Our ambassador, Kelsey Harper, is a natural with flowers (no pun intended). She makes it seem so easy even a girl with no green thumbs (like me) can make a stunning bouquet, if you want to be mesmerized by so much flower porn that your head will spin, check out her Instagram @flowergirllosangeles.

For step by step- 

1. Choose a selection of blooms and greenery that speak to you and have different colors and textures. Clean the leaves or thorns off the entire stem (leaving a little greenery at the top).
2. I used a waxed craft paper in three panels to wrap my bouquet since it’s on the larger size. I cut the paper in three pieces (same size) and layered the bottom corners so the paper forms a V shape.
3. I started the bouquet by lying some of my greenery down first as a bed for the other more delicate flowers to rest upon.
4. In my hand, I loosely gathered my more delicate floral choices until it looked right. I like adding flowers in little groups, and I also like to mix in flowers that are more open with others that are more closed. This will lengthen the life of your bouquet.
5. I laid the bouquet down on the bed of greenery and then added a few more blooms on top.
6. Starting at one side, I carefully tucked the corner over my blooms and continued to roll the bouquet until the paper was completely surrounding the flowers.
7. With twine, string or ribbon, double knot and bow your arrangement together.
8. ENJOY!!!
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