In a male dominated world, we as women need to empower one another and be able to support each other, instead of competing. One of our goals at heymama is to do just that. We strive to create communities of empowering mamas, so we all have that sense of support that we believe is key to a successful life. Last week, heymama Denver, spearheaded by ambassador Terra LaRock, got together to learn from one another, through a panel of social media specialists. They gathered at Union 27 for a night of eating Earnie’s Pizza and sipping wine from Infinite Monkey Theorem and discussed social media tips for their businesses.

Social Media Tips for Growth

social media tips heymama event with pizza


The focus of the event was social media: how to speak to your customers, build loyalty and drive growth via your most relevant channels. We had the chance to sit with a wonderful mix of panelists consisting of two Instagram/Bloggers, two social media creative marketers, and a public relations and small shop owner to learn the ins and outs of how they use their social channels to connect with others and grow their business.

There are so many facets of social media that trying to navigate it without a guidebook can be difficult for both influencers and business owners. Denver heymamas learned a lot from each other at the event and wanted to share our top tips with you.

check out these social media tips from our recent event

Social Media Tips for Business Owners:

1. It’s All About Relationships: Gone are the days where you can just send product and expect quality content and shares. Collaborations are some of the best ways to cross-promote to an ideal audience but it needs to be personal. Don’t just send generic emails to several potential influencers, personalize your message. Explain the value that they and their followers will receive with your product and make it meaningful to them. To increase effectiveness, go the extra mile to present a creatively-striking, win/win opportunity for your potential collaboration partner (i.e., if your business sells baby products and you launch a campaign around the holidays, ask moms to write about their family traditions while integrating your product into the caption and post).

2. Ambiguity is Part of the Process: You don’t always have to follow the rules. Social media numbers are in essence, vanity numbers. There will always be those launches that go incredibly well financially, even though the “likes” on each photo weren’t as high as one would have hoped. Keep trying to find what your audience wants and engages well with, but also be yourself!

3. Communication is Key: It can be difficult to establish best practices and consistent guidelines with influencers, but it does help to set up expectations beforehand to avoid communication blunders (i.e., Are you hoping for one or two posts? What’s the timeline after the product is received? Do you want your company to be mentioned in the caption or will tagging your brand in the photo suffice?). Be flexible, be reasonable, and know the value of who you are reaching out to as well.

check out these key social media tips for influencers

Social Media Tips for Influencers:

1. Stay Engaged: Human connection is still relevant, even in the world of social media. Respond to others’ comments the best you can, as they want to get to know you.  Also, focus on fostering your community and like and comment on other people’s photos. A little bit of love and support for others will go a long way.

2. Strive for Authenticity: Think about what message or story you want to convey with your content. Know who you are, who your audience is and stay true to who you are as a brand. Take on only those collaborations that fit with your values and lifestyle. This can be difficult to do, but your content will be much better received if the sponsored posts realistically connect well to your brand and audience. Also, you don’t have to share your life story but think about being vulnerable at times. People relate to your whole story—the good, the bad and the ugly.

3. Consistency is Key: Your followers want to know what to expect from you, so edit your photos in a consistent manner and use relevant and appropriate hashtags to regularly engage the right audience for your brand. Try to post at least once a day, while keeping quality over quantity in mind.

social media tips from the heymama denver event

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to Health-Ade for coming to do an interactive kombucha making pop up! It was a lot of our mamas first time trying kombucha and we were certainly hooked after this event. Thank you to Native Nectar and Artifact Uprising for doing a pop up and letting us shop your wonderful products.

kombucha at the health-ade social media tips event

Also, a thank you to those businesses who contributed to the gift bags. Moms were sent home with play mats from EzPZ, eye cream from Native Nectar, and adorable smart phone toys from Sapling Toys. In addition, wooden toys from Bannor Toys and a beautiful, curated gift box from Manofatto Homemade were raffled off too!

Last but not least, a shout out to our panelists, including: Laura Schmalstieg from Artifact Uprising, Samantha Buresh from Hello Tiny Love, Hilary Denham from Free Babes, Kayla Petering from This Little Wandering and Barbara Gonzales from G Force PR. It was truly an inspiring event for everyone.

Looking for more on social media? Check out this recent featuring on being an Insta addict!

Photography by Nicole Dina & Sara Garcia

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