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There’s something so romantic and special about the South. The heart of  Charleston, a quaint city that’s rich in history with a burgeoning hub of food, culture and cool attractions to explore with or without the kids. To learn more about this unique city, we chatted with heymama member, Kristin Doggett. As the co-founder of Desired & Inspired and Bellafare, Kristin is a busy mama who specializes in wedding planning and boutique events who has her eye on the coolest things to do in Charleston. Read more…

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Must-See Charleston from heymama, Kristin Doggett

Charleston with Kristin Doggett

Hi Kristin! It’s so nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little more about your company?

I’m a wedding and event planner living in Charleston, SC. I run two businesses; Bellafare and Desired & Inspired. Bellafare is a boutique event and wedding planning company specializing in curated and memorable luxury events. Desired & Inspired is also a wedding planning business but specializes in a la carte services, allowing brides to maximize their needs and finances and focus their budget on areas where they truly want and need expert advice.

What do you love about Charleston?
I love that Charleston is small enough that you see someone you know every day but big enough that there are many opportunities and creative circles to explore. Coming from New York City, this balance is something I craved.
Charleston with Kristin Doggett kids
Best place to go in Charleston with kids?
Charleston is very kid-friendly. Being located so close to the beach is definitely one of the best perks of living here. We love taking our daughter, Emerson, to run around the surf at Sullivan’s Island after work. She gets her energy out and we can relax, so it’s a win win for everyone. After a nice walk, we usually end up at Beardcats with an ice cream cone or two. Not a bad way to end the week.
What’s your favorite undiscovered hot spot in Charleston?
I am not sure there is much in Charleston that is “undiscovered,” however, I always feel like more people should know about Chez Nous. Every time you enter, you feel transported back in time to some cozy hideaway in Europe. The menu changes every day and is posted every morning on Instagram. Maybe it’s the French wine or the dim candlelight, but to me, there is something super magical about this place.
If you had a free weekend in Charleston, what would you do?
One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to grab lunch at Butcher & Bee or Goat, Sheep, Cow and have a picnic with my family in Hampton Park. The park is such a welcome oasis in the middle of the city where kids can run around while their parents enjoy the beautiful gardens and lush greenery.
Have you ever been to Charleston? What’s your favorite place to check out?
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