Some executives hang diplomas on their walls. Others prefer award plaques or subdued watercolor landscapes. You know what those executives are? Lame. It’s 2018, people; #women are #trending. Today’s mom tycoon deserves office decor specially curated for her SheEO status—artwork that boldly commands, GET PUMPED: THIS IS A WOMAN-LED ENTERPRISE.  

Art of Breastfeeding gallery show - Geertje Geertsma, Mammalia

Forget being bored in your boardroom. The striking maternal masterpiece above, part of artist Geertje Geertsma’s Mammalia series, is just one of more than two dozen artworks about to go up for sale in a group show called The Art of Breastfeeding: Modern Narratives of Motherhood, at Brooklyn’s MF Gallery. Maybe pick up some pieces for the men’s room to remind everyone who’s in charge.

Art of Breastfeed gallery show - Megan Wynne, Mask of Motherhood

Mask of Motherhood by photographer Megan Wynne

Co-curated by Leigh Pennebaker, the New York mom of three behind the popular Breastfeeding Art Instagram feed, the show comprises painting, sculpture, photography and mixed-media pieces that celebrate the naturalness and normalcy of nursing while pushing back against cultural censorship of women’s bodies.

And not for nothing, but these would look amazing on your desk.

Art of Breastfeeding gallery show - April Rose, Rainbow Kimono Rainbow Kimono sculptures by April Rose

A portion of the show’s proceeds will benefit the New York arm of La Leche League, a nonprofit that helps mothers breastfeed through peer education and encouragement. So basically, you’ll better the world for babies and tap into true leadership flow.

Art of Breastfeeding galleryshow - Marina Font, Untitled

Untitled by Marina Font

An opening reception for The Art of Breastfeeding will take place on March 10 at 7 p.m. at MF Gallery in Brooklyn. The show then will be open by appointment through April 22. For purchase inquiries, send an email to or call 917-446-8681.

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