Our values are what make this community so uniquely helpful to mamas in the juggle— ourselves included. That’s why we’re about to break down just what we stand for, with the hope that other mamas who share our values will read this and know they’ve found their tribe.


Collaboration. We believe collaboration is the new competition, and choose to work together instead of against each other every time. The fastest path forward is together.


Commitment. We believe respect is one of our highest currencies, and in turn respect other members time, community organizers time and our time. If we commit to something, we show up. If we are unable to, we provide ample notice to hosts. We treat every event as if it was our families inviting us over for a meal, and honor the time and effort that the experiences created call for with our presence.


Participation. We believe that active participation in our community is the only way that change and connection can truly occur. When we sit on the sidelines, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and to other members.


support for working moms

Photos by Stevi Sesin


Non-Judgement. There is no one way to be a mom, run a business, or live our lives. We accept other mamas in the community for exactly who they are.


Support. We don’t subscribe to “too busy”. When a HEYMAMA sister is in need, we choose to help instead of turning away.  We build a daily practice of giving into our lives to help other women succeed. When another HEYMAMA member reaches out to for help or email a response is a given.


Giving. Change starts from offering a hand. We end every conversation by asking how we can help.


Community. The community is our highest value and we put the collective good of the tribe above all else.


Mentoring. There’s no need for two mamas to learn the same thing the hard way. We freely share what we’ve learned and offer advice and experience when we see the opportunity.


Equality and Diversity. Our differences are what make this community so strong. We celebrates all backgrounds and work to create an inclusive and warm environment.


Progress. When we talk about doing something that’s never been done before, it’s with excitement. We’re willing to try new ways of doing things to get the best results. We’re ready and willing to go where no mamas have gone before.


Creative Expression. Bringing ideas into form, over and over again, brings us endless joy. Whether we’re a CEO or legit painter, we are all the artists of our own lives.


Family. Out of our many priorities, our kids are the most important. We put time, energy, and infinite amounts of unconditional love into helping them become exactly who they were born to be.


Do you feel aligned with our tribe values? There’s always room in our community for another mama on a mission. As soon as you’re ready, head over to our application page. We can’t wait to welcome you.



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