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It wasn’t just the smiles on our kids’ faces that made us so happy this weekend…even though we really did love that part. Snowflake City was a chance for us to turn our goal of making mamas more successful into an experience we’ll never forget.

When we spend money with mama-owned brands like the ones featured at Snowflake City, we help other mamas thrive. That investment goes even further than boosting one business’s bottom line: mamas who succeed tend to give even more back to their communities and the world at large. If we want society to thrive, we need mamas to thrive. Every dollar spent with mama-owned businesses this weekend went far.

Wish you could’ve been there? Read on to discover the amazing mama-owned brands that were part of Snowflake City and the mamas behind them. Keep scrolling for a peek into the family-friendly activities that made it a day to remember, from indoor skiing to the scooter track to the unicorn hot cocoa bar.

Lauren Gabrielson Design

Owned and designed by Lauren Gabrielson. Fellow HEYMAMA member Stacy Spencer runs logistics!

Ash + Ames

Co-founded by Amy Nobile.

Phyllis + Rosie

Founded and designed by Alana Blank.


Founded and designed by Ariane Gold.

Michelle Waugh

Founded and designed by Michelle Waugh.

Produce Tees

Founded and designed by Rosie O’Meara.

Cabbages and Kings NY

Founded and designed by Alex Gizela.

While parents shopped, kids had the time of their lives. With the strollers in the parking zone provided by everyone’s favorite new stroller brand Colugo, the kids were off to the races…literally. Between heats on the Micro Kickboard scooter track, kids took pit stops at the hot cocoa station provided by MASSE. Even preschool-age kids were able to get the hang of skiing on the Indoor Ski USA slope sponsored by Bogner. During the Jam with Jamie performances, a few budding stars joined in for cameos. Babysitters provided by UrbanSitter kept an eye while kids worked their creative sides with projects by The Craft Studio. The littlest ones stayed entertained with toys provided by Rose & Rex.

With the kids entertained, mamas enjoyed mini-facials by Apto Skincare and plant-based goodies from Sakara Life.

Flowers and a wreath by L’Atelier Rouge made the photo booth by Smilebooth extra-festive! All of this was made possible by the incredible event production team at Alimay Events. More photos by the amazing Stevi Sesin below!

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