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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are on a roll celebrating all things amour and wanted to pause to get to know some of our favorite couples. We’re eternally fascinated by those couples who have found their forever mate, and doubly fascinated by those that can grow their love and a business at the same time. We thought it would be fun to take a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of real couples making it work and play dress up in our favorite innerwear from Richer Poorer (we live in their pieces, after all).

TyLynn & Bee

It’s pretty sweet when your passion project turns into a full blown business and garners the attention of such heavy hitters as the Coveteur, Inc. and Vogue. Effortless, sensual and feminine, TyLynn Nguyen is a line of lingerie that dreams are made of and so is the couple behind the brand, TyLynn and Bee Nguyen. We go inside their cozy abode in our first Conscious Couples installment and hang with the couple wearing their favorite pieces from Richer Poorer.

Managing two careers can be all consuming. What’s your secret to making time for your relationship?

Bee: We spend a lot of our days together since we both work for ourselves and our secret is to find that balance. We make it a point to separate work from our marriage as best as we can, which is often times rather impossible, but we manage do it! We really love watching our shows and movies together as well as dating each other, that is key to any successful marriage – date your lover.

TyLynn: Planning ahead is essential! I also value multitasking and listening to each other and talking even when you don’t want to. I cherish our time after 8:30pm the most. The kids are asleep and it’s nice to be able to sit quietly next to each other since we are non stop all day up until that point.

Are you into astrology? What are your star signs?

Bee: I am a Virgo and TyLynn is a Cancer. I believe it is helpful to know and understand what characteristics are typical with each astrology sign. Doing so has helped me better understand how to navigate my wife’s moods and temperament, and I’m sure she too, has figured out the idiosyncrasies that come along with my birth sign.

TyLynn: I am a cancer and he is a Virgo. We are so perfect for each other and our ways! I am emotional and feel all energies that come to me, and he is a thinker and strategic problem solver. It works.

The key to any successful marriage – date your lover.

Do you have any shared hobbies? What are some of you favorite activities to do together as a couple?

Bee: We both really love design, art and fashion. We plan on doing a lot more traveling as seeing the world together is important to us. We have also been talking about taking up tennis and golf together since there is a really nice Country Club near our home. Spending time with our children is also very special to us, with our busy lives, ensuring that our children know and feel how much they are loved and honored by us has always been our #1 priority. Watching them grow into their own personalities is such a blessing!

TyLynn: There’s so much to us. We are completely our own people but we come together in areas like art and fashion. He has particular tastes and likes to expand his mind and ideals all of the time. I think that really resonates with me because I am in constant need of a new book or an adventure. He fulfills those desires for me.

Can you remember a moment when you were going through a rough patch and your partner really supported you? How did they make you feel better?

Bee: My wife is hands down my biggest supporter and she has always made it a point to vocalize that every day. I have been a serial entrepreneur for as long as she has known me, 10 years, and we have been married for 7 of those years. When you work for yourself, there are plenty of times where you just sit back and wonder how and why am I doing this? It’s those days that having TyLynn by my side simply reminds me of why and who I do this for – my family.

TyLynn: Since we work for ourselves, it feels like those moments can tend to happen more often than not. He has given me some great advice. My favorite is, “ You have to be content in all storms and blessings.” He has helped me learn to take each moment as a blessing, no matter what.

When do you think your partner is the most sexy?

Bee: I think my wife is the most sexy all day long! I especially like when she hops out of her bath and is getting all oiled up using her many skin products. Is that TMI? LOL

TyLynn: I love when he’s laughing. Bee has such a joyous, manly laugh. Also, his ability to be so loving and gentle which is something I find the ultimate masculine turn on.

Best relationship advice you have been given or that you give?

Bee: Best advice is for all the fellas out there reading this, just try your best to listen or at least have your lady think you are listening to her. Just kidding!

Really, it is about being great listeners. I am learning to not be so caught up in my own thoughts all the time, so as to make sure that I am present enough for my wife as well. It’s a work in progress.

TyLynn: Be open to falling deeper and deeper in love. Be open to let go of what you believe love should be, and let love form itself around you.

You have to be content in all storms and blessings.

TyLynn is wearing the long sleeve crew tee in black

Bee is wearing the crew pocket tee in heather grey 

Amy & Jay

Next up, the adorable Amy and Jay Small. Amy has her own design studio and is the co-founder of A Hotel Life and Jay, the Owner of an insanely popular hair salon, these two have gotten married, had a baby, survived two months of hospital bed rest and overhauled a warehouse in Central LA all in the last two years. There’s a little magic between these two and we want to find out the secrets to their romance.

What qualities do you see in your partner that you feel makes them successful in their career? And as a partner?

Amy: Jay has a zen like quality about him that I noticed from the day we met. He’s incredibly detailed and meticulous which is why he’s such an amazing hairdresser. As a partner it means he takes the time to hand write me sweet letters and cook beautiful meals.

Jay: Amy is incredibly calm and thoughtful. She is calm in the morning, afternoon and evening. The way she’s able to listen, understand and perform is what makes her great both in her career and as a partner. From the early days of our relationship to present day I am amazed daily at how she accomplishes so many things gracefully with a smile.

What’s been your proudest moment for them career wise and personally?

Amy: Once we had a baby on the way we knew it was time for him to move his salon out of our house. He found this incredible space that needed a lot of work and tore it to bits from floor to ceiling. I saw how nervous he was about what might happen with his business, but he was slammed from the moment he opened the doors. It’s a true testament to how great he is at what he does to see how loyal his clients are.

Personally, it was seeing him become a dad. He is so hands-on and helpful, and so deeply in love with our little girl- I can’t imagine a better partner in parenthood. He prioritizes spending time with her over everything else; and to see them cuddle and giggle together is the greatest gift.

Jay: A proud moment was when she asked me to join her on a trip to Petit St. Vincent. It was a writing assignment for A Hotel Life, a travel site she’d co-founded that year with a friend. Here we were taking 3 planes and a boat to this beautiful private island that had maybe 10 guests on it, and all I could do was stare at Amy in awe for making it possible. At that point I knew I should stick by her because wherever she ended up was going to be magical.

Personally, no day will ever bring me more joy then the day she gave birth to our baby girl. Telling jokes in between pushing, the same look in her eyes of appreciation from the beach in St. Vincent, despite the slight change in situation.

I think the toughest yet most important part of a relationship is learning how to adapt to your partner’s needs and making it a point to put them first as often as possible. It’s so easy and satisfying to be selfish, but selflessness ends up benefitting us both even more.


What is your favorite way to unplug from work and have fun together? Do you go out or stay in? Do you schedule in downtime/fun activities or are you more spontaneous?

Amy: We try to cook dinner together at least three times a week- it’s a great way to unwind yet stay connected and conversational before the TV comes on and we veg out. Sunday is the only day we have off together so we usually try to plan activities that we can enjoy as a family- like taking Georgie to the aquarium and meeting up with friends later for brunch. And we always like to have a future weekend trip on the calendar as something fun to plan and look forward to.

Jay: Our favorite way to unplug is to sit on the floor in the living room and enjoy a tasty meal. We split our time between cooking at home and ordering in but regardless once we both settle into our positions around the table the day is officially over. We go through moments of binge watching shows or me pretending to not like the Bachelor.

What would you each say your partner’s dream perfect day alone would be. No peeking!!

Amy: A game of tennis, a trip to Blue Bottle for coffee, a few hours of drawing and like, ten or eleven naps.

Jay: Amy’s dream day alone would start with a great cup of coffee and a beach. Then, there would be a breakfast of bacon, eggs and one pancake; followed by yoga, massage and pool.

What do you think the most challenging part of being a good partner is and how do you meet that challenge?

Amy: I think the toughest yet most important part of a relationship is learning how to adapt to your partner’s needs and making it a point to put them first as often as possible. It’s so easy and satisfying to be selfish, but selflessness ends up benefitting us both even more. We each encourage the other to go out and do things for ourselves; he’ll watch the baby so I can go get a pedicure or have a drink with a friend; I’ll encourage him to go get a massage. It’s gratifying to give each other these little ‘gifts’ of alone time and makes us appreciate each other a lot.

Jay: The most challenging part of being Amy’s partner is being as efficient, kind and thoughtful as she is. I find myself in awe of how she manages so much. My strengths are in consistency…always bringing coffee in the morning.

It’s easy to get the romance part down, but it takes knowing how well you can fight and make up and navigate smoothly through doubts and downs before you can really recognize the possibility of spending your life with someone.

When do you think your partner is the most sexy?

Amy: On a Sunday morning with bedhead, in a white t shirt and sweats, bringing me coffee in bed.

Jay: I find my partner to be the sexiest when she wakes up in the morning. While she sits next to me sipping her coffee, regardless of how much sleep or what the day has in store, she is happy. The moment I realized that Amy always sees things on the bright side was the minute I told myself I would never let her go. She is a unicorn.

Best relationship advice you have been given or that you give?

Amy: Love is a marathon, not a sprint. We can get so caught up in finding the one and locking them down that we forget to pay attention to the nuances that really make a lasting relationship work. I always tell my friends that I think Jay and I knew we’d get married a week after we’d met, but we made it a point to date for two years before even entertaining the idea of getting engaged. It’s easy to get the romance part down, but it takes knowing how well you can fight and make up and navigate smoothly through doubts and downs before you can really recognize the possibility of spending your life with someone.

Jay: I have three pieces of advice…

1. It’s the small things that matter. Glances, laughs or hugs.

2. Start with clear alcohol end with brown.

3. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, shut up and listen.

Amy is wearing the scoop V tee in black

Jay is wearing the long sleeve crew tee in heather grey and white

Photos by Nicki Sebastian

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