As a mother of three young children, Dawn Fable understands the superhuman feats that all moms accomplish on a daily basis. That’s why she co-founded the Press Pause Project — an organic line of CBD products specifically designed to help mamas relieve the tension that comes from being a 24/7 superhero. 


Mary Angelou said it best when she states, “to describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.”


As a working mother of 3, I can relate all too well to a hurricane…the perfect power, not so much! Most days, I’m simply trying to survive. Overnight, I was given this responsibility and power unlike no other —  to keep another tiny human alive. But beyond that, the power of motherhood was oh so much more….


The good news is, I’m on my third child, and I’ve successfully managed to survive. Some days with more grace than others, but I continue to get up every day and do the very best I can.


All of us as moms have super powers. Let’s start with the most abundant power one feels when becoming a mother; the power of LOVE. Not all powers come so naturally…like the power of patience. As a parent, the power of patience is redefined. As mamas, we practice patience with ourselves, with long days full of constant requests, and not least of all, the patience that allows us the uncanny ability to remain calm in situations that would otherwise make our heads explode.


Let’s move on, shall we? How about the power of priority? No, I’m not talking about the lack of priority where we forget about any self-care that might have previously been at the top of our list. I’m talking about choosing which balls to juggle, putting your children first, or finding ways to navigate what’s really important at that very moment. Sadly, no, it’s not the pedicure you desperately need.


As I close this rambling self-help diary about the super powers we moms possess, I want to end with my favorite priority. In fact, this is so far and away my favorite priority that it has become my business. Drum roll please….the word is PAUSE. A dear friend recently shared that when life spins wildly out of control, she simply wished she had the tattoo of a pause button on her wrist. Brilliant! Don’t all of us deserve a moment of pause to care for ourselves, a moment to breathe, or to be present in this beautiful disaster we’ve all created?


Enter the Press Pause Project — our personal passion project to give others permission to Press Pause. CBD just so happens to be our platform for this movement. Press Pause is a natural organic CBD line made by women for women. Quality formulations that are perfectly safe for us mom…that means no psychoactive side effects.  Incorporating CBD into my daily life has been life changing for me. It has allowed me more moments of pause. Pause from anxiety, pause from stress, pause from tension. If you haven’t heard of the healing super power of CBD, do yourself a favor and do a bit of research. Help yourself find that one more super power you have — the power of pause.  



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