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It isn’t every day that you meet someone like Denise Vasi. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is as genuine and thoughtful as they come. Best known as an actress on the hit shows, Single Ladies and All My Children and her longevity in the modeling world (she began at age 12), she is now focusing on her biggest gig yet, raising her darling daughter, Lennox Mae and splitting her time between her hometown of Brooklyn and Los Angeles. While lamenting over dinner one evening how time is just flying by and our babies aren’t so little anymore, we asked Denise, “What would you want to tell your daughter about life right now?”. Below is her beautiful and heartfelt letter…

denise vasi

My Dearest Lennox Mae,

Since I don’t know how this moment will get documented in the history books, I want you to know something… It is a great time to be a woman! Although I have fears of how the current political tragedy will affect your generation, I have faith that in the future, it will be an even more incredible time for you to be one.

Today, more than ever, women are devising their own opportunities. Women are launching their own businesses, using their creative outlets to pursue passion careers, developing products, creating co-work spaces strictly for themselves, coming together in members only clubs. They are doing things that previously would be commonly associated with opportunities for men. There is a new injection of female empowerment, and while it’s similar to the movements of the past, it’s also very different. Women are not just voicing their opinions; women today are roaring! Women are standing in solidarity. They are side-by-side holding each other’s hands, lifting each other up and most importantly, rooting for each other more than ever before. Even though we did not get our first woman president in the 2016 Election, and despite the glass ceilings upon glass ceilings that we still must shatter, it is still the strongest era to be a woman. Ever.

Greater than my excitement in being a woman today is my excitement in raising one. I know that it is my job to prepare you for the hardships that life will hand you, simply for being a woman. I know that the lessons in self-confidence and perseverance start with me. I know that the dialogue that we partake in will live somewhere deep in the back of your mind, whispering every single time you make a decision in life. I know that the work we do now is the foundation to whom you will become. I know that I am greatly accountable for your ability to be yourself, believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. I take full responsibility in teaching you how to fight for what is right in those moments when things feel wrong and the hardest of all; to fight for others when the issue at hand may not have any affect on you. I will show you by being an example and I will constantly encourage you, but there’s one thing I need for you to do, I need you to believe in yourself!

Every night before you go to bed I ask you “Lennox Mae, what are you and what can you do?” You shout, “I am a girl. I can do anything!” My little Princess, I hope this truth resonates with you. Believe in your heart that you can do anything, not in spite of being a girl, but simply because you are a girl. A girl who is looking out at a world that has great opportunity and support. Find the strength within to be whoever you want to be and use it to fight for the generation of girls who will come after you.

I love you!

Love always and forever,

Your Mama

denise vasi
Denise Vasi is an actress and mama to one who splits her time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. You can follow along @denisevasi.

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