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Our work environment influences how we work in every way possible. Some people like to keep the room lit up with bright colors and others may opt for the beauty of a minimalist environment. Whether you work from home or in an office, it all starts and ends with the look and feel of your desk! We enlisted the expertise of heymama and Creative Director at TwelveNYC, Brooke Lucks, to help us pick chic desk accessories under $40 that will surely keep you productive all day.. To find out some of her top picks for desk accessories. Read on…

1. Star Paperweight & Paper Clip Set, $12.99

Keeping a paper weight nearby is a reliable way to keep the work-pile in one place. Brooke says, “I love a big gold star paperweight to make big stacks of paper feel organized (and the paperclips are a bonus!).” You’re less likely to lose important papers and the lush gold color adds just the right amount of glitz to any desk setup.

Desk Accessories Under $40


2. Black Licorice Notepad, $24.00

Writing down urgent reminders and to-do’s is an excellent way to prioritize tasks. “This is my favorite black notepad! It comes with thick sheets of paper that are perfect for your “to-do” list.” The heavy-duty design and cotton page material is a step-up from the ordinary flimsy notepad or loose post-it notes.

Desk Accessories Under $40


3. Gold Mirrored Rectangular Tray, $24.95

Clear acrylic organizers are amazing but don’t you wish you had something with a little more glam? We are in love with this sleek tray design because it combines lush decor and organization into one piece. “I keep everything in here. From note cards and paper clips to miscellaneous things I don’t know where to put, this tray works wonders. It brings my organized mess into one consolidated place” Brooke adds.

Desk Accessories Under $40


4. Trig Vase White, $39.95

The Trig Vase from High Fashion Home is a quaint pen holder that doubles as a small flower pot. The sleek pyramid shape adds some much-needed dimension. A colorful desk plant will look beautiful against the white and gold accents of the vase.

desk accessories under $40_


5. Oil Slick Tape Dispenser, $12.99

“I have never seen a tape dispenser in oil slick! This tape dispenser is unlike any others you’ve seen before. I love mine with black tape in it!” Brooke says. This is the perfect way to add some colorful vibes to match a creative office setting.

Desk Accessories Under $40


6. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick, $37.00

Every mama needs that one go-to lipstick to ensure she is looking her best all day long. “This is my favorite lipstick! The CEO of my company, TwelveNYC, gave it to me engraved and I always keep it on my desk.” The gold detail and classy look of the lipstick tube is what you need to add a bit of dazzle.

Desk Accessories Under $40


7. Strum Shelf, $9.95

A simple wall piece can bring a dull wall paint color to life. Make the most of your space by storing books or files in high places. The flat modern design of the Strum Shelf adds a geometrical flare.


8. Stabilo Point Visco Wallet Of 10, $15.50

Playing with colors isn’t just for kids! Part of being a awesome organizer is color coding your notes. “I am pen obsessed!” Brooke says. The Stabilo Point Visco Pens are her writing tools of choice because they are “so fun to write with and come in great colors like shades of blue, pink and black.” It’s a great way to personalize your calendars and agendas.

Desk Accessories Under $40


9. Hay Gold Bullet Pen, $8.00

The last item on Brooke’s list of desk must-haves is the Hay Gold Bullet Pen. We can agree when she says, “A chic gold pen is classic.” We love this pen just as much as Brooke because no matter what your writing style this pen will keep you on point. “It adds sophistication to my desk-look” she adds.Desk Accessories Under $40


What are some fun desk accessories you can’t work without? 



Click to read more about Brooke’s secrets to brand success.

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