


Tell us a bit about your career before you went into business for yourself?

Kali: I studied Fine Arts in college so I have a background in principles like color theory and drawing. I worked for several years as an agency designer and art director, but I never felt I could fully flex my creative muscles. When I started my own business, I was suddenly allowed to get funky and tap into my art school background to get really creative with my work.


What inspired you to make entrepreneurship leap?

Kali: When I was working as an art director, we worked on a website that ended up taking 20 months to complete. That’s almost 2 years!! I just knew there had to be a better way to get these things out in the world, not to mention cut costs for the clients I wanted to work with, who tend to be small business owners and fellow creatives. I created a process that allowed me to design and launch a website in just 5 days. I called it the Go Live in 5 process, where we start on Monday and your site is completely live by Friday. It just made so much more sense to me!

We’d love to hear more about the system you created! How is it uniquely helpful to women with big ideas?

Kali: The most unique thing about the Go Live in 5 process is that you get a complete website in just 5 days! That’s true whether it’s a new site from scratch or just restyling an old site. Designing and launching a professional website can be a huge undertaking if you don’t know where to begin. And I get that. One cool aspect of the process is that they can actually see the site being built in real time, which lets me make edits quickly. More often than not, the process is the culmination of a full branding project and that allows me to elevate their brand from start to finish. They have the idea, I just help bring it to life.


When motherhood became part of your story, were you able to take maternity leave?

Kali: Yes, thankfully! But it was confusing to figure out all of the moving parts. How much to save, when to tell people when I would stop working, when to come back to work, how much work to take on with a new baby…I felt lost. When I was pregnant, I had to figure all of this out through hours of Googling and trial and error, which took major energy (which you have so little of when you’re pregnant!). I ended up taking 5 months. When I came back to work I decided that I needed to compile all of my research and systems into one resource so that other mamas-to-be don’t have to go through that.

I think balance makes us think it all has to be equal all the time, and not only is that not true, it’s just not possible.

How do you help women who are the face and brains behind their business prepare to integrate motherhood into their lives?

Kali: I created a 2-part masterclass called The Pregnancy Planning Masterclass that helps pregnant business owners plan for maternity leave and their return to work. The classes come with worksheets and videos that walk them through timelines, money, systems to keep their business running, and tons of helpful tips. It’s like a blueprint for blending early motherhood with running a business.


How did becoming a mama change your approach to your work life?

Kali: For me, it all blends together which is what makes it doable. I love working, so having time to focus on a design project makes me feel awesome. But being able to say to my clients that I shut it down at 5:30 PM to spend time with my little man is also important. So I like to say I blend babies and business because I don’t like the word balance.I think balance makes us think it all has to be equal all the time, and not only is that not true, it’s just not possible. Some days I work a lot and other days I only work for a few hours and hang with him the rest of the day. It’s not always equal.

All photos by Claire Harvey Photography

What makes working with your mama clients different?

Kali: I know what it takes to build beautiful but meaningful brands. And I’m passionate about this. But I’m also obsessed with loving on my little man. And those feelings can coexist. The mamas I work with are in the same headspace. If you need to schedule our calls around nap time or are nursing during a video call, that’s totally okay! And not only that, but we can still get it all done and feel like badass business women at the end of the day.


What are the similarities between your new offering and your approach to the web design process?

Kali: I just love a solid process! I think that if you give people a step-by-step system, all the tools that they need and a little support, they can make magic happen. I love sharing my expertise in a way that helps mamas create the business (and life!) they have always dreamed of.

All photos by Claire Harvey Photography

As you adjust to new mama life yourself, what has surprised you most about motherhood so far?

Kali: Everyone tells you how much love you’ll feel, and that’s true. But what I didn’t expect was that the love keeps growing. Each day, there’s more. It seems impossible —like eventually I’ll run out of space—but instead it just grows and grows.


What have your biggest challenges been? How have you navigated them?

Kali: I had a condition called placenta acreta, which is where your placenta won’t release on its own after delivery. This was a total surprise and caused me to have a tough birth experience that took a long time to recover from physically. I hadn’t prepared myself for what it would be like— I didn’t feel like myself for months. It’s only now at nine months postpartum that I feel almost completely like myself again (almost!). I’ve had to learn to be gentle with myself, create and stick to my boundaries, and also give myself time to process that experience and come to terms with what it may mean for having any more kids.

3 pearls of wisdom


Everything changes eventually. Good and bad.


You get to make it how you want it. It’s your life - your motherhood journey. You get to make the rules about what that looks like for you and your family.


You’re never going to be perfect, and neither are your kids. But if you love them like crazy, I think that’s enough.

xx Kali Edwards
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