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Kitchen Surfing


Two weeks after having River all I dreamt about was sleep and food. By food I mean someone making food for me and my squad- because these days I have no time for food prep, with a very hungry newborn and a newly needy 4 year old my time is stretched thin. Dinner has been relegated to what’s leftover in the fridge from days past.

Kitchen Surfing

The lovely people at Kitchensurfing came to my rescue with what’s the closest thing to date night I’ll see for awhile. I have to say a chef coming to my house to cook for us (and clean up) with a newborn was the best gift I could have received. It felt very luxurious yet low key relaxed at the same time. I’m making this my go to gift for New York mamas just home from the hospital from now on.

Kitchen Surfing  Kitchen Surfing

Kitchen Surfing

I selected steak fajitas from their menu; because I don’t cook steak but my husband loves it and I know Mari loves “a make you own anything with a tortilla”, so this was looking pretty good for us from the start. Our chef arrived in a very chefy outfit with an apron and hat, much to Mari’s delight. She was totally entertained watching him cook and prep the meal while I was able to relax, feed River, and then sit down to a delicious uninterrupted (by a hungry baby) meal with our whole family. The chef had cleaned everything up and was out the door in a flash leaving us the first peaceful family meal since arriving home from the hospital! WIN!

Kitchen Surfing

Kitchensurfing is offering heymamas their very own meal for free. To try out their amazing service click here.

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